Lombardi applied for head coaching positions at Wake Forest,[67] Notre Dame, and other universities and, in some cases, never received a reply. [20][21] At the age of 12 he started playing in an uncoached but organized football league in Sheepshead Bay. Olivet Cemetery, Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ", "Lombardi Service Area Dedicated on Turnpike", "Rock 'n' Roll High School synopsis and movie info", "From a Loser's Father To a Legendary Winner", "Jerry Stiller played Vince Lombardi for a series of Nike commercials in the '90s, including one shot at Al's Hamburger", "HBO to Air Documentary on Vince Lombardi", "Vince Lombardi: A Coach for All Seasons", "Player Bio: Vincent Lombardi — Fordham Official Athletic Site", "Toughest NFL venues: No.

[24] Lombardi attended Mass on a daily basis throughout his life. And if you do have an issue, the problem will be yours because my locker room will tolerate nothing but acceptance. [125] At St. Cecilia, Lombardi shared an office with Father Tim Moore wherein it was not unusual for Lombardi to interrupt a conversation and request to go to Confession and which Father Tim would oblige him right in the office. [140] Lombardi also refused to assign hotel rooms to players based on their race: by 1967 the Packers were the only team with such a policy. 206 at age 15 in 1928.

Vince: A Personal Biography of Vince Lombardi. The other cheered", "1969 Washington Redskins Statistics & Players", "Lombardi's one year changed Redskins forever", "The greatness of Lombardi, Allen through the eyes of Larry Brown", "Joe Lombardi, Vince's grandson, is Detroit Lions' new offensive coordinator", "New Orleans Saints: Joe Lombardi coach profile", "The Compass newspaper – Special Section: Priests' Jubilee", "Gays in the NFL: Vince Lombardi would be fine with it", "Anniversary year of African-American Packers' bold, historic statement", "Ex-player: Lombardi championed gay rights", "45 years ago, Lombardi accepted a gay player", "Vince Lombardi accepted gay players on his team", "Would Vince Lombardi Have Drafted a Gay Player? When Lombardi had not lost his temper, he would often be reticent and aloof. [36][note 3][37] In a game against Pitt, he suffered a severe gash inside his mouth and had several teeth knocked out. [40] The loss destroyed all hopes of Fordham playing in the Rose Bowl and taught Lombardi a lesson he would never forget — never to underestimate your opponent.[41]. [1], Although Lombardi was noted for his gruff demeanor and "iron discipline," he was far ahead of his time in creating a supportive environment for gay players, and he emphatically challenged existing Jim Crow Laws, and provided leadership to break the color barrier in football. [72] The players were dispirited,[73] the Packer shareholders were disheartened, and the Green Bay community was enraged. [46] He would also join the Brooklyn Eagles. [175], In 1996, Nike aired several commercials featuring Jerry Stiller as the ghost of Lombardi. Besides his wife, the former Marie Planitz,, a native of New Jersey, and his son, Mr. Lombardi is survived by his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Henry Lombardi of Brooklyn, N.Y.; a daughter, Mrs. Susan Bickham of Chicago Heights, Ill.; a sister, Mrs. Harry Brandshagen of Hazlet, N.J.; two brothers, Joseph of Englewood, N.J., and Harold of San Rafael, Calif., and six grandchildren.