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When they get home, they find the sheep, who had wrecked their house and is covered in a mess. In an Adventure with Scientists! As Wallace decides to help himself, he finds Shaun eating the cheese, to his chagrin. 5 Nov. 2020. and not a sheep to worry us! Mm, my father left it to me. Well, I don't know. Produced by Be the first one to, Wallace and Gromet in A Close Shave 1995 VHS RIP. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the scene where he imprisons Gromit in the lorry and four times during the car chase, Preston is shown making evil smiles as the lorry closes on the motorbike or when he gets the advantage in the chase. The machine plops a sweater made of his fake fur on him; he blunders around and raises the platform everyone is on up to level of the conveyor belt of his "Mutton-O-Matic" mincing machine. The first Wallace and Gromit film where Wallace's voice isn't the only human voice. Have you been peckish for the can, then! Brings me out a rash. Preston steals the Knit-o-Matic blueprints.

get the pest control people in? A Close Shave is a 1995 animated film directed by Nick Park featuring his characters Wallace and Gromit. 'Hello. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver will be happy! Aye, I'd better see to him.

during the night? I'll soon have these cleared up. Preston's fake teeth are shown to be white like real teeth when he growls at Shaun. It is the third film featuring the eccentric inventor Wallace and his dog Gromit, following A Grand Day Out (1989) and The Wrong Trousers (1993). Browse content similar to Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave. There's You won't turn ME into dog meat! That's MY machine!

A Close Shave is a 1995 British stop-motion animated comedy film directed by Nick Park and produced by Aardman Animations. You're not going to turn me into dog meat! Wallace: Have you been peckish during the night? D&D Beyond to have met you. As they all fight against the belt, Shaun swings over them on an anvil and knocks Preston into the machine, destroying him and breaking him into his own dog food. Talking of which, all the more for us and not a sheep to worry us. Wendolene reveals that Preston is actually a robot created by her inventor father for good, but became evil. A Matter of Loaf and Death is a murder mystery, with Wallace and Gromit starting a new bakery business. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cracking Contraptions (2002).

My father left it to me. Wallace: Well done, lad.

Gromit programs it to give a "Wash." The machine malfunctions and resets to "Light Shave" and gives the sheep a shear. Oscar-winning animated comedy thriller. Transcripts Wiki. 19,577 Pages.

Like The Wrong Trousers, it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Oscar-winning animated comedy thriller. Gromit! He breaks out of the machine with his fake fur and skin ripped off, revealing his robotic form. 1995 animated short film directed by Nick Park, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, "The 68th Academy Awards (1996) Nominees and Winners", Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The film takes course over four days, from the morning Tuesday the 14th on a unknown month (Wallace commenting that he eats porridge on Tuesdays) to the morning of Saturday the 18th (the calendar in Gromit's jail cell saying Friday the 17th on the night of the Knit-o-Matic incident). All Bob Baker scripts | Bob Baker Scripts. -Oh, they're spanking! Later, while Wallace is talking with Wendolene, Preston's jealousy for Gromit grows and he finally frames him for the butchering sheep and has him sentenced to life in prison.

-I suppose you'll have to skip You'll be hunted down like... Voila! Only, someone's been at me cheese. Gromit saves himself by activating the sidecar's ability to transform into an airplane, and flies after Wallace's motorbike and the lorry. Oscar-winning animated comedy thriller. Oh, no!

It could be that he was built with robotic levers underneath the skin to operate it with, but these are not seen when his fake skin is torn off and his robotic form is revealed.

Wallace: (seeing Preston operate a replica of Wallace's Wash-O-Matic) Where'd you get that from? Go for 'im! It was the last Wallace and Gromit film before the retirement of Wallace's voice actor Peter Sallis in 2010., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He chases after them with the lorry trying to run them off the road. Wendolene and Preston arrive in the lorry to round up the sheep. Wallace: Aye I'd better see to him. The film is produced in 4:3, but it is matted to a 16:9 widescreen for unknown reasons. Wallace: Why don't you come in? Finally, the Wallace And Gromit In A Close Shave script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Nick Park movie. death (the countless sheep that have gone missing/presumed dead). Games Movies TV Video. The bounce has gone from his bungee.

Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A fugitive, eh? The bounce has gone The captives are loaded into the wash basin, but Shaun escapes. While Wallace is distracted by a romance with the …

The distraction allows Shaun to suck Preston into the machine using the nozzle, which Gromit programs to give a "Close Shave." Gromit swings over them on a rope, knocking Preston and himself onto the conveyor belt. Wallace becomes trapped in the lorry and he, Wendolene and the sheep are transported to Preston's factory, where Preston has built an enormous Knit-o-Matic. Gromit is arrested and imprisoned, while Wallace's house is inundated with sheep. D&D Beyond Wallace and Gromit give chase on their motorbike, hoping to save Wendolene and the sheep and clear Gromit's name. Wallace: What's wrong with Wensleydale? Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Shaun activates neon signs to reveal the factory's location to Gromit, who attacks Preston.