If it’s heavy then you know the brakes are probably in need of adjusting.

Try that and report back!

We lost the charge about a year ago, now that we just have gotten a new charge. ), Hi my son has an e scooter when on it only moves for the first mark of the throttle if you try to go faster it just stops and has no pwere at all unless he goes really slow,I have plugged in the charger and it lights up red but after a few minutes it turns green indicating a full charge but still no power in the scooter only a slow movement,can you help.

Hi Jim – definitely sounds like the relay. You might find this helps them feel more responsive. I’m used to scooters being at an even level with no “give”. Alternatively, you can purchase a battery tester which will show you the available current capacity. Alternatively it could be a damaged screw or other component.

My pr200 razor scooter has an issue when i fully charge it the motor was making a humming noise and hardly turning the chain at all so i installed new batteries and it now rides but with half the power low battery comes on and somtimes when you hit the on off toggle it makes a humming sound from the motor but i keep hitting the toggle on it somtimes works i assumed it needed a new motor but i know it could be the control. And today they have nothing.

You can test this b arcing across the battery terminals with an insulated wire to see what kind of arc it produces.

First, use a voltage meter to check to see if there is any charge in the battery.

Hello Jasmine – that sounds like the battery unfortunately. We are returning it and getting a teal razor, I will spray paint his so they can tell them apart. But – I’m guessing it’s the battery, which is more likely to lose charge over time. Find where the cable connects to the engine for a small cable stop with a screw and see if you can refit them in by loosening the screw and putting the cables up into the motor. help please. The next problem was the scooters battery. Broken Fuse Holder: Check the fuse assembly for damage such as cracks or bad connections. So we just charged it again last night and he went to use it again today and it’s not working!! Hello Claudette – this is usually a loose connection. But you have to isolate where the connection is loose.

Do you keep it plugged in overnight?

More often than not, it’s the battery or throttle.

Could be a fuse but most likely the controller. I charged them christmas eve so they would be able to try them christmas day.

Sometimes they might be in the battery pack. It may be the controller (sometimes there can be a loose connection in the controller too. Hello Jessica – that’s no good! Good luck! You will have to replace this (will be under warranty still as most scooters have a 3 month warranty). Aside from that, you can inspect various parts of the scooter like the motor, circuit breaker or anything that looks like it may be damaged or defective. This was a Christmas gift for my 10 yo son.

Mines is doing the same did you figure out how to do it ?

My son has the e200 razor. Good luck!

When you take it for a service, though, make sure they are fixing the right part and test it before you take the scooter from the shop.

Normally, the battery pack will blink if it’s not working properly.

Any suggestions and what will the company offer if anything since they are brand new? In this article, we’ll go over why your scooter might not be starting and give you a few tricks regarding what to do before taking it into the shop. Is there something wrong with electrics?

Hi my sons electric scooter isn’t charging there’s no lights on the box what can I do. You can test this by pushing the electric kids scooter while in the ‘off’ mode. Hi there, Sorry my response took so long – emails didn’t forward. I got both my kids these scooters for christmas. Also, I can’t find a local shop to look at motor. amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"electric scooter"};

You can find the answer to this troubleshooting issue in the section “Electric Scooter Accelerates But Does Not Stop”, Basically, it’s either the throttle or control box which is damaged. This is crap. Simply add one of the fuses that should come with your electric kids scooter. Within the last few days the scooter has slowed down significantly.

Do they have brushes or some sort of internal components that can be fixed. What can I do to fix or at least bypass the problem? Hi Kelly – sounds like the battery or a loose connection. Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2018.

Emission free chain driven motor. You can also double check that the wires aren’t loose at all – sometimes this happens when you store them for a while. Do you have a multimeter to test the battery pack? Upon looking at the bottom of it I saw the black case holding the battery was broken in a crack like way (see pic I posted) and spiderwebbing/shattering.

Puddles or any water can be a big problem for most scooters. It’s hard for me to determine without knowing exactly how long its been since using the scooter – but, if it’s been over 6 months then the battery will probably be defective.

Sometimes the brakes will squeak when the scooter is factory fresh! Looks like it’s built tough but after 3 hours of working fine I’m searching here for how to problem solve. When was the last time it was charged? If the scooter cotinues to run when you switch it on then the controller box will need to be replaced. There should be 4 or 5 wires.

Loosen the nuts on the back axle and move the back wheel forwards (to tighten the chain) and backwards to loosen it. Hi Kel – sounds like the batteries are dead. A new charger is required (possibly under warranty).

I’ll leave your comment here and maybe some readers can help out. You can replace these pretty easily.

Check that they aren’t broken – you might be able to simply reattach them. You have to know the kids arent riding on non perfect streets and sidewalks so telling me to check a wire connection is bull crap.

You also may need to give it a push (ie.

Hiya my son has an electric scooter does it need to be turned on while charging? As you probably know, you can bypass the controller and get more juice out of the scooter but you’ll wear the batteries down pretty fast.

I’d be careful of a second hand scooter unless you know the conditions it was ridden in, or it’s really cheap! Safety Engine Cut-off is on. Now we are trying to source a replacement, not fun! Check these to make sure they aren’t loose or stretching. Though some of the electric scooters are rugged and built to withstand heavy weight, the suspension and metal frames cannot handle extreme riding activities like jumps, skids etc.

We had also ordered a Razor E200 for my 11 yo daughter (we wanted different colors). Tire backwards: The tire can also be assembled on backwards. Did you give it a good charge (overnight) before the first ride?

Hi Matthew – hopefully this is an easy one.

Lithium batteries will last a lot longer than lead but are more expensive. You can either patch this or replace the whole tube. The batteries also have a limited warranty so, if it’s new, get it back to the manufacturer right away (unless the warranty has already expired). You may have a blown fuse so if you can get a multimeter to check this or the circuit breaker, you will at least know that answer. The battery is the powerhouse of your scooter and knowing how to care for it correctly will ensure you maximize the life of the electric scooter’s battery.

Hi Lucy – there are a few things you can do first to make sure it’s not a loose wire. Hi my electric scooter 800w wont turn on i have left the key over night. I have the scooter charged and ready to go, but it seems “wobbly”. Hello Karen – it sounds like the battery. It sounds like you are going to have to get this replaced under warranty. Bad Fuse: Unscrew the cap on the fuse holder.

I can try to piece it apart and back together if I had some general understanding of what to look for.

Controller Box is faulty: Lift the rear wheel from the ground so it doesn’t make contact and take off. My scooter was fine until yesterday , when i throttle past 20km/h, the motor will get cut off and then the LED light will then be off. I turn the scooter on the green light comes on also, but its just not running. Hi I have a sit on e-scooter the green light is on but back wheel is barely moving could the motor be no good the wheel is moving very very slowly tho.and when I twist throttle ssounds like noise coming from motor Any ideas thanks in advance.

Most of the time, it wouldn't go fast enough for him to lift his feet. Most likely not a chain/belt, sprocket or cog but it might be worth double checking that these are all tightened enough. Do you know of a good source for the relays? I have some suggestions below for what to look for. Hi we have a e90 electric scooter when held off the ground and button pressed the motor works but as soon as pressure on wheel does not gi, Hi we have a e90 electric scooter when held off the ground and button pressed the motor works but as soon as pressure on wheel does not go along. I put this together and needed to use tape around the stem to take up all the slop in the handles.