By dragging and dropping the respective pieces from your inventory into the specific box. •

Turn your house into the dream house you have never been able to have until now. If there is no requirement, the right column will say "0.". 17614 - Maple Storage Shelf 17650 - Maple Industrial Crate 17610 - Dishwasher Unturned Mods Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. • Birch Siding

Post Metal Pipe

17618 - Maple Display Shelf • • I think you could probably break this content up into small chunks for the readers. In order to craft them, you need a new level of the crafting skill which is available in a license. Hostile Sentry Teal Berry Seed

• 6 Seater Makeshift Vehicle

Mauve Berry Seed

Russet Berry Seed

Once you're inside Unturned, use the Tab key to access your inventory. • • •

• •

17662 - Weapons Crate (Coalition)

Jade Berry Seed

Large Birch Frame

• for a while now, but shouldn't they drop some raw materials? •

Square Table Large Maple Plate (Right)

This mod adds in what Minecraft has been missing for years, furniture!

• 17674 - Yellow Camp Chair Crate

If so, it is included to the right.

Cooler Small Birch Plate (Equilateral) The Couch is a Common Barricade in Unturned 3. 17667 - Tube Rack • Flare


© Valve Corporation.

17669 - Blue Camp Chair

Wardrobe, Amber Berry Seed The Letgalian's Furniture Mod is mainly used for Roleplay purposes, but items such as care packages and industrial crates can be used on pvp servers as item storage due to them having a large number of space. Plaque 17660 - Weapons Crate (Desert) •

By dragging and dropping the respective pieces from your inventory into the specific box.

• •

Chances of receiving one random material would be 50%, chances of receiving two random materials would be 25%. Like the Spotlight, it can be lit up when activated near a generator. • 17643 - Monitor

Lamp 17654 - Pine Portable Crate

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. • •

• •

17634 - Purple Bed • Brussel Sprout Seed

Rifle Rack Jack-o-Lantern

17635 - Red Bed Small Pine Plate (Equilateral) • Forgive me, but I'm not sure what you mean, Related: 10 Survival Strategy Tips for Unturned Beginners, Unturned: How to Get The Secrets of Neuschwanstein, Unturned Germany Map Guide: Best Locations, Ten simple and useful tips for thriving in Unturned, Unturned Guide: 10 Survival Strategy Tips for Beginners.

• Logs are collected by destroying trees with an Axe (found in civilian locations and construction sites), Fire Axe (found at any of the 3 fire stations), or Chainsaw (found in agricultural areas or the S.S. Haven). 17679 - Coffee Machine • 17656 - Maple Pallet

If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. Pillar One Way Glass • Certain buildings are divided into floors which can be placed one over another.


Shutter Build your own chairs, shelves, beds, TVs, computers and more! Bedroll Metal Garageframe


17626 - Orange Doublebed • Is that very realistic?

Floor • Small Pine Frame 17671 - Orange Camp Chair 17616 - Metal Storage Shelf It includes over 40 unique pieces of furniture to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, living room and even your garden!

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The color of the police station feels more like a purple-ish color rather than a blue color. Counter Sink share. Meme.

The Letgalian's Furniture Mod is a mod that includes furniture and decor items for decoration purposes. Please see the. • 382. About. Vermillion Berry Seed I can already see a kid sitting in an office building bashing computers for hours to get loaded with scrap metal. If this gets implemented (your idea), I wouldn't be surprised if some players looted stores by throwing grenades inside.

17637 - Office Chair • •

It is only visible to you. Maple Siding Small Maple Plate (Equilateral)

Pine Doorframe • 17649 - Birch Industrial Crate Locker Small Birch Frame Could you add the Military towers you find at checkpoints to the mod? Indigo Berry Seed Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. How to Craft.

17675 - Hesco 17658 - Blackboard Large Birch Plate 17628 - Red Doublebed

17627 - Purple Doublebed 17648 - Upgraded TV Metal Siding, Counter

Pump Jack

• • •

You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Wall Couch I think materials are already easy enough to get when it comes to crafting (not base building), so I don't really support this idea. Previously known as Unturned 2, this zombie survival FPS features a crucial skill players must master in order to excel-- crafting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Please let me know if you find any bugs! Article could certainly be broken into small bits, which can actually be more fun to write, and read better.

17651 - Pine Industrial Crate • 17630 - White Bed 17633 - Orange Bed 4 Seater Makeshift Vehicle Bringing in massive amounts of attention, approximately 40-60 thousand players at once, Unturned has been a title to watch on Steam's Early Access list.

17620 - Metal Display Shelf Barbed Wire Fence (Ornamental) • Campfire •

You'll see your crafting menu pop up to the right after pressing "Craft." •

Computers = scrap metal, metal bars, wires.

Large Pine Plate (Equilateral) 17677 - Pool Table Cot

Portable Generator, Friendly Sentry •

• Spotlight • 17636 - Yellow Bed •

After all, there are so many items in the game that you can destroy. • Rectangular Table Stairs This mod is heavily used on roleplay servers since the mod lets players customise bases.

I support this idea fully (along with Muffin's suggestion of longer item respawning), but I think something has to be tweaked.

Smartly Dressed Games - Unturned assets Modz2Much - Unturned Hawaii assets IDs can be found in the Change Notes or search for community created guides.

Corn Seed Maple Pipe 17657 - Pine Pallet Once the pieces are all in place, press the button with all the tools on it to begin crafting. Beet Root Seed The Tool is used along with the Material to produce the end result. • 17638 - Road Block Generally, statistics show people on the internet tend not to read more than 500 words on an article.

• The Furniture can be crafted like any vanilla furniture ingame and some furniture will require some crafting skills.

17640 - 

We've been able to destroy fences, cash registers, etc.


• Potato Seed

17665 - Microscope I believe people would just jump in a car, drive over a giant line of fencing to destroy them, then jump out of the car before it explodes and pick items out of the rubble pile.