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Front MUST be 1” higher than the rear ride height. I was told you can get away with just one adjuster, but I figured it would be more adjustable if there were two, and I wasn’t sure where the suspension should sit yet. I could immediately corner faster on gentle turns than the best with the Swingaxle, and the takeoff from a standing start was much better as the whole contact patch of the tire was on the ground due to the IRS. Though it wasn’t mandatory at the time (the car wasn’t that fast yet), I immediately installed a roll cage in the car.

Rotules et soufflet, barre stabilisatrice, lame de suspension et silentbloc. These high tech progressive... B8 Series Sport Shock Absorber and Strut by Bilstein®. This design is meant to provide better handling due to a relatively straight up and down motion of the wheel and suspension rather than the wildly changing arc of the Swingaxle design. So after many combinations I ended up with a 22mm ((7/8”) Sway bar on the front, and a 28mm ((1 1/8”) bar on the rear.

2 Avis adjusters would have been better than one, but I didn’t like their design for what I was doing, I was fearful a decent pothole or curb hit would collapse the unit and the Koni oil was not stiff enough for the rest of my combo. Normal axle bearing grease is used and is recommended that you check it every 3000 miles. The basis for wanting to improve VW handling is usually that the driver wants to push the car a bit harder, not necessarily for all out racing performance, but maybe just to enjoy those winding mountain roads a bit more. is the one stop shop for classic VW Beetle, Super Beetle, Bus/ Type 2, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Thing Parts. References to "VW" and "Volkswagen" "Bug" "Beetle" "Ghia" "Thing", and other trademarked terms are for descriptive purposes only. I lowered the rear to suit and ended up with the front being 1 inch lower than stock.

195/60/14 on a 7” rim tire pressure 24-26psi, Sway-A-Way heavy-duty approx 1300lb Torsion bars. Expertly crafted from the finest materials for impeccable strength... AGX™ Shock and Strut by KYB®. I was a full 3 seconds/run slower than 2 other Beetles at most Hillclimbs. A couple of weeks later I found a small secret! After the required wheel alignment the settings were as follows. “OK” or “So-so” is NOT okay, you want your stuff to be in GOOD or GREAT shape. So this is what I concluded from these tests: If you want to make an IRS Beetle slide from the rear (oversteer) you can increase the sway bar size on the rear. An error occured. Monro-Matic Plus™ Shock Absorbers and Struts, Dynamic Pro Sport™ Front and Rear Lowering Coilover Kit, Slam™ Non-Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers, Tested to outperform all comparable products on the market, HiJackers™ Air Adjustable Shock Absorbers, Air bag spring supports are available for factory coil springs and leaf spring designs, Air compressors are available in standard strength for intermittent weekend use or heavy-duty strength for regular daily use, Set of 4 complete coilover assemblies for the front and rear of your vehicle, Latest damping technology for maximum longevity, Includes a set of 4 Sport Tech line shock absorbers, Designed to provide a superior driving experience on any road surface, Delivers better traction and control for improved acceleration and cornering at high RPM’s. A friend had attempted this before and the car was a death trap, adding more stiffness to the rear in a car that was already able to oversteer at will is not a good idea!

Coussinets urethane train avant Cox à partir de 1965... Jambe de force 1302/03 jusqu'en 1973 Occasion, Jambe de force droite 1303 à partir de 1973 Occasion, Jambe de force gauche 1303 à partir de 1973 Occasion, Jeu de lames de suspension d'origine à partir de 1965. This is no good for a fast time around a course, so I had to figure out what to do. With some help from the other Hillclimbers I decided upon a set of Bilsteins front and rear.

Choose air compressors in standard or heavy-duty... Street Performance Coilover Lowering Kit by H&R®.

There is no point having a car able to turn corners fast if you can’t stop when you need to, right?

With the type of power and speed I needed to compete, I felt it was necessary to have front disc brakes. I learned that because the car had more weight in each corner and in the back because of my passengers that: The car was slightly lower and consequently also had more negative camber. Rotules et soufflet de suspension, barre stabilisatrice, lame de suspension et silentbloc. They offer improved ride comfort for any... Classic™ Shock Absorber by Gabriel®. This... 4600 Series Shock and Strut by Bilstein®.

Voodoo's adjusting rod is made from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum which is then treated in MIL-A-8625 Type III Hard Anodize. It was a 1969 Semi-Automatic pan that had been converted to manual.

The following discussion assumes you are starting with an unmodified Ball Joint front end, and a Swingaxle rear end.

All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions, used in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes only.

How To Make Your VW Handle (Handling & Suspension Tuning)!

So, I took a week off from work and went back to my old and successful combination. The idea was to start on the negative side, by having force on the camber compensator initially, and then cornering hard around a corner the car could never get into a positive camber situation.

After all, what are you buying... Has this happened to you? • Type 3s used 24 11/16” length torsion bars up to 1968. We elected to use the torsion bars from Squareback, since they were 2mm (from memory) thicker than what I was using (factory type 1 bars). M12 90/30 au pas de 1,50 résistance 8.8, Boulon trains d'avant plus long diamètre 12 mm  longueur 98 mm la paire, Bras de suspension inférieur droit à partir de 1965 neuf origine, Bras de suspension inférieur gauche à partir de 1965 neuf origine, Bras de suspension supérieur droit à partir de 1965 neuf origine, Bras de suspension supérieur droite Cox à partir de 1965 Original, Bras de suspension supérieur gauche à partir de 1965 neuf origine, Bras de suspension supérieur gauche Cox à partir de 1965 Original. H&R Street Performance Coil Overs are the perfect suspension solution for discerning drivers-from daily drivers to serious tuners-who can appreciate the awesome handling and superb ride... FSD Shock by KONI®. This looked bizarre on video, kind of like a wheelstand and a burnout at the same time!

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I like driving with oversteer rather than understeer, it is faster and I believe, more controllable. Springs are not included, however these systems will work with your... Super Sport Coil Spring Lowering Kit by H&R®. I also knew of one of my friends who had crashed their IRS Beetle in a race and it had jumped in the air and landed hard. If you take your 4x4 off-roading, you have likely gained an appreciation of how unforgiving trails can be when it comes to your vehicle`s underside. Next was a set of camber adjusters, which gave me more than stock tuning. AIRCOOLED.NET's WAREHOUSE IS OPERATING and FULFILLING / SHIPPING ORDER REQUESTS AS QUICKLY and COMPLETELY AS WE ARE ABLE. After seeing an IRS floorpan for sale in the paper I immediately bought it. After this last change, the car then won 4 out of 5 races in 1994. The first test at the track was interesting. Dynamic Pro Sport™ Front and Rear Lowering Coilover Kit by Yellow Speed Racing®.

Because the car was now IRS I also decided I would change the shocks. That indeed fixed the problem, and I also added 2 sets of caster shims worth of caster to give a bit more feeling to the steering wheel for some faster corners, which also required the longer bolts, but this resulted in around 5 degrees caster and worked very well. - pièces pour vw cox à au Rouret Alpes Maritimes - pièces vw aircooled pour coccinelle, combi et leurs dérivées. It was a real eye opener, with certain combinations you could enter a corner at no more than 20MPH before the rear would break away. This rear suspension design is notorious for not wanting to go around a corner fast, and has special difficulty with high-speed handling. Slam™ Non-Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers by Air Lift®.

Another must have safety item!

Next I replaced the steering box, steering damper, and all the tie rod ends.

At least a set of rear torsion bars from a Type 3 Wagon. These steps weren’t quite enough since the car still oversteered, but it sure helped! Any good set of gas shocks, or stiffer than original oil shocks. Any good set of gas shocks, or stiffer than stock oil. Sport Shocks and Struts by Koni®.

IRS Buggies can use toned down settings from the above street data. The new camber settings countered it effectively, and no loss of traction was noticeable due to the increased camber at the rear. Additional weight in the front will also help, since we constantly have trouble keeping the front wheels on the ground with even limited horsepower in a friend’s buggy. I have been racing these terrific cars for the last 12 years and hope to relay some of my knowledge on how to make these cars handle, corner, and stop well. The Swingaxle Beetle is the more commonly found rear suspension design outside of the USA. I never had seen a VW pan just sitting completely bare but I realized that this was the basis of the whole car and I could simply swap my body and other bits onto it; Aren’t VWs great!? VW Tech Tip VW Suspension Technical Article Tech Tip: by Charles Adams. Air Lift offers a wide variety of complete kits with everything needed to set up an air suspension system. Cofap/KYB Gas shocks only.

So the last thing on the agenda was to install a close ratio gearbox and a Limited Slip Differential.

After putting all this back together and adjusting the ride height, I had the car about three inches lower at the front than the rear. A good combination for the driver who doesn’t necessarily want to race the car but wants more control would be an 18mm (3/4”) front bar and perhaps a 22-24mm (1”) bar on the rear.

Little or no camber at the rear is good for drag racing, so long as limiting straps are involved so the car can’t get positive camber, but it wouldn’t work for cornering. I dusted off the Bilsteins and put them back on, then the car was lowered to where it should be and –5 degrees negative camber was the standard on the front. I had seen many a successful conversions from Swingaxle to IRS by welding in the necessary parts, but was not really in the position nor had the time available to take this route before the next seasons’ racing. The Z bar on the rear was activated when the passengers sat in the back.

I also installed a set of caster shims to keep it straight at speed. For curves? Corner weights approximately 160kg (350lbs) per wheel.

Another thing that I did to fine tune the car was to have the spare wheel in or out. Aircooled.Net is not affiliated with Volkswagen AG or Volkswagen of America, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries. If you’re looking for a performance lowering shock absorber or strut, the BILSTEIN B8 Sport Series is up to the task.

Engineered to 'Activate More Grip', sway bars are principally designed to reduce body roll or sway. This was great because it had the IRS rear and Ball Joint front.