All dating histories are fact-checked and confirmed by our users. Ma Rong is in a good mood when she takes her daughter to play with "human printer" and wears a black skirt to play with her underwear. I respect Yibo and Xiao… if them love each other’s then what should you do to stop both of them? They claim it’s Wang Yibo and Emily Qi based on the “evidence” below: Watch the video here:, Yuehua Entertainment Addresses Wang Yibo’s Dating Rumors, Wang Yibo’s Cell Phone Number Exposed by Scalpers, Wang Yibo Complains about Xiao Zhan Bullying Him While Filming “The Untamed”. And he can date whoever he wants.

He first joined the boy band unique in 2010. Wang Yibo Vents Frustration at Sasaeng Fans, Korean Netizens are Loving Wang Yibo and “Lan Wangji” After Watching “The Untamed”. They need their own personal space. Upon further inspection, they realized that it was none other than Qi Mei He (綦美合) from the mainland Yaolai Group! If you see any information about Wang Yibo is dated, please let us know. twice, putting an end to that rumor. They are battling it out with netizens each day to prove/disprove the dating rumors with their own evidence. Eventually, Wang Yibo chose a female contestant, Da Ting, and a male contestant, Xiao Jie. Or has it? He sometimes also showed some innocent face expressions in front of her. Somebody who claimed to be on the same plane as Wang Yibo took a video of someone in his seat, using the Wechat app on his phone and chatting with a woman. Super stars are human like the rest of the world.

61-year-old Xiang Tai ignores his granddaughter, and the photos of ladies and sisters seeking pleasure are exposed. After breaking up with Fan Bingbing, Li Chen was scolded as a scumbag and had a character problem. About Song Minhao, Kid Milli and UNIQLO“s recent knitted vest shape. setInterval(updateCountdown, 1000); } There’s a rumor that Wang Yibo is in a romantic relationship with a Chinese heiress. var expire = ! Fact: Wang Yibo is turning 24 years old in jQuery(function() { Wang Yibo (Chinese: 王 一 博; pinyin: Wáng Yībó, born 5 August 1997) is a Chinese actor, dancer, singer, rapper, host and a professional motorcycle racer. Wang Yibo is a Chinese rapper, dancer and actor who is best known for being a member of the Chinese-South Korean boy group Uniq. At Wang Yuan's concert, the sound equipment made a loud noise and unknown objects fell onto the stage. !0; } else { Wang Yibo’s company, Yuehua Entertainment, immediately issued an official statement denying the rumors. text = ' '; } else { 2nd Scandal: When she and her friend Wang Wen (heiress of Huayi Brothers) insulted the fans on Weibo, they said that they should not be deluded with idols, because all those handsome boys were hers. They also asked people to stop spreading rumors and misleading statements about Wang Yibo as they have repeatedly denied it. or may be we are old.. well i feel old.. maybe if i were 20 years younger i'd feel the same way?? Igual yo los voy a seguir shipeando. Be sure to check out top 10 facts about Wang Yibo at FamousDetails. And what can I say, if you’re turning your back on him just because of some malicious rumors and say that you will stop being his fan, then you never were a real fan in the first place. What exactly happened was that Wang Yibo stood in front of Da Ting, looked at her eyes in a deeply affectionate way, and held her hand. var count = Math.floor(abs_diff / seconds[display[i]]); i am fuming from all these false rumors spreading all over again. Nonetheless, we hope that Da Ting could really join Wang Yibo’s team, and that they could work well together for future dance stages and competitions. How many relationships did Wang Yibo have? Chen Xiao participated in undercover scenes, and she was very brilliant when she worked with Jing Tian. Leave them be. Wang Yibo had at least 1 relationship in the past. There's not even a clear video and or photos of these two together. Ahead, we take a look at who is Wang Yibo dating now, who has he dated, Wang Yibo’s girlfriend, past relationships and dating history. Rather be tied up with cuffs

Lastly, Wang Yibo took the initiative to hold Da Ting’s hand. } else { Funny ideas: make rural armor with bricks and tiles. .. well if you don’t know I will tell you, this girl Emily is a millionaire looking to date male celebrities for example she was behind Kris Wu and even intimidated Ouyang Nana for Chen Fei yu (Emily was in love with him) and tried that Yi Yang Qianxi noticed her through her social networks, after her scandal with Yibo, she closed all her social networks and went to SM to debut as a model, if she does not like you she would simply humiliate you as she did with the fans just pir Having power and money, now I ask you, is this the kind of girl you want for Yibo?