When you are treating it as any other day, remind yourself that you are resilient. A pasta bar (a pile of pasta with a couple simple sauce options). He/She has to celebrate on the day of first breath on their own.

When someone tells you it’s weird, tell them not to worry. If today is my birthday, then the statement time never returns is false. What's the point of spending about $800 for birthdays if there's no money? Great ideas thank you so much this helped my imagination run away!!! These options don't cost any money.

Less than a month later, Nick was killed in a car accident. It can be just another day of the year. Thank-you for your great comment. Thanks for sharing. These are the best money-saving birthday ideas I've tried over the years. If they garden, share seeds, cuttings, or seedlings from your garden. I want to celebrate my birthday pool party or should I go to the club at my house. Have every guest bring a favorite memory they shared with the birthday girl or boy and share it with the group. Sharing this one too. Glad the hub helped you with the party planning! @Jackie, Thanks for your great compliments! Many people have to buy multiple presents each month, and some don't know when to say when, spending above their means trying to buy other's love/.

@Marc, I do not like how commercial birthdays have become. We, as a family, were forced into a 'no presents' Christmas a few years back because of loss of job etc. Check out. If they write, give them a notebook and a set of nice ink pens. It wasn’t even my own birthday. And the few I did, I’d elect to have a few friends over for burgers, trying not to mention the significance of that date. It is a great reminder that not everything has to be about money. All I did was invite my friends we danced all night to our favorite music.

I really appreciate your kind words. We've planned a surprise party for my husband's 70th and the invitations read "no presents please, this is a celebration of life".


But it's a really good sight, thank you. I needed to cut back financially and am glad you can also benefit from the tips! Your ideas are superb! For more ideas, read Fun and Hilarious Group Activities and Games for Everyone. balloons are only $.99 for 20...blow 10 up and rub on hair and stick to wall.

What works for me at a party is music and dancing, and you're so right--I cherish that time more than any gift.

Christy Birmingham (author) from British Columbia, Canada on May 27, 2012: @Jane, LOL you fun girl you! Homemade gifts or treats are cheap and may be more memorable than store-bought ones. Starbucks offers a free beverage or food item. @KDuBarry, I agree. Do what’s right for you. On June 22 of that year, I turned 9 years old. You put so much work into your hubs and they are all great. It’s OK that you have a difficult time on your birthday. All of the grandkids were super and never asked once about presents. It was nice to share to some of my ideas and have them well-received! Terms.

They do not like to blow off the candles in contrast they like en-light adding more wax (knowledge). I mean they are uncommon people.

These guys search for the truth as they don’t believe in blind statements. Most chain restaurants offer some free menu item. It goes to show not everything needs to be solved with money. It'll be useful with my birthday just around the corner! Print out free online templates for napkin rings, gift cards, and party favor bags. You can be one of those people who have to check your ID when someone asks your age because you don’t keep track. I liked the photo of the couple in the fields. Thanks for sharing and helping others to know it is still possible to have a great time. Celebrations need to be about being together and cherishing the moments! It appears you entered an invalid email. Nora411 from Chicago, IL on July 11, 2012: Great tips! i couldn't have guessed better, considering the economic situation of my country. Remember that if you schedule the party between meals, guests won't be expecting more than appetizers! And so on June 22, 2005, I had my first suicide attempt.