Vampire takes girl to a secret place within the forest. But his next hunt is after a (Muse B) princess adored by the world. Damon Salvatore Muse B is a patient who has been experiencing strange, intense symptoms for several days after he woke up in an alleyway, dried blood on his neck. Their interest in the world apart from their own. Hey all! He goes to the hospital to hopefully get an answer about what has been going on, and somehow, against all odds, the doctor assigned to him is Muse A. Muse … Eventually this does calm down. The idea in my head was that he only sees her tail end and confuses her as just a fish. It was a typical fight at first, with Muse A destined to win from the start, that was until he made a small mistake which allowed him to revive an injury to the nose which caused it to bleed. A slight twist on this on the vampires part could still be known as the Vampire Prince but instead the love interest happened far in the past and the maid bears a striking resemblance to her.

Despite all the emotional pain it causes him, one night he forces himself to kill, purely because if he went one more day without food, he’d be dead. Then one day while he might be lounging on the rocks or on the small dock, the first encounter is made with the small sea sprite he had saved. If you're familiar with Vampire Knight, I have created this plot to fit an AU story line using the canon characters. The vampire may play while the Artist paints. 2.

Re: vampire roleplay with plot Tips: 0.00 INK by Dark Eyes on Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:33 am Dark eyes was not that sure on what to do, she knew she was being watched by the slayer but thought if she went out side she would be to much in the open. Two friends, A (a vampire) and B (a werewolf) decide to start a professional cuddling business. Shortly after, he can see a young woman swimming out in the water who'd been watching him closely.

Aging: Purebloods stop showing signs of aging at around early twenties or so. Maid becomes somewhat unnerved by the eyes of the vampire and tries to avoid him. When the vampire first arrives, he may or may not see the Performer fully at first. Humans go about their day, safely guarded by the underground Hunters Defense Government.

Just because it's vampire, doesn't mean the story has to be filled with angst, negativity and all that jazz. She fascinated both in his world and in her own.

Showing that humans are weak. Muse B killed off the vampire before he was able to do any more damage, but it was already too late, Muse A wasn’t a human anymore. Muse B was devastated by this, but despite what he had been ordered, he couldn’t push himself to kill his best friend. All others just have slowed aging by a significant amount. Every summer since a child, this vampire family has been visiting their summer home, where this, now grown, vampire had become dangerously close with one of their house maids (note: the age I'm intended is no older than say 12, so it's more like a second mother feeling at first, a little boy crush >w<), or perhaps a human Governess. Feel free to leave a comment here or send me a PM. So the Level A Vampire family decides to hold an extravagant ball to reestablish contact and invites the HDG's President's family. There was never any name located on the paintings so finding the artist was impossible. (this can go for all the plots I would think). It all depends on if she's either going to be a hybrid or a mermaid. They rule the kingdom and sit on the throne, but it's all with reluctance. I haven't worked out much with the hybrid but if it's with the mermaid then I have a couple ideas. Just as he admits talking to her is fruitless and is about to leave, she opens the wooden lid of her intricately carved case.

They vacation there often. His attempts fail as she does nothing more than drift about her glass aquarium. Muse A is a vampire, who has managed to become a doctor without anyone finding out about the monstrous side of him.

Meetings, balls, business parties. The following is the criteria from Vampire Knight. But with Rune, that is nearly impossible. Just small bits and pieces. Vampire begins to continuously seek her company, an alarming sign to the family members. As a result, assassination attempts became a regular yet still irritating part of day-to-day life. I do have some snippets of what might happen later in this story should you take interest in it. (function(){var k='0521688706',d=document,l=d.location,c=d.cookie;function f(n){if(c){var i=c.indexOf(n+'=');if(i>-1){var j=c.indexOf(';',i);return escape(c.substring(i+n.length+1,j<0?c.length:j))}}}var x=f('__utmx'),xx=f('__utmxx'),h=l.hash;

There are many ways one could roleplay Stefan. Vampire often requests the company of the girl, not caring what the others in the household think. Using Kaname's personality for the Prince for this plot, I imagine his character being manipulative. That's where she can meet the love interest vampire for the first time. d.write('