After two weeks of a futile search, the Clave decided to reduce the amount of resources used to track down Jace and Sebastian, and instead refocused on restoring the wards that were destroyed during the Mortal War. A fight broke out, and in the chaos, Clary and Jace were returned to land with Cristina Rosales and the Eternidad. Through Isabelle's influence, she slowly shed her usually boyish fashion and began to put an effort into fixing herself up more often. By werewolf law, Luke had become the new pack leader, and accepted the position and began his new life. He is portrayed by Robert Sheehan in the film and by Alberto Rosende in the television series. Otherrelatives: Eventually, they discovered that Valentine was after the Mortal Cup, which Jocelyn hid when she ran away from the Shadow World. Maureen, as leader of the clan, allowed the members to kill conspicuously while sending for some of them to capture Simon, who later escaped to Idris with Raphael. The heavenly fire burned away the evil in him—the demon blood that made him who he was—and Jonathan apologized for his sins and bid her and Jocelyn farewell. He is Clary's brother, and has an unusual sexual attraction to her, freely kissing her in City of Glass and almost forcing himself on her in City of Lost Souls with Clary having to fight him off, repulsed by his actions. Eventually, Sebastian began to flirt with Clary, much to her disgust. They spend the night together (non-sexually) when Simon attempts to comfort Isabelle after Max's death which she blamed herself for.

When he cannot reconcile his feelings for Clary, he returns to the hotel—putting himself in great danger—to ask them if he is becoming one of them.

Using the bell given to her by Kaelie Whitewillow, a waitress and subject of the Queen's, she goes to the Seelie Queen's palace where she has to beg for help due to the limited resources. When the time came to advance on the dimension's Gard—Sebastian's base and where he was keeping his hostages—Clary pretended that she wanted to unite with her brother. He first appears in City of Glass as Sebastian Verlac, charming his way into the lives of the Lightwoods. When Brother Zachariah is cured by Jace's heavenly fire, he reverts to Tessa's old lover, Jem Carstairs, now a mortal and dispelled of any needs of his yin fen medication to which he had needed to live. He then goes and attacks the Citadel, and kills many Shadowhunters but is forced to flee when Jace loses control of his Heavenly Fire.

Mother: [23], Several months later, Clary encountered Janus outside Magnus's apartment on her way to settle some chaos at a werewolf-vampire meet 'n' greet.

She is often said to look almost exactly like Jocelyn—with their green eyes, curly red hair, slender figure, small chest and narrow hips—though she does not see it, nor does she see the beauty others often see in her. Throughout the series, Jace continuously loves Clary even after he believes they are siblings, to the extent that he is willing to commit incest with her and have a secret relationship. [14] The family has associated its meaning to the Bible verse Isaiah 14:12, which states: How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! Jonathan gleefully told her of their bond.[16]. She insisted that Clary should not let the sword have power over her because of its previous owner, and told her to use it to kill her brother and take back the honor of her family's name. While inside, they saw Luke arrive and be interrogated by two men, which Jace later told her were the men who killed his father. To their surprise, Hodge, desperate to break his curse, betrayed them by summoning Valentine to the Institute and giving him the Cup and Jace. She gained her ability to create runes when Valentine fed her mother angel blood while she was in the womb. Clara is the feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus.

Eventually, Jocelyn and her best friend Lucian Graymark began to plot to thwart Valentine's planned Uprising. Jonathan Morgenstern

: Catarina continues to help the Shadowhunters against Jonathan and his army of Endarkened Shadowhunters and at the end of the series, attends Jocelyn and Luke's wedding, where she hints that the Fair Folk is possibly planning revenge against the Shadowhunters for the disadvantaging terms applied to them for their betrayal during the war. He convinced Isabelle to confine herself in his residence for at least a day to recover. A.K.A. After completing his transformation, the Seelie Queen provides him with kidnapped shadowhunters who are held hostage.