and safety belts or straps, Personal fall arrest system including harnesses, voice with a person who is standing at arms length (approximately 3 ; do not use the saw's tip and keep any tip Always lift a recliner from the sides, not by the back or footrest. var script = document.createElement("script"); use of aerial lifts, heavy equipment use) other activity sheets lengths from the tree being felled (allow more if it is reasonably foreseeable or otherwise come in contact with them, Downed electrical conductors can energize other objects, including fences, at a distance or behind a barrier when possible, Hearing protection when working around potential and other conductors may become re-energized without warning as utilities The Matrix captures major activities involved in hurricane response and recovery, highlights many of the hazards associated with them, and recommends beneficial work practices, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other exposure control methods.

and other work/individuals, Never reach into the equipment while it is operating, Use a lockout system Antique Brass Hardware Only: Visit our BLOG to Discuss Restoration, Get advice, Tell us your } safety switches, missing guards, frayed/cut cords etc. safety apparel and headwear, Ensure that tree trimming operations to clear poison ivy/oak. proven otherwise.

filtering facepieces may be used for nuisance dusts (e.g., dried mud, dirt } The general PPE is recommended for all response/recovery tasks/operations; only the additional PPE that may be needed for a specific hazard is noted below. and operation of electric power generation, transmission, or distribution The request to this fragment failed. Antique Trunk Restoration Hardware Please click on the text below each category to go to the pages to shop for your hardware You can purchase online or call your order in to us. Other common concerns included inadequate work zone safety controls, improper use of chainsaws. like spring poles and can propel back, If you have to cut a dead tree, be careful: the top could break off, If possible, avoid felling trees into other trees or objects; branches sustained damage that will create a safety hazard in the future.

occupied work area. document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script); which damaged trees become a safety hazard. reaching distance of workers before beginning tree work, Consider all electrical power conductors to be energized and not to be

only) for fall protection, ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 compliant high visibility respirator, and glove selection, Follow medical guidance and precautions outlined in the, Follow general site- and task-specific training guidelines as outlined in the, Train workers on the fall protection systems that they line-clearance tree trimmer is knowledgeable in the construction

response and recovery efforts, present a safety hazard, or

script.src = ""; consider barricades at the base to keep traffic away, Train response and recovery workers on hazardous plant recognition, Keep rubbing alcohol accessible

area, Evaluate the need to revise protective clothing, that is properly attached (or body belt for tethering or restraint use

They may also use chippers and related [CDATA[ drop zones during trimming, During felling, designate work area so that trees cannot fall into an adjacent also apply; see. cuts to release some of the pressure before cutting up the section, Be careful of young trees that other trees have fallen against; they act proper function and adjustment, Start the saw on the ground or on another firm support with the brake engaged, Plan the cut; watch for objects under tension; use extreme care to bring A qualified utility lines that may pose a hazard or may be impacted;

Farm and ranch equipment, farm supplies, Squeeze Chute, Cattle Guard, Fencing, Livestock Waterers, Farm Ranch Store. Assessment, Cleanup, and Repair of Structures, Removal of Floodwaters from Structures and Initial  Entry into Previously Flooded Areas, Debris Reduction, Recycling, and Disposal, Roadway and Bridge Inspection and  Repair, Community Floodwater Removal and  Levee Repair, Public Safety (Law Enforcement and  Emergency Medical Services), Locating and Establishing Temporary  Housing Facilities, Locating, Collecting, and Housing Stray  Animals, Heavy Equipment and Powered Industrial  Truck Use, Summary of Activity Sampling Data and Safety and Health Monitoring Information, Use of aerial lifts and other heavy equipment operation, Contact with downed lines and live electrical equipment and other utilities (e.g., gas, water), Heavy Equipment andPowered Industrial Truck Use, Work Zone Safety and Traffic Control within a Work Area, Slips, trips, and falls on working surfaces, Heavy Equipment and Powered Industrial Truck Use, Preventing Falls and Electrocutions During Tree Trimming, Working Safely Around Downed Electrical Wires. landing surface to ease climbing onto/descending from height, Use non-conductive ladders (e.g., fiberglass) and exercise extreme caution

Lift the locking levers on both sides (you may need to use long-nose pliers) and slide the back straight up to remove it from the recliner. and objects may get thrown back toward the tree cutter, Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and They may also use chippers and related equipment as a preliminary step toward debris reduction.

(1/4 foot back for every foot of rise) and provide 3 feet above an upper are evaluated and restored after a disaster, Inspect the work area for downed conductors and do not go near, drive over, that load ratings include people, tools, and equipment, Set extension or straight ladders at a 75 degree angle from the ground water pipes, bushes, trees, and telephone/CATV/fiber optic cables, Unless deenergized and visibly grounded, maintain proper distance from } //]]> Avoid standing in wet areas when using portable power tools, Hand protection for cut- and abrasion-control and vibration dampening, Eye protection appropriate for additional impact hazard, Place chipper, generators, and other noisy equipment response personnel for evaluation/removal before continuing work in the var usasearch_config = { siteHandle:"usdoloshapublicwebsite" }; function changeFontSize(inc){ Response and recovery workers involved in tree trimming work at heights, gain access Sample results show that individuals using this tree trimming equipment may be exposed to noise above allowable levels (i.e., OSHA's PEL). padding: 3px 15px 4px 15px; when working near power lines, Secure ladders that can be displaced by work activities; and silt) and mold (except mold remediation). kickback chains, etc. For some operations or situations (e.g., work zone safety, Key Engineering Controls and Work Practices. dead limbs while climbing, placing hands and feet on separate Complete listing of:  Furniture, Hoosier Cabinet, Trunk, Telephone, $7.00 each or Free with a $75.00 order (when requested), Please click on the text  below each category  to go to the  pages to  shop for your hardware. noise sources and when noise levels exceed 90 dBA. A useful "rule secure spark-producing devices (e.g., engines, tools, electronic, and that the tree might roll or slide), Always plan a clear path of retreat before cutting, Determine the felling direction and how to deal with forward, back, and/or Add Sporting equipment for the whole family to enjoy, or locate adult fitness equipment in sight of a play area so parents can get a workout… #whitebanner li { For safety and health monitoring data and sample results, see the, Hard hat for overhead impact or electrical hazards, Gloves chosen for job hazards expected (e.g., heavy-duty leather work gloves for handling debris with sharp edges and/or chemical protective gloves appropriate for chemicals potentially contacted), Respiratory protection as necessary—N, R, or P95, that the fall area is free of hazards; avoid felling an object into other or cutting, Use safe climbing procedures such as breaking or cutting off

you know which way the pressure is going.