Hollypaw is a young ThunderClan apprentice around seven moons old.

He didn’t utter a word, as Brambleclaw held his breath, and panic struck through Sandstorm like she had just seen a thousand badgers sitting in front of her.

“You have kin in all four clans?” Firestar just stared at her, his eyes full with astonishment. We tend to keep kin to ourselves. “You don’t want to wake up the princess,” Cloudtail snorted, looking over his shoulder at Wolffeather, who was sleeping diagonal from where Lionblaze’s bed was. Leafpool sat, watching his son and Wolffeather. Did Lionblaze or Jayfeather tell you?” Firestar asked, wondering how she knew so much about ThunderClan in the short period of time that she had been with them. “I can’t believe it… I just can’t… Believe it,” Lionblaze huffed under his breath. “He was the best! “Lionblaze,” she whispered, as she released her grip on Jayfeather’s throat. They became blank and emotionless, as Wolffeather stared out towards the lake. Sorry Wish! Hollyshine was held back a few months after giving birth. Sorrow shown brightly in Leafpool’s eyes as she watched him finish the blackbird off.

Apprentice and Pregnant is an on-going Warrior Cats fanfic by Malicent.

One day, Hollypaw and several of the other apprentices decide to hang around ShadowClan territory.

Prologue Littlecloud coughed, sending green gunk to the forest floor as he and Whitethroat raced through ThunderClan territory. Hey Guys! Instinctively, Wolffeather got into her hunter’s crouch that her mentor, Brambleclaw, had taught her.

Alarmed, she turned around and trotted hastily over to Jayfeather. “Yes, they were great warriors. “Anyway, we need to ask you one more thing,” Firestar continued, his tail wrapped over his forepaws again. “Want to share some fresh-kill together?” Lionblaze asked, his pelt shining silver in the moonlight. “Are we going to share that, or do you want me to get a mouse?” Lionblaze purred affectionately, not even noticing Leafpool staring at them from the entrance to the medicine cats’ den. “We also would like to know if any of your kin was in the clans besides right now,” Firestar meowed, meeting Wolffeather’s yellow gaze. What do you mean ‘the town’?” Firestar mewed, cocking his head to the side. “I stepped into a big pile of thorns! “Yeah! He padded over to join Wolffeather, as she lazily stretched out on the rocks to bask in the Sun’s warm rays of Newleaf. I held a meeting to every cat, while you were on patrol. Sickness was raging throughout the ShadowClan camp, but Runningnose, the medicine cat, was too busy treating Nightstar, the leader, and wasn't paying attention to the rest of the sick cats.

So now, guys, please make sure you submit to the right folder.

“Hello Firestar, Sandstorm,” she mewed quietly, nodding acknowledgement to the ginger she-cat. She heard a bunch of little scrambling noises, too quiet for a cat, but too loud for a clumsy vole. Maybe even more than you, Rusty,” Wolffeather purred out his kittypet name, even though she was insulting her clan leader. “Yes. Wolffeather padded calmly into the training grounds, seeing Firestar, the leader of ThunderClan, and his deputy, Brambleclaw, who was Wolffeather’s mentor a few moons ago. “I don’t need saving by a princess,” Cloudtail snarled, hissing under his breath. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Lionblaze awoke to a paw prodding his side.

She would’ve received a. Wolffeather’s only response was a curt nod and then a flick of her tail, signaling that she was going to leave. Before you leave, I need to send you a message,” Ferncloud mewed to her, just as she was about to leave the nursery. We want to ask you who would be your ideal mate,” Firestar said, his mew very calming and reassuring. So loving and caring.”, Brambleclaw stood instantly, padding towards Wolffeather and breathed in her ear, “Tigerstar is my father.”, Shocked, Wolffeather sprang up, sending sand flying everywhere. “Oh…” Firestar sighed. “But, he was still a good cat!” Wolffeather’s pelt bristled, her teeth almost bearing in a snarl. This is a story about a mixed up clan. Browse through and read warrior cat fanfiction stories and books. “Who else did you think?” Wolffeather asked, her gaze softening. “He tried to destroy RiverClan from the inside out though,” Firestar pointed out. We think that, since you’ve been here for over four moons now, that you are available to pick a mate, if that is what you would like to do,” Firestar mewed calmly. “Do you recall her name?” Firestar asked, running his tail along her spine. “Oh, it’s good. “I-I… Didn’t think… Tigerstar… Had any other kin,” Wolffeather mewed, taking deep breaths between each few words. The medicine cat falls in love with the leader and gets her pregnant.

“Mate? Mothwing is a medicine cat though,” Firestar placed his paw next to Wolffeather’s. He’s my mother’s sister’s mate,” Wolffeather explained, like it was a simple thing. “Yes, Wolffeather?” Leafpool snickered, seeing as she looked so embarrassed since she didn’t even know what borage leaves were.

“Jayfeather?” Both Firestar and Brambleclaw questioned at the same time, shooting each other a quick sideways glance.

34.9K 1.3K 128. Hollypaw is the youngest queen the Clans have ever seen.

We don’t want her anywhere near her kits, so Ferncloud offered to nurse them for a little. “I wanted to tell you something… But I didn’t think I would run into you so soon,” Jayfeather confessed. I would also like to learn a little about herbs, so that I can help Leafpool when Jayfeather is busy.

At least, until she figures out she is pregnant! Browse through and read warrior cat fanfiction stories and books . She is very agile, in fact,” Lionblaze hissed quietly, as he got up and followed Cloudtail out of the warrior’s den. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. “I know that you have better senses than everyone else… You could’ve dodged that.