Dana undergoes chemotherapy but loses her battle to cancer after an infection lands her back in the hospital. When Will Boba Fett Return To The Mandalorian? Better Call Saul Season 6 Starts Filming In Early 2021, Everything We Know About The Queen's Gambit Season 2, SpongeBob's Original Sandy Plan Broke One Of The Show's Biggest Rules, How Dragon Ball Super Changed The Saiyans' History, The Vampire Diaries Character Sarah Michelle Gellar Turned Down (& Why), The Mandalorian Fixes George Lucas’ Tusken Raider Mistake, Din Djarin Wields TWO Darksabers in Epic Mandalorian Art, New Batwoman Costume Image Proves It Looks Great In Any Light, Lynda Carter Recreates Her Iconic Wonder Woman Twirl, Christopher Walken Joins Adam Scott, John Turturro In New Apple TV+ Drama. While preparing the gift bags for her bachelorette party, Dana and Alice had sex, despite Dana still being in a relationship with Tonya. This latter girlfriend's real name (who Dana simply calls "Ralph") is never mentioned, since she is now famous and has chosen to remain closeted. I believe in the story. Dana was cremated, according to her wishes. The third season is set six months after the finale, in which it is described that Dana was back with Lara after having a harsh breakup with Alice. Showtime drama The L Word ran for six seasons between 2004 and 2009 and followed a group of LGBT women living in West Hollywood, California. What happened to Dana on 'The L Word'? In season 5, the group discusses doing a breast cancer ride with the team name of Team Dana. She eventually got the sponsorship, and Subaru proposed to position her as the "gay Anna Kournikova" under the slogan "get out and stay out". This all changes when Dana lands the Subaru sponsorship. Once out of the closet, Dana finally had the freedom to embrace her real identity. A one-stop shop for all things video games. And they had completely stopped talking after their breakup. Dana reemerged in the 4th season finale, presumably as a figment of Alice's imagination, forcing Alice to confront her fears of losing someone she loves again.

There is a nice nod to the fan-favorite in The L Word: Generation Q, however, in the form of returning character Shane’s new hair salon which is named Dana’s after her late friend. Actress Erin Daniels, who plays Dana, opened up about the shock of learning that her character would be killed off in Season 3. Next: Stranger Things Original Plan Confirms Season 3'S LGBT Reveal, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Her father is an architect, and her mother … "We would all meet with Ilene before each season started, and she would take us to lunch," Erin told Entertainment Weekly. She was even nominated to receive a Human Rights Campaign award, and it is during the ceremony where she met Tonya, who later became her girlfriend and moved in with her. While Dana's death was certainly a shocking blow to fans, I for one am comforted by the fact that Erin still hangs out with the L Word cast. The show was groundbreaking in its female LGBT focus and was a frequent nominee and two-time winner at the GLAAD Media Awards before it was canceled in its sixth season. But the saddest moment on The L Word was undoubtedly Dana’s (Erin Daniels) death in the third season.

Related: Hollywood Needs To Stop Using "Bait" LGBTQ Characters. Dana was soon infatuated with her but was unsure whether or not Lara was a lesbian. Well, I guess, not entirely! But who was this beloved Dana Fairbanks, who graced our screens for the first three seasons of the original Ilene Chaiken "laughing loving fighting dreaming" staple? We meet Dana, like the rest of the L Word fam, in the 2004 pilot. She was kind of a nutcase before Dana got sick. Enraged, Alice stole some of her ashes in order to prepare a proper ceremony. She is portrayed by Erin Daniels. It was discovered that Dana had an infiltrating ductal carcinoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer that began in the milk ducts. In the episode “Losing The Light," Dana lost her battle and passed away while Alice was momentarily absent, leaving her friend crushed and The L Word fandom devastated. Dana evaded visiting the doctor, but soon after winning the Mercedes-Benz Challenge she decided to get a checkup. Remember, Jenny has just moved to LA with her boyfriend Tim and becomes fixated with their lesbian neighbors Tina and Bette after they invite her to a party where she meets more lesbians than she's ever been exposed to before. Which is to say, there is a happy ending. As Dana started her chemotherapy sessions, her relationship with Lara deteriorated. With The L Word sequel series set to premiere soon, let’s take a look back at one of the saddest moments from the original series - Dana’s heartbreaking death. Dana's ashes were then spread by her friends in a waterfall at the tennis camp where she had met her first girlfriend and had originally discovered her sexuality. "So she took me to lunch, and we were talking and she was like, 'So your character gets breast cancer. Things were uncomfortable between them: Alice's obsession with Dana disturbed all possibilities of friendship. Alice broke down on the hospital floor and crumpled to the ground, as the electronic flower began to cheerily sing "You Are My Sunshine" in an excruciating moment of juxtaposition. The sequence leaves open whether this manifestation of Dana was consciously imagined by Alice, a splinter of Alice's psyche, or an apparition Alice is haunted by against her will. Her major attachment was to her cat, Mr. Piddles (who she called the "International Cat of Mystery"). Dana makes it clear to Lara that she did not break up with Alice for her, but that she did it for herself and for Alice.

Remember how she was obsessed with Dana and had that shrine?

Dana makes quite the impression at the predominantly queer house party because the professional tennis player refuses to come out and pretends she's dating her obviously gay beard, a narrative Tina and Bette refuse to be dragged into. We meet Dana, like the rest of the L Word fam, in the 2004 pilot.

Tears were shed in season 1 when long-term couple Bette (Jennifer Beals, The Chicago Code) and Tina’s (Laurel Holloman) attempts to get pregnant via artificial insemination ended in a miscarriage. And I’m like, 'What?!

Dana quickly became one of The L Word’s best-loved characters so it was a shock when she discovered she had an aggressive form of breast cancer in season 3. New episodes of The L Word: Generation Q air Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime. Remember, Jenny has just moved to LA with her boyfriend Tim and becomes fixated with their lesbian neighbors Tina and Bette after they invite her to a party where she meets more lesbians than she's ever been exposed to before. The L Word wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. During this ceremony, Alice was the most emotional of all. During the funeral, which was organized by her parents, Dana's friends were seated way in the back of the church because of their sexuality and because Dana's family did not wish to acknowledge Alice's relationship with her. Alice eventually asks Dana to move in with her, but her proposition is rejected. Alice lives in Los Angeles, California, and mostly hangs out in West Hollywood. Alice stayed with her and took care of her for most of the time she was there, and refused to leave her bedside for days on end. She became verbally abusive towards Lara and told her to leave her and go to Paris to take a course of cooking classes that she had been planning before the diagnosis. Dana knew her sexual orientation since her teenage years, when she fell in love with one of the girls also attending tennis camp. Caught off guard, her parents rejected her and entered a phase of denial, in which they tried to hook up Dana with men. So I just found out that Erin Daniels (actress of character Dana Fairbanks) ends up dying in the L Word. Soon, when no one was in the room, and Alice was outside, Dana's heart stopped beating. Oddly, Dana's apparition lingers after Alice has left the room, replying, "Yeah, well, you'd curse a lot too," and seems to take in a moment of quiet reflection. Alice Elisabeth Pieszecki is a fictional character on the Showtime television network series The L Word, shown nationally in the United States. At the behest of her manager, Dana broke up with Lara and focused on getting the Subaru campaign.

Sharon Fairbanks, Dana's mother, is a successful political leader of the Orange County Women's Republican Coalition, and her conservative standards of lifestyle would cause her trouble accepting her daughter's sexual orientation.

Tonya obliviously set up Alice on a blind date with a guy and Dana got jealous. Professional tennis player Dana hailed from a conservative background and started The L Word still in the closet but by the end of the first season, she was out and proud and living her best life. And then she dies.' Shane had arranged a surprise party, aided by Carmen, who announced over the loudspeaker that Alice and Dana were a couple. Her feature film work includes A Single Man and One Hour Photo. Dana successfully persuades Alice not to let Tasha go off to Iraq without saying goodbye. Dana then confessed to Tonya that she didn't believe it was right for the two to be married, and Tonya in turn confesses she had cheated on her with celebrity Melissa Rivers. Why Did 'The L Word: Generation Q' Kill Off Kit Porter?

While Lara was in Paris, Dana rekindled her friendship with Alice, as a result of Alice being there to support her during her difficult time. Dana was then scheduled for a mastectomy and decided to keep her operation as a secret from her friends. After Dana breaks up with Alice, she gets back together with Lara. Together, they all mourned her there, and each of her close friends took turns dumping her ashes. We learn over the course of the next few seasons that Dana's discomfort with her sexuality is deep-rooted, in part because of her conservative family (we see how her mom's had to suppress her attraction to women in the intro clip to Season 1 Episode 8)  and also because no one she works with in tennis is supportive of her coming out.

Over the course of TiBette's party, we meet our mainstays: everyone I've just mentioned above, plus Shane "You Ever Notice That Whenever Shane Walks Into a Room Someone Leaves Crying" McCutcheon, Alice Pieszecki, Kit Porter and Dana Fairbanks. One of these men ended up becoming an interest for her friend Alice. Considering the emotional value the upcoming Celebrity Heineken Jam n' Slamming Tournament had for Tonya, Dana agrees to break up with her after its conclusion. Dana Fairbanks was a professional tennis player and a main character of The L Word.