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Flights: John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, NY 11430 (tel: 718.244.4444), Visit: The Crescent Beach Club, 333 Bayville Avenue, Bayville, NY 11709 (tel: 516.628.3000), Visit: Rao’s Restaurant, 455 East 114th Street, New York, NY 10029 (tel: 212.722.6709), Visit: IGY: North Cove Marina, 385 South End Avenue, New York, NY 10280, Please send any corrections or additions to info@movie-locations.com.

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I had given Steve $500,000 in start-up capital about sixteen months ago, which made me the company's single largest shareholder, with an eighty-five percent stake. It was too far out of the way, and time, after all, was money. Still, dog-and-pony shows were a Wall Street tradition: Just before a new issue came to market, the CEO would stand before a friendly crowd of stockbrokers and give a canned speech, focusing on how glorious his company's future was.