There’s one owner that claims 16 million miles that’s throwing off the average, so take that into consideration. So this is what Toyota engineers can do when they put their pens to sports car success. Why in the world would he remember the car that left him stranded in Bakersfield, CA? Toyota is iconic. The Toyota Camry is currently in its 11th generation, starting out as the “Celica Camry” way back in 1979, but really began to hit its stride with the V10-era Camry which launched in 1982. We think the Celica brought some much-needed fun to the Toyota lineup. This is the car company, after all, that started out in America as a West Coast player, a California special that battled through the stigma of World War II and the prejudice of the time to become one of the biggest car companies in the world. Latest Election Results as the votes are counted in key states, Brooklyn gangster who kidnapped rapper Tekashi69, gets 24 years in prison, Joe Biden picking up ground in Georgia, Pennsylvania as thousands of mail-in ballots remain up in the air, Howard Stern shocked that Trump wasn’t crushed on Election Day, Two stabbed, one fatally, on Queens street; teenager in custody, Trump gaining steam in Arizona where Joe Biden still holds lead, Teen arrested after teacher sees him having oral sex with 7-year-old girl during break in online class, Angry Trump supporters protest outside Maricopa County Elections Department in Phoenix, sparking tense standoff, Killer of pregnant woman who delivered baby before dying waited in car for 90 minutes before shooting: prosecutors, 'Count every vote’ NYC peaceful protest ends quietly while other demonstrators clash with cops; multiple arrests, ‘Seemed like a sociopath’: Friends were leery of bodybuilder accused of fatally beating Queens girlfriend before throwing her out 6th-floor window, Federal judge furious at Postmaster Louis DeJoy after USPS defies order to search for missing ballots, Biden wins Michigan in major blow to Trump as victory appears near for the Democrat, Kidnapped Los Angeles firefighter found dead in Mexico, Brooklyn teens wrongly held inside Domino’s Pizza by staff who suspected them of crime: suit, Convicted felon Lori Loughlin is already a ‘wreck’ just days after reporting to prison: report, SEE IT: Bernie Sanders predicted exactly how whirlwind election night would play out for Trump, Tunnel dwellers flock to NYC subway as temperatures drop, How many of you want Kanye West to be president? Chances are good you know someone who once owned a Corolla – and someone else who’s thinking about buying one. Writer, editor, lousy guitar player, dad. List of the best Toyota Camrys of all time, ranked from best to worst. Who cares that platforms change, and mechanicals evolve? These cars, and more, reflect the evolution of American tastes and priorities. Always wanted one. Something tells me that the new version, due out in 2019, just won't offer that same raw, high-octane grit. Did someone turn on the lights and take away the Cuervo Gold? It’s rare to see a Camry record triple digits’ worth of complaints, but the 2002 Camry had engine issues that caused concern among owners. In January of 2015, Toyota North America issued an extended warranty notification (ZE7) to help alleviate the issue. Over the years, it has become more about Big Comfort than outdoor adventures, sure.

2002 Camrys are long in the tooth at best, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one now with fewer than 100,000 miles. In continuous production since 1955, the Crown led Toyota's rebirth after World War II, and became the company's emissary around the world. Back in the late sixties, Toyota was beginning to emerge as a serious player in the international car market, but their vehicles were still thought of as unreliable and boring appliances.

That was the model that Toyota began to import here in great numbers, to the point that they opened a factory in Georgetown, Kentucky in 1988 to build the next generation car. Now that it's close by way of a Toyota/BMW partnership, it's a good time to look back on what many consider to be the greatest of all: the 1993 Supra Turbo. For close to 20 years, enthusiasts have been asking the same question: When is the Supra coming back?

It was that longer and more aggressive front end that had enthusiasts singing, along with its independent suspension, inline 6-cylinder engine (145 horsepower, 155 lb.-ft. of torque), retractable headlights (how eighties! If you're looking to find out what the coolest Toyota Camrys are then you're in the right place. The count is in, Trump struggles to lift glass of water during ‘60 Minutes’ interview, Nevada Election Results: What happens next. If there's no Crown, there's no Corona. That was the model that Toyota began to import here in great numbers, to the point that they opened a factory in Georgetown, Kentucky in 1988 to build the next generation car. It was a combination the famed Mustang had, perhaps, forgotten about.