Nodecraft is an ad-free website! These commands display a log of users to admins. Port + 1 and port + 2 are also used, so remember to open them on the router as well. Server Owner/Admin Commands These are commands that can be used by any admin, but that should be limited to owners only. Required players specifies the minimum number of connected players in order to initiate a vote. Gives players each item when spawning. Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to use admin commands in the chat.

To configure your Unturned server, you will need to edit the commands.dat file. Assigns the name of the server on the server list. Steps. Reputation [SteamID | Player]/[Reputation], Kills the specified player ingame and bans then for 31,536,000 seconds (One year). All the help you need for your game servers, Configuring your Unturned Server (commands.dat), Binds your internal IP to the socket. Admins will appear as if they are normal players. Vote duration specifies the duration of time that the vote remains active.

Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to join the server.

Broadcasts a message to all of the connected clients. Pass/fail cooldown specifies the amount of time that players must wait after a successful/failed vote before initiating another vote. Reputation [SteamID | Player]/[Reputation]. Provides information on the specified command. Filters out players with non-english alphanumeric names. This makes only permitted players allowed to join the server.

Commandsare advanced functions activated by typing certain strings of text. Using SkillsetID of 255 gives the item set to everyone.

Gives admin rights to the steamid. Allows your server to access cheat commands, Experience [SteamID | Player]/[ItemID]/Amount, Teleport [SteamID | Player]/[SteamID | Player | Location]. Enables logging of chat, join, leave, death, and anticheat messages. Provides information on the state of the server.

Takes a screenshot from the target player's perspective and saves it on the caller's computer as Spy.jpg.

Assigns the codeword required for entry to the server. Removes the specified player from the list of server administrators.

Experience [SteamID | Player]/[Experience].

These are commands which will be useful for player moderators, for example, kicking, banning, and adding reputation.

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Log [Chat]/[Join/Leave]/[Death]/[Anticheat], Enables logging Chat/Join/Leave/Death messages. They are case sensitive! Admins can go incognito with the "Hide_Admins" command.

We utilize the best hardware, the fastest connections and a very user friendly control panel.

This list was made with our users in mind. 255 = All Skillsets. Default is 604800 (7 days), Restricts the server to only allow Gold players, Assigns what all players spawn with. Gives admin rights to a steam ID. Sets the map that the server loads on startup. Assigns the port of the server. Click below, and receive a lifetime 5% discount on your service.

Only players permitted to enter may enter.

Provides information on the specified command. 14. Note that command parameters are separated by forward slashes.

Pass/fail cooldown is the amount of time in seconds in which each player must wait to vote again. Each parameter can only be Y or N. (eg. Vote duration specifies the amount of time for each vote to remain active. If the input is abbreviated the command will choose the player based on what name is closest alphabetically. Saves the server state and closes the server. Filters out players with non-English-alphanumeric names.

These commands are used if your server has a whitelist, to activate the whitelist use the command “/Whitelisted” or “@Whitelisted” with the owner’s account.

Syntax (Chatrate [Number] The "Perspective" command has the localization filename "ServerCommandCamera.dat", which hints that the command will be named "Camera" although it is not.

(400~600 is recommended).

SkillsetIDs are from 0-10 in the same order as displayed when editing a survivor. Assigns the codeword required for entry to the server.

Teleport [SteamID | Player]/[SteamID | Player | Location]. We founded Nodecraft with a vision for what game servers should be. We decided to share them for free! Default is, meaning that all IPv4 addresses on the local machine can be used to connect to the server.