“But don’t you dare cum until I tell you to.”, “Please. But it had also been awhile since you drank much, knowing your tolerance had dwindled.

When you rolled off of his waist, his hand reached for you in order to keep you close- something he never attempted to do before. The fact that he was living in St. Louis and playing for the St. Louis Blues had slipped your mind.

‘That’s sweet. Bad Boy Vince might have met his match. “Okay, yeah, sure.”. A couple years older than you, you thought he was so cute. “I’m not hungover.”, Vince grabs his own plate, sitting down beside you. The question goes unanswered as he stammers over a response, your grip tightening as you pull him face level with you.

you and vince have been dating for a few months now, but you haven’t made the next step as to discussing if you were exclusive or not. After you and Vince drop off your parents at the hotel, you head over to his place. Chat. He brought his hands over his face as he let you grind your hips into him harder. “Think about what?” you ask, digging through your suitcase for some clothes. tonight you were going to find out, and hopefully it went the way you planned out in your head. “I want to love someone that much, to want to spend everyday together, so completely invested in one other person that you couldn’t imagine your life without them.

“And here is when Vince took me away to a bed and breakfast last month during the All-Star break. He wasn’t exactly your friend, closer to an acquaintance and yet not exactly that either. “Don’t call me your girl…” you rolled your eyes as you muttered to yourself, splashing a handful of water onto your face.

“No. You’re gone for long periods of time and I don’t trust you. Somehow that brought you to St. Louis.

“Are you going to get something?”. We should catch up sometime’.

A small whimper leaves your mouth as you move your hands up his naked back and into his hair, moving your hips up to meet his own. What are you guys doing here? “Good morning.” Walking over to the island in the kitchen you sit down on the barstool, elbow on the counter as you lean forward, resting your head in your hand.

But at least screaming toddlers could be calmed down with the promise of a sticker or a lollipop. “If it’s any consolation, I can tell my mom already likes you.”. “So, he’s the older brother of your best friend from when you were growing up?” Kiera clarifies after the two of you get to your seats.

And he did have you, he always had you, and by the time you were done, you were having a blast. “Sorry about yelling, we thought it was someone else at the door.”. The rest of the cocktail hour, the ceremony, and dinner goes by quickly. Vince glances back at the empty bed then back to you, hesitating for a second before stepping back. “You’re such a jerk.”. “Jeremey,” he tells you. “I hadn’t really thought about when I was heading up there.

“He’s not my date,” you explain quickly. “Like, a hockey game?”, Vince chuckles, eyebrows furrowed as he looks at you. “He’s paying now, so are we all sure we don’t want refills?” you joke, everyone laughing. she’s been so kind in taking in my excessive requests lately, and she deserves all the love and support. Your eyebrows raised at his hesitation which would make him comply sooner than he planned for.

She lived across the street from you and Becca growing up. “Clearly they look better on me, babe.”, Meet the St. Louis Blues, compiled by @powerblais, @schwizzle-schwartz, @robthomissed, @blueskrugs, @poltoncarayko, and @letmeplaytheblues ❤. “How many people do you think have had sex on this bed?”. A few hours later you head into the kitchen, thankful for the barstools that come with the rental. Neither you or Vince was expecting your father to reiterate her words. You reached one arm around his neck to bring his forehead to yours. Glancing over you watch him standing beside his bed, his back to you as he pulls his shirt over his head, dropping it to the ground before moving onto his jeans. Rolling your eyes you scoff, giggling as you turn around. “Say it again.”. It was the second time in not very long that you found yourself blushing in regards to something with Vince and you knew that shouldn’t be happening. but one day he’s teased you so much and then wore your fave outfit of his when you go out with the guys, kept a … “It’s okay,” he tells you. “Want to look at the rooms now?”. “So, you don’t want me to come over?”. The car ride was fairly awkward, your mom and you doing most of the talking while the boys stayed mostly quiet. “I told you he didn’t hate you, he was just being overprotective.”, He kisses the top of your nose and nods his head. Staring down at the screen you feel a wave of confusion. Reaching over you pick up the shot glass, clinking it against Jeremey’s before bringing it to your lips and tipping your head back, the sour hit of lemon mixed with the liquor making your wince slightly. You just couldn’t help but laugh to yourself at his meaningless nickname. “Sure.”.

“My mom bought me a sandalwood candle for my apartment,” he admits, chuckling softly. Instead of focusing on the end of the game, he just keeps replaying last night over in his head.

“What did he say to you?” Vince asks, slinging his arm over the back of your chair as he glances over his shoulder in the direction of where you had been standing with Jeremey a few minutes earlier. “Baby,” he whines, practically crying out for you, his voice raw with need.

Getting back to your car Vince walks with you to the driver’s side, the parking lot relatively dark as the sun had set long ago.

Getting out of the building is a slow process, the wait in line for the washroom slowing you down even more so.

You two finish breakfast, Vince tidying up the kitchen while you make some coffee.

Note: So recently, we discovered that Vince is a man of many tricks and trades who uhh, appreciates a good meal. “Would you want to come to a game?” Vince asks, the two of you sitting on the couch in your apartment, on your third episode of Ozark of the night. Dad! “Yeah, I don’t know, maybe one day I’ll want to get married,” you tell him.

Being you never bothered to turn around to catch his reaction, you missed the way his eyes silently followed you throughout the bedroom as he planned his morning with you. Hope you enjoy hockey players and mediocre writing. “I need a shower,” you whine, walking into the warm hotel room. You backed away from him slowly, leaving him in his knees his eyes begging up at you. I think almost every celeb doesn’t feel uncomfortable about the fics being written about them or the stuff that their fanbase in general makes about them until they’re reminded of it by a random ass person on the internet or on a livestream, in Vince’s case. “Sorry for the misunderstanding,” she says with a mischievous smile. It was close enough for you to hear the phone slam down on whatever surface he threw it ontop of, which caused your stomach to turn knowing him well enough to understand that he’d be coming back to question your argument from before properly. “Y/N,” Mrs. Peterson says cheerfully as she approaches, pulling you into a tight hug. Shortly after you find yourself curled up next to Vince on the couch, looking at the screen of his laptop. You rolled your body over to see Vince sitting up against his headboard, mindlessly scrolling through his phone. Tilting your head you let out an uncertain breath of laughter. “Y/N,” you reply, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear as you glance down at the bar. “Are you into him?” Vince’s voice is quieter than normal, his jaw clenching as he glances around the bar instead of looking at you.