LCS tsm . Currently TSM’s record of 6-4 secures them third place right behind frontrunners Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. I wanted to play devil's advocate here, and see if I can add a new perspective into the argument.

He signed a contract extension already, after all. Yes because TSM management is known for making the correct decision. The dream is CoreJJ but that's not happening.

Same. The way Treatz plays is probably completely different when compared to how Bio plays. Think about how frustrating this past year must have been for him. Lol, there are a lot more Biofrost haters than I thought... i don't have anything against your points but the meta changes almost every year. But there is no excuse for not to play Treatz those last 2 games period.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Nerfs for Samira and Zed in Final Patch of Season 10, Opinion: Valve, it’s time to talk to us, Dota 2 deserves better, League of Legends Worlds 2020 – How to play Pick’em, $30 million for streamers – Tencent launches Trovo, FaZe.Broky: “mibr should be an easy win for us”, T1, C9 and FPX to miss worlds – All Teams qualified for Worlds 2020, Fnatic.Nemesis: “Always draft and play like a team, even if it’s bad or even if you have the wrong approach.”, LoL – TSM complete their roster for Summer Split 2020, ZeRo retires after alleged sexual misconduct towards minors, Liquid.Jatt: “Everyone is now grateful that we had the opportunity to play through Play-Ins”, Doublelift: “We have to win. Tsm rather lose the battle than the argument. Share. It's always impressive how people on here come up with such terrible ideas. Licorice's was Sett at 4, but I'd also keep in mind that Licorice never built Sett tank. I hope the poster feels bad. If you play support badly, you're fucking 2 people over.

why did biofrost get benched. Am I the only one who would prefer Ssumday over Licorice?

I agree that last worlds was literally DL and Core dragging Xmithie and Jensen. His super team barely missed out on getting out of groups yet again. They had been clapped 4 games in a row and likelihood of it changing in the last 2 is extremely small at that point. But when Tactical had an incredible performance against TSM, the team decided to keep Doublelift on the bench.

Of all the news and roster moves we’ve seen recently, today’s announcement by TSM that they will be swapping supports … Star support Vincent “Biofrost” Wang has been relegated to the bench for the next weekend’s matches as TSM will be bringing in their Academy support Erik “Treatz” Wéssen as a starter. However, if they are going for new import player for some role, Treatz is probably first one dropping. After the 0-3 loss to GG, he said something about retirement. On April 26, the trade was officially confirmed by LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley on Twitter. TSM Legends is fun to watch again. My friend said that he wouldn't be surprised if Treatz goes over to play for Fnatic.

It’s hard to argue against statistics, both DL and bjerg have not been as good internationally as they have been domestically. Sure winning lcs is awesome but he has done it so many times already. Even though I feel they should have subbed in Treatz, it would have only resulted in getting solo killed and outcsed more often in an already weakside bot lane and we already know how much lane matters to DL. LCS is a free market.

Maybe if he felt like Lost or whoever else is in Academy is ready, but I really don't see him just hanging it up and leaving TSM to have to rebuild AGAIN. Fav player but not world champion contender. I saw the article on my Google feed and came here for the flame and instead I find the top comment is positive?

But for a team that brought in the most decorated NA player of all time Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng during the off-season that is not enough. I personally think giving Treatz some worlds games and taking a ‘perceived’ larger risk at going 0-6 is worth the appreciation that shows for what Treatz contributed to TSM’s results domestically. Having to take such a step back at this stage in his career must be incredibly frustrating.

It truly felt like he got slighted by his own team, and considering the things spoken about by DL, Broxah, and the owner of TL; it seemed like his team caused his mental to explode after his best performances and that carried on. I'm probably leaning towards Licorice over BB, but I wouldn't hate going into 2021 with BB again.

Holy wholesome Batman!

But he's had his fair share of mediocre performances notably on melee supports in my opinion. It'd be fair to say that TSM in their week 2 preparation of worlds would not try to do another last minute swap—this time with Treatz—in hopes of changing their way of play, and even if they did try with Treatz in practice, it probably didn't show that much success, lest he probably would've been subbed in. We crawled through the elimination bracket 3-0, 3-2, 3-1, 3-2, 3-2 and were champions, some games in which it was Doublelift himself stepping up to carry when needed. It’s something to accept and move on. To me it looks like TSM are just trying to save face whichever side of the argument you take, which is part ofbthe problem. Here is a clip of Treatz shot calling that was shared: The cool head of a new Doublelift, one willing to play towards topside and be left without resources, understanding that his team could be relied on as much as his team could rely on him, was a sight to behold. Mid supports every lane and needs to carry mid game. In my mind maybe they could've won game 5, and given Treatz a shot game 6. The pessimistic in me sees Bjergsen and Doublelift maybe having another 2 more years max(?)

Doublelift was initially replaced after coming down with laryngitis. I dunno, I always thought Licorice could play strong side/carry really well, especially in 2018 when he was literally carrying C9 to semis at worlds.

Beesin was the coach that asked the TSM challenger team for insider scrim info on CLG Black and caused Team Fusion to fire him. Uh no thats not how subs on teams work... literally look at previous worlds the teams that were out and had nothing to lose experimented a bunch.

And to the argument that Treatz should've been practicing with Doublelift regularly, we knew from playoffs that the Biofrost iteration worked better at least at the time.

So, heading into worlds preparation, seeing as having Biofrost back in the roster led to better success, it makes sense to focus solely on bringing that Biofrost roster up to a Worlds standard, instead of splitting time with Treatz.

Even more than play we need a better voice on the team and that is more likely to come from a top tier support player than a top laner. I hope Treatz fucks it up this weekend and shows how talented he is, and hopefully Bio gets fired up and comes back stronger than ever.

We need to make sure it's someone fluent in English because support-jungle communication is the most critical pair in the entire game. Perkz was massively outperforming him in his first split as an ADC with a support who couldn't even scrim.

The world's meta was all about the supports for sure. TSM is one of the most popular esports organizations in the world, with teams in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Super Smash Bros. Melee & Ultimate, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Apex Legends, VALORANT, Magic: The Gathering, Chess and Rainbow Six: Siege. I am absolutely confident that after a more stable split next year, he can be back in his absolute peak form, With that being said, I feel concerned he will retire if we do end the group stage as poorly as we started. I don't think he'll retire just because I don't think he'd do that to TSM. Can't wait to see how he integrates with the rest of the team. Because of this I can look past a poor worlds showing from him. I just hope TSM don't kill his chances of getting a career on another team if he somehow doesn't look as well in the LCS TSM environment.

The whole argument fielding the best roster to give them a win is just terrible analysis from the team. I'm not, I'm tired of imports carrying NA. I would be saddened but not shocked to see him retire after this. One of the comments I've seen the most pop up is about why TSM didn't swap Treatz in for any of the last games. I think he only came in during playoffs because of the synergy/friendship, but he was definitely a weak link. More posts from the TeamSolomid community.

Team Liquid star AD carry Doublelift explained last week that he was benched for rookie Tactical because he had “no motivation” and lacked passion. SofM fined for one month’s salary due to toxicity in Soloqueue, Riot Games reportedly looking to overhaul the LCS, Cloud9 forced to terminate General Sniper’s contract after breaking LCS rules, FlyQuest.PowerOfEvil: “TSM’s performance was indefensible. And now, former teammate TSM Biofrost shared his thoughts on the matter. Chances of going to quarters are slim at best. The team knows how bad they did.

After Liquid fell to CLG, the 3-11 team boasting the worst record in the LCS, it appears Tactical’s time in the sun is coming to an end. He got fucked because of his team. 2018 MSI DL looked really good, probably the best since S2, but in 2019 he looked good in the IG series but terrible everywhere else. Hope he tears it up. support is like the most important role what u talkin about. I was completely blown away by our play-offs run and eventual title win.

If we assume our roster is the following: TOP: Unknown JUNG: Spica MID: Unknown BOT: Doublelift SUP: Unknown. It's sad, Bio was once one of the best supports in NA but it doesn't feel that way anymore. Unfortunately, no one on the team has been able to carry. TSM bench Biofrost for Academy star Treatz after 0-2 LCS weekend. With that being said, I feel concerned he will retire if we do end the group stage as poorly as we started. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. You can also help improve our website by sharing your feedback directly. Most champs he only played twice). Pretty suprising that this happened to be honest, even though bio has been struggling.Treatz has been duoing with doublelift the past few days. Sub in Treatz let him get some experience and you have a built in cop out excuse if you guys fail. His jungler and good friend gets replaced by an import who couldnt even play with him at the start of a split.

MSI that year? Doublelift joined our team only having pre-built synergy with Bjergsen and Biofrost (who was later benched) and already fans had high expectations. He also left a rival team who only replaced a single player, and were showing signs of improvement compared to spring split after his departure.

CoreJJ, Vulcan, Treatz, Biofrost on another team, Zeyzal, Aphromoo has been great this split, igNar will make up 7/10 of the support slots in LCS and players like Poome also have potential (there's Diamond too if a team picks him up). There's a pretty simple reason for all this : Doublelift is not comfortable with Treatz in lane. He's a source of strength in the teams mental. I agree with you. And now, former teammate TSM Biofrost … Exactly. I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Imagine becoming a rockstar, then outdoing that rockstar status by peak performance, changing your entire way of treating friends/teammates, and then half of the org turns on you for everyone’s mistakes all at once. Following the end of the 2017 world championship, Doublelift and Biofrost's contracts with Team SoloMid were not renewed in favor of then-G2 Esports … I'm sure he doesn't care as much as people think.