Undead Fortitude. But, giving a target disadvantage on saving throws is actually really good. If damage reduces you to 0 hit points, you must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 5 plus the damage taken, unless the damage is radiant or from a critical hit. The spirits of humanoids that inhabit swords, becoming dependant on their new bodies, but gaining the ability to hover and never decay. Portals. You are however tall you were in life and weigh significantly less. Size. Since 5E doesn’t have any aging penalties or bonuses, this doesn’t do much. In cursed lands, forgotten tombs, and ancient temples to dead gods, the undead hold court, waiting to fell any traveller foolish enough to venture beyond the world of the living. Delightful! The Awakened Undead Character Race includes rules for playing undead characters of all descriptions, from lowly skeletons to ravenous ghouls, spectral ghosts, vengeful revenants, and cursed mummies. Their past weighs on them like a heavy, tattered cloth… Or a sword through the gut. Insidia have varying builds like humans, though they often keep the stature they had from their living days. Undead. What about the afterlife?

Your max HP is cut in half, you lose all proficiencies, all of your ability scores are reduced by one, you lose all spell slots, and you add your proficiency to all damage rolls.

Your Constitution, and Charisma scores each increase by 2, and your your Strength score descreases by 1.Black Bones. Some go on pilgrimages to understand what it means to be an undead.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. According to the Monster Manual. Merchants stand up to about 3 feet tall and might look even smaller due to their bent backs and stooping gait. l wish undead player races were a option. The only thing that has really stuck out is the half healing, that really hurts if you don't get a chance to long rest, I often find myself with 0 hit dice. Its still there poking out of your ribcage with rotting bits of your heart attached.

And unlife.Size. Few of these beings become adventurers, questing for vengeance, longing for somewhere else, or a reason to live. To represent this, the tables below in your subrace have a very broad height range. Your zombification was most likely from a family member or friend, and your body is in better condition than most. Lich's were once powerful mages, so they are often suited as wizards or sorcerers. Your original races stat changes are replaced by the ones gain from the sub race of Chosen Undead.Age. What did they raise you for? Thanks, Blightshore! These undead creatures not only serve as a way to bring undead into the campaign, but bring back dead characters in the form of Hollow Ones. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) Races. Your size is Medium. Because of the decay that comes with undeath, the cartilage between the bones is mostly gone in a given pseudolich. Your body is typically in decent condition, and your revival could be from psionic might springing you to life.

You can help D&D Wiki by better balancing the mechanics of this page. It's a balance issue. You know one cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell list. Zombies are the reanimated bodies of fallen humanoids, appearing like their race in life, however their skin is either white, grey, a sickly green, or possibly even showing bone. Adversity is their driving force. And they have no hard limit on how old they can get. A group of possessed shurikens forming into a humanoid like form (I don't know why I made this). It is possible to reverse this effect. Will you attempt to rebuild what was lost, or seek retribution against those that took it from you? The living dead are paramount to most Dungeons & Dragons games, so adding them with the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount was a fantastic choice. What happened? Your size is Medium. And for what greater purpose do you continue to struggle, even after death has claimed you as its own? As undead races go, this supernatural gift is really cool. Regardless of how thy hollowed, they become violent to anything that gets near them, or tries to interfere with what they were doing. The living dead are paramount to most, was a fantastic choice. Depending on your subrace, you may be small or medium, with any size range in-between. Any background can fit your life before you died, but there are backgrounds that can benefit from your new undead form. You count as Undead for the purposes of spells and effects.Estus Flask:. The reanimated corpses of those who have already experienced their lives, zombies can take a beating and still keep fighting. Your Constitution score increases by 2.

Accursed Undead can arise from any age really. Ghouls are never too short to intimidate. The top 5 undead monsters of D&D 5e are listed below. while under the effects of Disguise Self, you have advantage on charisma checks dealing with humanoids that aren't hostile towards you.Humanity. Due to your increased pain from your mortal injury, you have learned to toughen yourself.
Your Wisdom, and Constitution scores each increase by 2, and your your Strength score descreases by 1.Healer Even in Death. Others find pity, and try to give them their eternal rest. You're half-undead, and a mind reader. Nor by the magic of a spell caster. That creates a Hollow One, beings that are seen as normal on the Blightshore, but elsewhere might fall into trouble.

The Awakened Undead Character Race includes rules for playing undead characters of all descriptions, from lowly skeletons to ravenous ghouls, spectral ghosts, vengeful revenants, and cursed mummies. they tend to be around human size, with exception of Solidark Shadowlings who are often bigger than Humans. If an Accursed Undead loses the will to live, their Hallow self tends to just hang around were they lost that will. Your size is Medium.

Lotusden Halfling 5E | Wildemont’s Halfling Subrace from Critical Role, Arms of the Betrayers | Your Guide to the Wildemount Artifacts, Want a unique take on the healer role? A higher power has granted you a aspect of the abyss.
Your size is Medium. The score you increased from this subrace is your spellcasting ability for it. Sometimes, I still indulge in life's daily pleasures, even though I do not need to anymore. The physical skeleton is no different from in life, but now there are faint ethereal eye balls, teeth and a tongue in the skull that allow the Chosen Undead to speak and see normally. Finally, that cursed land makes something useful. Your size is Medium. Learn all about this different Domain with our Grave Cleric 5E Guide. Wikis. A undead state block to replace the majority of a normal PHB race.Ability Score Increase. Reason: The Chosen Undead are no basic skeleton. A sip from your Estus Flask is enough to sustain your thirst for the day. All the stuff you make is great, seriously. Speed. Notongue is the language of the undead, which sounds like the creaking and cracking of bones, and is spoken by almost all undead. -Skeletor. You are no mere skeleton and other undead can tell. Who raised you? It's not in the public domain. A humanoid race of undead living upon the coldest summits of the world.

Skeletal beings that are half humanoid and reptilian. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. A character race with six subraces: Skeletons, Ghosts, Revenants, Ghouls, Mummies, and Necropolitans! The reanimated completely decomposed corpse of a humanoid.

A race of humans who gained near-vampiric powers. Shady undead creatures who guard anomalous gates to the dead world. You are resistant to poison damage and have advantage in saving throws against being poisoned. Thank you~, No problem! Do remember that this does have a slight roleplay hinderance; you’ve died before, and you’ve got sadness in your heart. Your size is Medium. Undead Fortitude. Ability Score Increase. Undead humanoids with a burning heart and need for blood. When you hit a creature with this natural weapon, they must make a DC 8 + your Proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier Constitution saving throw, or be poisoned until the end of their next turn. […]. I've been running a skeleton cleric in a three man group for a while. As a reaction during your turn you can choose a target within 15 feet of you, the target has disadvantage on all attack rolls for their next turn. You may have lost the coloration in your skin. You can eat any organic matter, regardless of its state. While a GM can say that this race can exist outside of Matt Mercer’s Blightshore, the question becomes what makes this gift strong. You know what 5E needed? You don't need to sleep when you rest. Your Dexterity, and Wisdom scores each increase by 2, and your your Strength score descreases by 1.Forrest Inhabitant. As a result, the average height is that of their birth race minus two inches and they are skinnier.

They are often draped in robes, without any substantial armor on their bodies. […], Like making things explode, but with magic? Zombies can be from any humanoid, ranging from the shortest human to the tallest goliath. They are our brother and sisters, our cousins and grandparents and our ancestors brought back into a world where they are hunted and hated by most, never to feel, or taste or smell in the same way again.

Dark spirited creatures that are tied to sarcophagi. Your size is Medium. But it is not uncommon for Accursed Undead to make a new name for themselves to symbolize their "rebirth" Your Dexterity, and Intelligence scores each increase by 2, and your your Constitution score descreases by 1.Separate. A creature born from pure necrotic energy. The foe must then make a Strength saving throw equal to 8 + your Constitution modifier (minimum 1) + your proficiency bonus or take 2d8 necrotic damage. Though your mere existence generates a great deal of mistrust towards your kind, your mixed heritage is still a powerful thing. Might of Disease. Chosen Undeads names are the same names they had in life. Their bodies may appear either exactly like a living one of their race but with the differing skin, or may be almost unrecognizable from how mangled it is. As a being or purity, you may cast cure wounds twice without expending a spell slot. A life long gamer, Travis spends his time writing about and playing games when he's not suing people or hanging out with his family. Hallows are simple and creatures. Disappearing at night only to slit your enemies throats. You are neither dead nor alive, yet both at once. All Accursed Undead know how to make an Estus Flask. Your size is Medium.Speed. You got poison immunity for both the damage type & condition. Even more so the fact that they can go Hollow is something few Accursed Undead are willing to talk about.

Ability Score Increase. Or, you can synergize with your party to let your allies be more effective. If you are small size, it is 25 feet instead. Others build secret towns where aware undead like themselves and live in peace and rest. Generally born from human parents they can be Small size, but are usually Medium size. Quick, deadly, and with a weird sense of humour.