If children understand that they are responsible for their actions, then they will grow up to hold others and themselves to high standards of responsibility,” she says. “America is the world’s melting pot,” she says. “To know our basic freedoms and respect that others have those same freedoms,” VanEeuwan says. Get Your Custom Essay on, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our, How Service to the Church and Community Strengthen, Applications of Community Psychology to Homelessness, The Importance of Service to the Church and Community Sample, https://graduateway.com/patriotism-in-the-community/, Get your custom It’s been more than 200 years since our nation commenced this revolutionary experiment in government, and we’re still working to improve it. A lot of urban homes don’t teach their children about being patriotic. Brutus himself makes his honor, Other Americans gathered together to pray for the victims and their families and for the commitment of the soldiers who are in, Plato's Use of Metaphor of Shadows in His Allegory of the Cave, Impact of Pulp Magazines on American Culture Essay, Comparing Carol Ann Duffy's Havisham and Robert Browning's The Laboratory. Barack Obama.

In other words, patriotism means keeping the country’s interest first and then thinking about oneself. What about demanding our leaders up hold the laws of the land and elections that are not influenced by forieghn powers and money. July 4th is a day to wave the Stars and Stripes, pledge your allegiance, and honor the sacrifice of those who fought and died to make this nation great. This is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. When teaching kids about government, teach that, “We have three branches,” VanEeuwan says, and kids should know, “Who makes laws? By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, The input space is limited by 250 symbols. Desert blondie - Happy 4th to you too. This drastic change was caused by the initial emotional reactions that American citizens, as well as government leaders had towards the tragic event. Thank you Mary! Learning about the Pledge of Allegiance. In the United States, July 4th is a day to celebrate our nation’s independence. you r right if i don't respect my body i don't respect myself. What a great 4th of July article and ideas I hadn't thought of, either. Please … Find a breakdown of what these protests are all about here. I don't agree with this one...pet parades? I love this! I was only supposed to go up to 300 words. Learning that everybody has the freedom to hold different opinions and beliefs is valuable. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. How are you waving your flag on the 4th and hereafter? How about breaking the record of more then 10 percent of people in this country by donating money to an election of an ordinary normal average person. Patriotism is the feeling of love and respect of your country, its history and traditions. “Our immigrants brought much more than suitcases – they brought their culture and traditions. To be honest I usually do not think of ALL the ways we can show our patriotism.

Have posters throughtout the halls supporting our country, have speakers come in and talk about what it is like to be a patriot.

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(2)I support our troops by encouraging our President to stop trying to be the policeman of the world and bring our troops home immediately from Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Germany etc. So perhaps, even if you are not feeling particularly patriotic this year, you can remember that, because of this great system put in place over 225 years ago, we can each celebrate the nation's birthday in our own ways. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. our expert writers, Hi, my name is Jenn

Unfortunately, not all people do the same. This virtue pushes to citizens of a country to work for their country selflessly and make it better. Some articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products, This is a data management platform studying reader behavior, Wear a Flag T-Shirt (many styles available at Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy and more), Wave hand-held flags - craft stores carry these in bulk. How Can I Show My Patriotism In My Community? Pray for all the families of the fallen. Another great way to learn more about how government works, even on a local level, is to take your child to an open coffee chat or meeting with a politician.

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HOMEPAGE of Free NAT Reviewers by OurHappySchool.com (Online e-Learning Automated Format) HOMEPAGE of Free UPCAT & other College Entrance Exam Reviewers by OurHappySchool.com (Online e-Learning Automated Format) The following are 10 modern ways … Do you have some difficulties with your patriotism essay?

The two educators, who are also moms, have some suggestions for what parents should be ensuring kids in America know. If you do not know any nearby veterans nearby, call your local. This is necessary to sign in to the HubPages Service. Knowing, “we have a history that isn’t perfect, but we can continue to work toward everyone (being) equal now,” VanEeuwan says. If you … But just because you may question our government's actions, or even distrust some of our elected officials, does not mean you are inherently unpatriotic. Do more than thank them for their service. What is "patriotism," and why is it so hard to define? “We take a yearly trip to (Washington) D.C. with the eighth graders just to see our government working and to see how we honor our presidents – (and) not just presidents, but important people who helped put our nation together,” VanEeuwan says. Find a way to relate it to your life today. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much, i used this great hub to help me write an essay for ELA, It really helped with my essay thanks a lot. "In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it." A patriot shows their patriotism through their actions, by their choice." Extremes such as joining the military all the way down to just wearing a patriotic pin can all make an impact. Are you patriotic? One of the best ways to honor the principles upon which our nation was built is to vote. Without the current threat of the draft, military service is a choice these days. this helped me in my school work & i also learned how 2 be patriotic. We look for more. She suggests talking about places in the world striving toward these freedoms, and what it looks like when people don’t have certain rights. This is a cloud CDN service that we use to efficiently deliver files required for our service to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos. tanks new day! To provide a better website experience, hubpages.com uses cookies (and other similar technologies) and may collect, process, and share personal data. All rights reserved. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. Importance of patriotism. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. NOT to follow blindly but to create changes in our peaceful, legal ways...VOTING! I ask you “What is Patriotism to You.” The easiest way to approach your essay on patriotism is to choose an interesting quote of a famous person and reflect on it – to agree or disagree with the statement. Vote. What do these words mean and what do we have as Americans? Psychology Today says, “Groupthink occurs when a group values harmony and coherence over, civic engagement, freedom, equality, patriotism and democracy. Happy 4th of July to you and yours - New Day, 12 years ago from Minnesota, usa, Planet Earth. Most would even appreciate a few minutes of meaningful conversation. Flags are great, but only because of what's behind their meaning. This post was originally published in 2015 and is updated regularly. Thank you moonlake! Honor is an underlying foundation of Brutus and can be clearly seen during the play’s dramatic speeches. There are many ways out there to show patriotism. Push it further and I know of people that say that patriotism demands support of our elected officials, no matter the course of their actions or the outcomes. New Day. Copyright © 2020 HubPages Inc. and respective owners.HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: https://maven.io/company/pages/privacy, The United States Constitution: What It Says, What It Means: A Hip Pocket Guide, from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen, How many hot dogs can YOU put away in 5 minutes, Free Patriotic Memorial Day and Veterans Day Clip Art, Superdelegates Should Respect the Will of the Voters, Switch to Bernie Sanders, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Under God, What Do Democrats Believe? No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Lots of great idea and good reminders.

:) New Day, 12 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen. Jesse Ventura, "True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else." How you feel about your country is a private affair, much like religion, that is best not discussed or debated. When it’s time for elections, take your child voting with you to show them the process and explain to them how you decide what’s important to you without passing your political views onto them. Can love of country be stronger than love of family? I was taught in my childhood that if I don't respect any body else's mother that means I don't respect my own mother. This is due to laziness and/or lack of knowledge. Beyond the flag-waving, though, many of us want to show our patriotism in more heartfelt ways. Does your child know what to do at a sports event when The Star-Spangled Banner, our country’s national anthem, is played or sung? ), or on a vacation to an area like the District of Columbia or Boston. What do you believe in teaching kids about America and its history? Flying a flag and learning the importance of its colors. Clarence Darrow, "Love your country. Here are 10 ways that your kids can celebrate living in America: With respect to adults, one need not wear patriotism on their sleeve (or T-shirt, or even lapel). I've done my part for patriotism. When I hear the word patriotism I automatically have an image in my head of soldiers saluting a flag or a group standing to say the pledge of allegience. Many people think that patriotism is all about laying one’s life for his/ her country but it does not necessarily mean that. No need for patriotism to stop on July 5. Has almighty created only America? If you can, volunteer to work the polls during an election and you can see our system of government in action.

Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. My idea of being a patriot is a little different. The lessons of love, responsibility and community, says Marisa Kalmus, fourth-grade teacher at Hamlin Elementary in Rochester Hills. This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. hello i need help with my home work please write back dawn bowers. A truly developed country is made up of true patriots. Our definitions might be similar but the term can have a different meaning to the person. That’s one of the reasons we offer so many programs, such as weekly tea parties and fundraising for Meals on Wheels, to get our residents a chance to get out and participate! Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. There are many ways out there to show patriotism. In case you can’t find a sample example, our professional writers are ready to help you with writing Serve on a jury. Patriotism isn’t something you know or read about, but it is a feeling that can describe itself in many different ways.