I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you want the stereotype to apply, that's definitely not difficult, but you can also avoid the stereotype and still have a good time. Not a sorority bid. In addition, there are a lot of stereotypes about people who participate in the greek system.

In this way it’s a definite American collegiate experience in regards to the overwhelming spirit for the Gators. OK, honestly, they were all beautiful blondes, great bodies, looked alike, and were a tad snobby, but not mean or fake. Get matched to scholarships that are perfect for you! I was blessed for 2 years to travel around the country and spend time with sorority girls in 30 states and numerous chapters. I hear of strife in the sisterhood between the goody two shoes and wild partiers especially with cocaine.

Delta Zetas are gorgeous, easy girls while Delta Gammas are typically bigger in size and far more unattractive. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! Intramural sports, clubs, SGA, youth groups, and greek life are just a few of the organizations that students get involved in. No matter what sorority it is you'll find beautiful women inside and out that want to achieve great things.

AOII was the first sorority to demand that women be allowed at every university that men attended, and AOII was founded by strong women for women who are focused on changing the world.

The main UF stereotype would be that of a party-going, easy-going, lackadaisical student who loves sports. For example, the Unite Party, which usually cleans house during election week, is essentially supported by the Greek party. It's definitely not for me though. Yes, all of Gainesville is blue and orange and full of gators. I'm not a member of either, but I read it and thought "Wow, somebody doesn't like the Pi Phis".

I know it’s a lot to remember. Find something you're interested in, but most importantly, just get a feel for where you belong. I don't think its accurate in that all students are loud, obnoxious "party-ers." Signed...proud member of DDD. As for Chi O, yeah they were founded here, but they are the rudest girls. Also, I know several Kappa Kappa Gamma's from other schools, and boy are you right about them! I think a big stereotype of UF students is that they are big party people. Sisterhood is not a competition!! It’s interesting because they seem to have almost no current rep at all. All these Panhellenic chapters have something to benefit their members and shouldn't be labeled by one person's opinion based off of numbers and observations. May your words stay loud Sir Ken! :). Legend Car Setup Sheet, No way is it more than 20%. This reputation has, unfortunately, led most other sororities on some campuses to consider them lower-tier. However, DZ women are also known for their strong sisterhood and mutual support. Not sure why the downvotes. In my opinion the typical stereotype of the University is that it is a very diverse community with students interested in sports, students into the greek life and students very dedicated to their studies.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 11, 2018: Having met women from different sororities over my life, I generally accept your assessment here. There are a LOT of greeks. Sororities give you an immediate "we are us, and they are not us" bond, similar to sports teams, cicerones, or any other passionate club.

There are so many STs, it's not even funny.

They are kind notorious for being, um, generous.

Pi Phi is cheer or dance types. Everyone is different. There's even some clubs that will take you away on vacation (for a small price). They are known for hazing and weak sisterhood. The reputation of each sorority is DIFFERENT at every sorority you go to. They are considered to be laid-back and are probably the least likely among major sororities to worry about their reputation. I'd hope that by now people would be able to see how each organization is full of unique and diverse members who find shared values in their organization. While I won't deny that Gators know how to have a good time, there's alot more to get out of your experience at UF. I'll take a go at it.

I am at a TX college and top tier is Kappa, Theta and Pi Phi.

Well, they will have bail $. This is a term you’ll learn from your recruitment counselor, but essentially it means to avoid gossip. And the random displays of their chants and dances on Turlington on the way to class! There are so many clubs, institutions, organizations and opportunities open to versatile students, so it is impossible to stereotype a school of over 50,000 students. Again all the "rude" terms that I just associated with each house to not describe the individuals of a house, but terms like these come about when certain houses act together in poor ways. Some say the sorority is full of girls who were rejected at top-tier sororities but are still solidly mid-tier. Sure, there are a few. Disclosure: EducationDynamics receive compensation for the featured schools on our websites (see “Sponsored Schools” or “Sponsored Listings” or “Sponsored Results”). If you want to drink a lot and go out a lot, that opportunity is there for you. Not one person do I hear that they hate pi Phis.

Giancarlo Granda Photos, This partnership ensures the party's success.

Overall, they are nice girls.

But being a student here, I can say that most people are here for the common goal of getting a more elite education than other schools in the state of Florida. I find that college is s great place to create lasting friendships, with or without a sorority. I know many of you will be nervous and that’s completely OK. Maybe because of the money they tend to bring with them, their houses tend to be one of the nicest on campus.