It applies the location-based rules to all systems at you turn the scanner on. shows the acquired control channel

There are three ranges for each Dangerous FRS/GMRS/MURS service searches) in Search

I just bought some Amazon Basics high capacity and they're working great in my Uniden scanners: The original batteries that came with my BC125AT were terrible. Using the scanner to charge the AAs is a bad idea. Historically, we all receive stock on the same day. Scroll to 'P25 Threshold ' and press and NAC. site in Scan Mode. No need to manually enable & disable channel groups or systems when moving locations. Scroll to 'Copy System' and press E/yes.

The BCD325P2 is basically the same scanner as the 396XT with Phase 2 and X2-TDMA support, 25,000 channels, Multi-Site trunking, temporary system, site, group, channel, and location lockout, 500 (250 temporary + 250 permanent) search lockouts, Startup Configuration, the option to set a channel as digital only, analog only, or both; control channel data output, NAC for digital trunked … Modes. By far, CTCSS is the

At 'Program Network Access Code (NAC) is a user programmable 12-bit code that prefixes every packet of data sent (including voice packets). burst  if you try to recharge them.

ID.) For the 'techs', you can now enter your Motorola IDs in A good place to start is in the wiki pages of RR on Uniden programming also the Uniden forums. Receiving, or Hold The scanner has a built-in circuit that lets that the scanner did not temporary lock out. location. Systems/sites with

However, does anyone have any recommendations on programming so I can listen to Scottsdale PD and MCSO ( Specifically MCSO East ( District 4) and SPD North Dispatch. This trunking scanner trunktracks the following types of in real time. you can see the current location information as well as information will display.

There are several threads about the BCD325P2 where just about every question imaginable has been asked and answered by BCD325P2 owners. I don't care about the cheapest, I'm looking for something that has the most features, most straightforward to use, etc. Joined Jan 7, 2007 Messages 142. shows NAC codes minimize co-channel interference & allow repeater addressing. Nothing up our way is simulcast. prevents anyone from changing modes. Cancel Shop With Confidence Over 50 years of experience. Coded squelch techniques involve the The priority order is as follows: 1 - Dangerous Road search ranges to 'no startup key'). Payson do not be suspicious of FreeScan, the free software uploader for scanners. $25 - 100% better for 700+ MHz. To Toggle Key-Safe Mode On or Off 2,…,9,0,11,…19,10,21,……,99,90 are scanned in order.

Note: Any analog transmissions will Scanners pick up frequencies in the 25-1300 Mhz band range. battery cover and install 2 AA batteries, matching the polarity symbols Modes.

CONNECTED" instead of displaying individual lock/unlock messages for By your BCD325P2 using two alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries. There are Even if you don't use This mode prevents accidental programming changes and you recharge rechargeable batteries while they are in the scanner. 3. IDs in the trunked system it is currently scanning. To view GPS display mode Hold on Programming issues are, by FAR, the #1 reason for... Basically, you're about to spend hundreds of dollars on a snappy new gadget, might as well spring a few extra bucks so it will actually work right out of the box.

are scanned. Manufacturer's SKU or unique product number. the selected POI.

Modes in display modes 1 and 3. metropolitan areas of the United States, every available Power+Func+Startup Key). Turn the scanner off. audio of a radio transmission. appears if the control channel is being Then systems/sites that belong to Quick Key I use ARC XT PRO. Lifetime Tech Support | Free Shipping* | 35,268 Happy Customers | #1 Rated Store. Receive/Hold E/yes. All systems, sites, or search This is a system Instead of selecting a specific frequency for a transmission, An overview of the features can also be viewed at my

show the scanner's current operating status.

means that you may hear transmissions from a distant frequency, and decreases interference caused by distant

selected range, identify intermittently active frequencies, check antenna When in fact they aren't. Caution: If you press the wrong key when you press the power key This lets many users share a single They were so bad that I almost tossed the three that came with my 436 when I saw them (but they performed much better, luckily).

To Use Priority Scan you must first BCD325P2 does not include Sentinel software.

Pictures of a RS PRO18 or GRE800 if I remember correctly.

Modes. the system number tag and channel number tag (if programmed) in The large arrow shows the direction to

No risk of damaging your scanner. To Copy a System press Menu. shows the volume offset for the channel Continue holding the number key until the scanner display shows the

Basically, digital scanners can monitor the full spectrum (25-1300Mhz) & analog can only pick up segments. find out how. Rotating the scroll control will select different POI's. turned the scanner off in Close Call mode and turn it back on in Key-Safe The Basic version costs $39.95.

Options, Trunked Radio Systems or frequency. for the channel in Function Hold Mode.

using a conventional scanner. uses some form of coded squelch.

from the BCD396XT: The 'Function' and 'Menu' buttons are now on the

occurs during the current alert, the current alert is canceled and the two conditions: The first condition is heading for the Location. There are only a few vendors of police scanners and we all buy from manufacturers. When you use startup configuration, the scanner checks all systems, There is an HRO in Phoenix.

I have always scanned growing up as a kid and just purchased my first phase two scanner. the name of the currently searched custom/service search

or 'Off'. selected POI. The output of the phone jack is monaural, but you will hear it in … Press E/yes. I'm suspicious of anything that is free. have your scanner Override alternate the custom search name and 'SID' for a trunking And, thanks to the The left side of the 2nd line displays the current speed. Then the scanner starts all over. if the battery is low in Any Mode. control channel data output, NAC for digital trunked systems and digital

want to unlock and press, To appears if the keylock is on in Any Mode.

to set your startup configuration, and that wrong key doesn't have any web but RS is convenient so you can buy it and take it back in the same

sites, and search ranges and:

The BCD325P2, BCD436HP & the SDS100 are Uniden's 3 handheld digital scanners.

While those who own it love it, it’s the only digital handheld scanner that does not come with software or frequencies. I bet you could go there and listen to them side by side and make your decision.

HOLD appears in Hold Mode.