Hatchlings start out at about two to four inches long and ultimately grow to an adult size of 10 to 36 inches (depending on the species of Uromastyx). Tubes are better for providing UVB as they cover the larger area, but you can also use a mercury vapor bulb like this. If you have few hatchlings/babies, you could house them there for a year or two, before getting new tanks for them.

Use a large container that can fit the lizard comfortably. Cut a hole to allow easy access; you might want to also include PVC or flexible tubing as a tunnel into the humid hide. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ©2012 Dawn M. Trainor-Scalise Plus, a longer habitat makes things easier to create a temperature gradient. It takes approximately three to five years for a Uromastyx to reach their adult-size. Their unique tail, medium size, and species’ diversity are why owners love adding this reptile to their collection. Use your reptile thermometer to check the temperatures in different places in the cage regularly to make sure they continually match the listed proper temperatures. Males are typically larger than females and have femoral pores on their thighs.

Shallow water only, and be careful that your uromastyx doesn’t inhale water into the lungs. This crystalline substance around the nose is their way of eliminating salts that are common in their diet. Good insects to occasionally feed are crickets, roaches, hookworms, and soldier fly larva. Make sure a tube covers 60-70% of the tank, so that there is also a shade.

Uros can dig underneath rocks and other objects, causing fatal injuries. FREE same-day delivery or curbside pickup. Without UVB rays, the lizard isn’t able to properly metabolize calcium. Sorry, there are no stores found matching your search. Do you research first! Having multiple digital temperatures is required to ensure appropriate temperatures are maintained within their enclosure. The most important thing to consider is where you’re going to keep your Uromastyx (and how large the enclosure should be). Like many other reptiles, they spend a great deal of time basking in direct heat. At night, temperatures should drop to 70-75 F (21-24 C). In this complete guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to choose a terrarium for your uromastyx and required size, how to setup a tank, including lighting, heating and more.

As you might have guessed from the previous section, creating a temperature gradient in the enclosure is crucial.

If your vet sees your pet regularly, many common conditions that afflict pet reptiles and amphibians can be caught and treated early. Rankin’s Dragon 101: Care, Diet, Size, Lifespan & More!

Foreign objects (small rocks, hair, wood chips, bark, sand) can form a solid mass in the digestive system and cause blockage.

Hatchlings start out at about two to four inches long and ultimately grow to an adult size of 10 to 36 inches (depending on the species of Uromastyx). You should also talk with the seller about how the lizard was raised and what it was fed. Ideally: Good vegetables to feed include butternut squash, prickly pear leaves, hibiscus flowers, bell peppers, and okra. The only subspecies that needs a larger enclosure, 1.8 x 0.9 x 0.9 meters (6 x 3 x 3 feet) is the Egyptian Uromastyx which grows up to 0.9 meters (3 feet).

Supplying fresh feed daily is a must. The average uromastyx lifespan is between 10 and 20 years when healthy.