It's as though someone watched a shotacon high school romance & decided to present it with an arthouse spin. Αρκεί να γνωρίσεις το κατάλληλο πρόσωπο που θα πιστέψει σε σένα και εσύ με τη σειρά σου στον εαυτό σου για να χαμογελάσεις. Directed by Anthony Chen. |, September 19, 2019 When Ling speaks in mandarin, other teachers reply in English. The wait seems to be endless, as she lives a lonely and repressed life ... See full summary ». | Rating: 8/10 Mrs. Lim was in a loveless marriage!

He returns there in order ... See full summary ». and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. A teacher forms a bond with a student who has been abandoned by his parents. Wet Season (Chinese: 热带雨) is a 2019 Singaporean drama film by Anthony Chen.In the film, a teacher and a student in Singapore secondary school form a special, self-affirming relationship. There's a solid brick wall between us and her character.

Έτσι γίνεται πάντα στη ζωή, πονάει αλλά συνεχίζεται. Journalist Guo lives together with her mother and daughter in the same residence.

Wet Season is the second film from Ilo Ilo's director, Anthony, and reunites Yann Yann and Jia Ler — both of whom played mother and son in Ilo Ilo. Cinemark This FAQ is empty. The two become closer as …

Wet Season felt like a sweet ridicule at affectionless life in the urban space. Forget the fact that she should be jailed.

A story on a woman struggling on whether to enter into a marriage or not. From a filmmaking standpoint it was pretty good, but it's way to problematic for me to like it. However, the emotions on display are so powerful and naked when it comes to the woes the unlikely pair face that they will resonate with anyone. One of Ling's students, Kok Wei Lun, develops a crush on her during remedial Chinese classes. Mobile site.

Sign up here. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Replicated film poster designs. September 11, 2019 You're almost there! ‘热带雨’ This film certainly belongs to Yann Yann Yeo, who fought to the nail for this role even though previously working with Anthony Chen in Ilo Ilo, who wasn't so convinced that her physicality suited the character, and further made her diet and change her hair.

Before the end of the first act at least 5 plot points, including the ending, became crystal clear. Kirain ini adalah film cinta2an anak sekolah, oh ternyata ttg seorang wanita dengan persoalan rumah tangganya, dan menjelang paruh akhir salah kira lgi ceritanya jdi seperti itu.

|, December 2, 2019 I don’t need answers but I have too many questions. Report this film. A film that can feel weighed down by its own soggy seriousness, even if it draws sharp characterizations along with a disparaging critique of Singapore's sexist upper-class citizenry. Love, The movie industry that perpetuates sexual violence against women and children. It's a story of a teacher and a student, using a female perspective to view the Singapore society. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. This time, however, they'll be playing lovers. i see that this film was widely praised but somehow, i just don't see it. Dialog in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Hokkien. Plot though—totally generic. ✈️Best Foreign Language Film (International Film) Academy Awards Submissions (1947-2020), Oscars 2021: all submissions for best international feature, The Uncomfortable Truth: The History of Black Comedy, Oscars Death Race 2021 preparation: Best International Film, TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival (1976 -2020), Academy Awards: 2020/2021 - Best International Feature Film Submissions to the 93rd Academy Awards to Compete for an Oscar Nomination or Win in the Foreign Language Film Category, 93rd Annual Oscars - Best International Feature Contenders, 93rd Oscars (2021) | International Feature Film Submissions, 43.ª mostra internacional de cinema em são paulo // 2019 são paulo international film festival. It has been raining so much lately. |, September 17, 2019 Wet Season revolves around the life of Ling, a schoolteacher who deals with infertility while having to take care of her infirm father-in-law at home. There's certainly a lot to unpack in a film like Wet Season, and it's something that will surely stick with you for a very long time.