Does he really expect a bunch of well-rounded individuals having discussions while he yells and slams his desk? Share. The comment section is filled with people speaking as if they're in twitch chat or just repeating "lul overwatch dead because xqc is banned". He does not look like he should be out here.”. As it turned out the streamer was fine – just tired – and the call for help was a bit over-the-top as he returned to the broadcast once the paramedics had left. They say, Sally…They’re calling me my dog’s name.” For the most part, Kevin’s followers DO know that Sally, indeed, is a dog. Being one of the most viewed content creators on Twitch appears to come with its pros and cons. 1 year ago. Welcome to /r/LivestreamFail: the place for almost anything livestream related. Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s impromptu purchase of a $1,200 shirt resulted in some trolls by his chat, prompting his roommate Adept to step in. “Yeah, I think it’s cool,” she agreed and went on to suggest the streamer buy some jewelry to go with it. While he soon deleted a majority of these tweets, the issue wasn’t quite dropped there.

Updated: 14/Aug/2020 8:58. Yes! Whether it’s for the slick gaming content, the feuds with internet superstars, or for occasional glimpses of an adorable pup, Sallyisadog is worth watching. There is like some weird Easter egg thing in the game. “All I see is hatred and rage coming towards me these days, even on the brightest days,” he said on Twitter. Back when I watched xQc a lot i would just chat in his discord instead, it was like a small twitch streamers chat sort of, with quite a few active users. So I made a play about it,” he said. While xQc often streams on a near-daily basis for over three million followers, his explosive personality has seemingly influenced a handful of viewers to flame others on the platform. The Canadian streamer was forced to respond to recent toxicity stemming from his channel on August 13. With more than 1.3 million followers and more than 40 million overall likes, Sallyisadog is a rising star on the platform, and, unsurprisingly, now a part of the platform’s huge creator fund. Streamer smokey1981_nl was playing Valorant with his team down by six points when he began to rest his eyes for a bit. All I want to do is spam xqcL and spread happiness to the world of Twitch, but I can't do that if I don't have a xQc subscription. The worst are the ones who refer to him as 'Felix' because they try to imply as if they're buddies from back on the block. Just a constant spam of negativity by (presumably) kids. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LivestreamFail community. Even after the round ended, extending his team’s deficit to seven, the streamer didn’t move and rejoin the action during the Buy Phase, having fallen fast asleep.

In fact, according to Kevin, the only trendsetters in this niche on TikTok were Pineaqples and Buhberger, who are now his friends. “I went to bed with twenty-five hundred followers and woke up with twenty-five thousand…I pleased the algorithm overlords.”. xQc in turn, exploded at the response and explained how most of the backlash was “out of context trash, terrible advice, or even passive-aggressive insults disguised as criticism.”, “Our live content sphere is so fake and synthetic these days,” he continued in his August 13 tweets. “It’s been weird because whenever I’m playing or if someone’s just talking to me online. But now, due to his rise in followers, Kevin has virtually adopted the name, Sally. There are no mods at all pretty frequently during his streams. infact in my opinion it's where AIDS Chat originated from back in the day. It's like blaming people in a game like overwatch or league for being shitters that are kids. He clearly enjoys hanging out with all these streamers, and it's entertaining content, but the vocal minority autists in his chat just spam him about how it's shit and soda etc are cringe. He even had a spat with YouTube personality David Dobrik. So its not a huge surprise his chat is toxic. But it’s not just TikTok’s notoriously spot-on algorithm. I don't understand why people even care about chat. I really enjoy his streams but man oh man the chat gets on my nerves sometimes. Kevin attributes his success to his editing technique. I always hide chat in streams.

Just look at r/OverwatchTMZ whenever there's an xQc post there. [Streamable Alternative]. But at least it's a little better compared to other streamers like Asmongold or xQc. Press J to jump to the feed. “They made me buy something,” the former Overwatch pro laughed. Wake up, grab a brush and put a little makeup. “The best I can do is moderate. He took in greeks viewers what does he expect, once greek comes back (never) he will get a lot less views but his chat will be cleansed. In the midst of his latest broadcast, he implored viewers not to “harass other streamers.” This comment was soon followed by a flurry of since-deleted tweets also addressing the issue. I was watching one of his early minecraft streams and literally every donation tts he had was someone shitting on his house or something he did. “Only know their name and have heard his hometown.”, It’s not clear exactly how NotThatDifficult knew where smokey lived, but a few moments later, the user further added: “They should already be behind his address.”. Watch HasanAbi's clip titled "Hasan has a message for the xQc fans invading his chat" Good point. Not that that really helps xQc though. But size and spec weren’t the only things setting Kevin apart from his peers.

xQC even stated that people like Soda and Greek treated him like a real friend when he hung out with them. I agree,” he said. Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s impromptu purchase of a $1,200 shirt resulted in some trolls by his chat, prompting his roommate Adept to step in. Like other influencers before him, TikTok began as a side-hustle, but when the numbers grew, he reconsidered his options. A Twitch streamer got quite the rude awakening after paramedics stormed his house after getting a call from viewers worried because he fell asleep during a live broadcast. If anyone here would look deep in to their heart and ask themselves "can I do my part and help others join the jungle? Rtc_king_qc streams live on Twitch! “I just called the [ambulance] to be sure. jwplayer('jwplayer_G7X9bhMt_scyvyYe0_7c42950d63_dex_div').setup( “Versace, Felix?! You have no power, you are like cancel culture, the biggest lie of our time. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world He ditched the government job after five years, crunched the numbers, and dedicated his entire life to the app. TikTok isn’t the obvious source for Call of Duty news, tips and tricks, but believe it or not, gamers can find the answers they’re looking for there, all thanks to Kevin “Sallyisadog” Dollhopf. Honestly I've heard just as many annoying ass adults as kids on overwatch comms. I hate when people just generalize shitters in chat to just being kids. His chat really can be absolutely awful at times. So it was a no brainer for me.”, Since making it big, Kevin gets noticed, and not just that one time he was recognized in Best Buy. Kevin is the real name of the man behind the screen and Sally is the name of his actual dog. He was also made a Twitch partner in September. Yeah they were giving him shit for playing with Soda.

xQc promises to fix “toxic” Twitch chat after viewers harass streamers. Just look at r/OverwatchTMZ whenever there's an xQc post there. It just goes to show that Adept isn’t afraid to mince words to defend xQc even it means taking a jab at him to put his viewers on blast. The conversation on Twitch toxicity continued on xQc’s broadcast too. User NotThatDifficult took to chat to explain how they believed the Valorant player didn’t look quite right with how he was positioned. I think his core audience the ones that like ow are just not always there so the chat is just filled with rando's and spammers from other streams.

Chat is going to say ‘I changed’ now and whatnot,” xQc explained, prompting Adept to fire back with a brutal roast towards both xQc and some members of his chat. While Adept seemed in favor of the expensive shirt, his chat had some issues with it, believing that Felix had “changed” as a result. To him, TikTok is the place to be: “YouTube videos are around ten minutes, but really it’s one minute of the YouTube video that’s really the meat. After being egged on by chat, the streamer bought the shirt and proceeded to show it to Adept. After a bit of a back and forth about the shirt’s insane price tag, Adapt seemed more annoyed at the fact that xQc didn’t buy one for her as well. i get that he wants to play with soda and gain popularity but you have to expect people will be talking shit about it, and youre probably right that on a website designed for kids to watch people play video games, (hopefully) most of the people spamming that were kids. Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. Credit to for the content and for the clip. Considering how big he is I'd say his chat, on the contrary, is pretty damn decent and sensible a lot of the time. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Yes! “Yeah, he changed his f**king shirt for the first time in three years,” she remarked, taking a jab at the popular Twitch star before turning her attention to his viewers. I thought it was just an Amazon shirt or something!” she exclaimed in response. Swagg reveals $15,000 Warzone gaming setup & PC specs, Bryce Hall slams “fake influencers” for partying despite restrictions, Twitch bans VTuber Projekt Melody in bizarre twist, GameStop hosts TikTok contest for workers to win overtime hours.

The clip of the burn quickly started to spread like wildfire, amassing over 50,000 views in under a day. His TikTok blew up in just a matter of a few months: “There was one big video right at the start. Onstream, instead of deflecting the issue, this time around, the French-Canadian star seemed to take responsibility and addressed how he can help moving forward. “It’s my fault because my viewers reflect me? Kevin’s dog Sally thinks that she is human, Shroud reveals insane Twitch stats after first stream back, Jake Paul under fire for boxing party after Mike Tyson delay, Warzone streamer threatens legal action after being banned for cheating.

But some how Soda managed to really get his chat to where it's not a complete cluster fuck. He could take pointers from Soda in this regard I think. “Sammy, listen.

Updated: 4/Nov/2020 17:35. You kind of draw it out to get people to watch the whole thing. You can't really talk in there. Lo and behold, only a few moments later, a loud banging noise can be heard, presumingly because a door was knocked down. Hugely popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel came under fire recently as a number of his viewers began harassing others on the Amazon-owned platform, forcing him to come forward with a promise to fix toxicity in his chat. Yes I can! “Shut up, b**ch! “I was like, I could go sell my soul and lobby for a multinational corporation. TikTok is that minute.”. “It doesn’t look like sleeping,” they wrote in Dutch. Or I could do this. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. !” And the attention from the globally famous internet star paid off – that week, the largest percentage of views on Kevin’s Twitch channel came from David Dobrik’s. Xqc chat is really pathetic, they are all entitled bitches who hate anyone interacting with xqc that isn't moxy. Tonight was a prime example of that. Kevin first created his account in April as a result of lockdown in the US when the global health crisis first hit. Published: 14/Aug/2020 8:54 Updated: 14/Aug/2020 8:58. by Brad Norton.