The core of the ball has a medium to high compression, which makes it perfect for golfers who have a swing speed above 100 mph. You can grab Callaway Superhot Bold Matte 3-Piece Golf Balls on Amazon. Pro V1 vs Pro V1X: Which Titleist Is Right For You? The top combatants on the temporarily suspended tournament circuit receive bespoke balls made to their specifications delivered to them by their sponsors. This ball indeed offers value for money and is great for professionals. Like most soft golf balls, they can be more difficult to control around the greens. This golf ball supports low spin that results in a straight trajectory. Their golf balls are still made in the United Kingdom, where this game evolved. The performance/cost of this golf ball is unmatched. How to choose the right golf ball for YOU!

Here are the top 10 best golf balls for beginners 2020: You will be able to find a ball that provides high spin, high performance, fast swing speed, soft feel, durability, or a combination of all these features. However, a huge drawback of the Pro V1x is that these golf balls are extremely expensive. This highly low compression reduces spin and enhances speed. While these balls generally have a short flight, they provide more roll upon landing.

The ball comes in different colors as well to make it more visible. It’s a hard reality that professional players on the PGA Tour play golf balls that the average recreational enthusiast cannot acquire.

However, it still has a lot to offer to hobbyists and casuals who will appreciate the affordable price.

They provide an amazing experience to Tour professionals and casual players. It is the most advanced version of a golf ball to date. While you do get a balanced mix of speed and distance, this isn’t the fastest ball and neither does it offer the most distance. It produces enough spin rates to let the golfer achieve what they are aiming for. However, the downside is that it will not entertain golfers who want high spin. It is amazing softness provides a low spin on long shots. It will perform very well on greens and will also move right to left and otherwise when it has been hit properly. Vice Golf doesn’t have the longstanding reputation of Callaway or the high-tech reputation of Mizuno, but this newcomer to the golf scene is already making some of the best golf balls in the world. The Trionomer layer along with the two-piece design helps you achieve better control and maximum distance.

That’ll get it flying especially well when it’s warm, though the ball might be a little more reluctant if conditions cool. A more niche brand that doesn’t come up when most gofers are talking about the Titleists, the TaylorMades, the Srixons and such, Trust makes golf balls for the slower swinger. I also play the Prov1x for awhile and that ball is like rock and is harder to control with wedge shots for me vs the Vivid and Prov1. You can get a dozen balls at a great value, and they are known to last for a long time. We have selected for you a list with which, according to our criteria, are the best golf balls for beginners. Callaway Chrome Soft. The Pro V1x is a high-end golf ball that helps the golfer achieve trajectory and provides a soft feel.

I'm not big on the Noodle due to... What about Titleist Tour Soft, Wisson Staff "D" & the lower cost Noodle. Keep up the great work!!! Truvis or true visibility is meant to make it easy to keep track of the ball. They come in 7 different colors. Has anybody tried both of them? While many golf balls are two-piece units, including a soft core covered by a stickier coating, the Diablo Tour line opts for three layers. These balls are not suitable for players with fast swing speed. That’ll get it flying especially well when it’s warm, though the ball might be a little more reluctant if conditions cool. They are built with a spin separation technique that allows a high spin. Balls with longer distances are good for long games. It is affordable and cheaper than the previous generations from Bridgestone. Yes, Volvik makes white balls, too. The dimple pattern has an impact on the trajectory of the golf ball. Golf balls are differentiated by their construction, spin, and compression. So, high handicap players get more distance, but low handicap players might have more trouble with shot-making.

Available with varying core designs and coverings, Vice Golf wants to appeal to every player, from high to low handicappers, whether he or she is looking for distance, spin or soft landings. The Volik ball perfomes completely different then Prov1 and i had to make adjustments to play them. Aggressive optics go a long way toward avoiding lost balls, and Volvik’s products are synonymous with the sort of bright, neon colorations that are impossible to miss (unless you shank one into the water). New for 2020, the Mizuno RB 566V employs its titular 566 micro-dimples arranged all around its surface to reduce aerodynamic drag and optimize spin rate. 5-Piece Golf Balls: This is the latest design in golf ball technology and is the best one yet. You do a great and thorough job. This ball, however, is expensive and can be burdensome in your pocket. It is reasonably priced too, but the real buying decision is whether you want a ball that acts like a homing beacon or not, because when it comes to the Vivid, it's not a black and white choice. The company has been making wonderful balls for a long time. If I’m getting off the tee well, then I use the pro v. Spoiler: I shoot the same score, it’s just either my long or short game that works better.

I'm an amateur golfer and normally play with supersoft, but Pro V1 has the title of being the best ball. I also play the Prov1x for awhile and that ball is like rock and is harder to control with wedge shots for me vs the Vivid and Prov1. There aren’t a lot of top golfers playing Snell, yet. The ball guarantees to give a short game spin, remarkable distance, soft feel, high durability, and good grip to the shooter.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls, Yellow, Standard Play... Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, White (One... TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls, White (One Dozen).

The ball ensures as much distance as possible. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The flight of the ball is a stable one, and it travels straight. and I settled on the pro-v1's. Both the impact and ball flight benefit from this. They're just designed to do different things. Best for the High Handicapper / Best for Extra Distance.

Still, that’s where the similarities end, as we’ll see in this list of our 18 unique options.

I started off playing Prov1 and thats all I played for awhile and I've donated plenty of them to the woods and water but they are very consistent and they have a better feel off the putter face to me then all other balls. This particular item is made for improved accuracy. The company claims the E12 can reach 9 yards more and stay 31 percent straighter as compared to its competitors. It also provides greater stability when dealing with strong winds during the game. All good golf balls work due to compression. Since every product is different and made for different types of golfers, choosing the perfect one for yourself is highly important. And, they’re very, very red. A well-made golf ball is expected to travel long distances in a straight line, to land soft and roll smoothly on the greens. Then again, the ball a player chooses to smack around all of that turf can make a significant difference in how successful and enjoyable a round of golf proves. Check Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft from Amazon. All Rights Reserved. This feature increases compression velocity and decreases driver spin to cover longer distances and high launch. Overall, this ball is fantastic for anyone who is experienced in golf and is looking for an amazing short game. The matte golf balls are certainly a new phenomenon in the golf ball industry and it really does at a new flavor for golfers to try out. And if you're not breaking 100, I wouldn't even recommend Supersofts. The ball has been built simply and ensures that the player gets the best game that they can. Additionally, if spin matters to you, another ball might be a better fit as this one doesn’t offer too much spin. What I don't like is soccer and how people call them soccer balls.