Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I joined my freshman year, and I was so anxious and had a hard time putting myself out there that I had a small handful of Greek friends. I would say this is false. How are they involved and what is the rush process like for the fall? I usually just bring my friends outside of Greek Life with Greek Life friends at a party so when everyone's drunk they bond and don't act pretentious and elitist. I'm in a sorority. No idea what sorority rush is like, but I did rush a frat once and it was basically just a bunch of activities that the group hosts to get a chance to meet potential new members, socialize and generally see if you make a good fit in the organization / can provide something beneficial to the organization. Agree or disagree with this statement and explain why. Hope you're not thinking of Kappa Kappa Gamma, because if you have to ask, you can't afford it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, A friend of mine wrote [this] ( It's 2-3 days where you go from house to house talking to different sororities. If I was a freshman today I'd join a fraternity. The whole Panhellenic thing is really confusing and I don't want to butcher it, but you choose three you like and if they choose you, you get a call back or something. Check a bunch out to see if you like it. If you choose to sign up for formal recruitment (which I highly encourage), there will be brochures given out by each sorority that details the financial obligations of each chapter. Kappa Kappa Gamma got banned. I pledged a fraternity and it's fun but it isn't your life, Greek Life at UConn isn't big enough to just be involved in Greek Life. There are different kinds of fraternities. Here at UConn, Panhellenic Recruitment is the structured process by which undergraduate women become members of Panhellenic organizations.

It's a really worthwhile investment and I think that even if you aren't sure if you can afford it that you try to rush and then work out a payment plan with whichever chapter you end up with! You're guaranteed to have fun, at least. Everything needs to look nice in sororities, decorations, shirts for specific events. I put in a lot more effort into the sorority now, I have a leadership position, I attend events, I go to chapter, and now I have a lot of women I can call my good friends. Theta has the highest dues because their dues are all inclusive (apparel, formal/semi dates, etc. Don't forget to consider costs.

More info on that can be found here. They're gone. So they choose you. So how is joining a sorority not paying for friends/social access? Where else will they get their money? Greek life is a caveat for meeting people similar to you and finding an organization that you vibe with-- the friendships I've made are far from artificial and don't depend on total membership. Guys don't care nearly as much about that sort of thing, hence it costs less.

So it's a bit more than paying for friends, it's getting your money's worth back from UConn, because frankly you don't just go to college for an education in the United States. Check it out, if it works for you it works. It really brightened up my night. Center Reservations Share Feedback with Us Donate to Greek Affairs We Build Community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, (2016) Natural Resources/Resource Economics. How much are dues? There are plenty of girls that drop it and I'm still good friends with them. Open your eyes. Arguments for your statement: You have to pay the fraternity fees and you have to buy the clothing and junk. Can anyone tell me about the sororities on campus? After that semester the cost goes down significantly, but each sorority does that part differently. Form a power study group, get old exams, be more efficient at getting good grades, go to networking functions to better your future career. idk if they will announce it there but you could always follow the cfsd or uconn panhellenic instagrams. Like, yes we get organized parties/bar nights but I just had to do recruitment for 4 days straight and I barely slept, ate, or drank water. Sororities are involved in quite a bit of social and philanthropic events including but not limited to: Greek week (obv), Homecoming, Huskython, socials with fraternities. A fraternity does not select someone to join their organization because they want your money, they select someone because they believe you have similar values and such with the rest of the organization and they believe you would be a good fit.

Find all of the latest information on greek life news and students. The fees go to projects (usually parties?) New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I recommend joining other clubs as well, but be careful some members in Greek Life frown upon this. The rush process for sororities is far different than frats. The organizations included on this page are currently recognized by the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development and are authorized to conduct activities, recruit students for membership, and utilize university resources and services. A switch from in-person to online is a huge change for many and you must take into account the mental health toll, GPA toll, and time commitment that many students may be struggling with at the moment. How the shit have I not heard about this before? The latest discussion forum topics for University of Connecticut - UConn. Rather its a financial reality many people deal with. I think a lot of people see Greek life as you join it and automatically make 200 friends. Obviously this varies from chapter to chapter, but as a general rule of thumb its a pretty good one. The argument that the frat is for "networking" ignores the fact that "networking" is literally "making 'friends' for career purposes". Guys don't care nearly as much about that sort of thing, hence it costs less.

Most of the members will only be good friends with you if you are in the organization. During rush week when I was a junior, at about 8pm during a tropical storm, some 100-ish pledges in lingerie ran halfway across campus en masse. ..Now I have a lot of women I can call my good friends." I'm not sure about frats, but sororities have SO many organizational components to them. My roommate called them Visa Visa Mastercard. The fraternity provides no benefits beyond socialization. It really brightened up my night. You're pretty much guaranteed a bid to at least one if you think you would like to be a part of greek life. that cost money. Arguments against: Ultimately, fraternities select who joins the frat. This of course is a very common perception from those not involved. I'm sorry but all I got from that was that you paid money to facilitate the process of making social connections. Classic social frats, common interests frats, academic frats, honors frats, and community service frats. Greek Life hands down has the best parties, so if you're looking for that you should go for it, but remember it can be limiting. I like Greek Life but I also don't, it can be limiting and sometimes if you hang with people outside of Greek Life it's frowned upon, which annoys me and I do my best to go against that ideology.

Lastly Uconn, I urge you to keep your students in mind. After the first semester you are looking at paying ~$500 a semester once you factor in the cost for dances, events, and apparel.