He's been working on expanding his YouTube channel and content since 2016. He has built a fan base of … Aftee reading what some on JA have said about and called some of our players, the saying “people in greenhouses shouldn’t throw bricks” springs to mind!!! Aftv is the number one Arsenal fan forum with over a million followers as far as I know, it’s bigger than troopz , I like his contributions and he makes it quite fun and the followers of aftv love him so I don’t see the negatives you are talking about, aftv will not be the same without him. Goals, Assists & raw talent, Paul Merson names Arsenal star that is frustrating him, Opinion: Losing to Manchester United means it is crisis time for Arsenal, Arsenal ‘irritated’ by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s relationship with AFTV. Topics: gaming news, Football News, FIFA 20, Football, Arsenal Fan TV, AFTV. What a load of Rubbish. It’s as simple as that. When the club is doing well, fans are more positive. I have seen arsenal fans at their most optimistic and I have also seen them at their most negative. AFTV are an embarrassment. Just let them get on with running their site as they think best and if it fails or succeeds, it is down to them entirely. I don’t get it. Troopz is leaving ArsenalTV to go to Barstool Sports. More Like This More Like This 1 of 6

‘So that’s how I got to box level, and where I met Laca and Sokratis and Mavropanos and obviously Auba and his brothers. He initially thought the whole thing was a prank when EA Sports contacted him before slowly but surely getting to work and making the most of a dream opportunity. Troopz went on to take a more serious role and starred on a variety of shows alongside the outlet's founder Robbie Lyle. It was also suggested that Aubameyang’s relationship with YouTube supporters’ channel Arsenal Fans’ TV, or AFTV, had caused tension – something the striker himself slapped down in an Instagram post last night. Welcome to the US Troopz.

He'll be hosting a new podcast called "Back Again With Troopz", and insisted leaving the show had nothing to do with any "beef" between him and AFTV. Nothing really. That line of attack is borderline weird. AFTV brings nothing new or interesting to the table, they are simply an amateur tabloid that feeds off negativity and controversy. Just started watching ‘The Duchess’.on Netflix…. He was acting like he had proven doubters wrong, that Arsenal winning or losing was his doing. Hmmm. It is pretty hard to have witnessed arsenal’s golden years, capped off by the invincibles, only to watch us go from bad to worse. “I don’t want people to feel like I’m selling out, I don’t want people to think like there is beef between me and AFTV, me and Robbie," Troopz added. This unwarranted attack on platforms that are merely granting ordinary fans a space to share their views is a DISGRACE.

Oh and I guess that if it was criticism… I forgot that AFTV are the only ones allowed to do that lol. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Or write an arcticle as a right to reply, but with a sensible argument giving your viewpoint….

This is real life. “I’m leaving AFTV after four years of amazing times, making some great content, meeting some great people along the way," he said. "I don't even know how to start this video, it's quarter past three in the morning," he said. "I’m moving to New York, without a date at the moment but it will be in the next few weeks, and I’m going to be doing the same kind of stuff.”, "I don’t want people to feel like I’m selling out, I don’t want people to think like there is beef between me and AFTV, me and Robbie," he continued. Troopz shared a photo on Instagram: “To all my peoples, here is what you are getting with Troopz x Barstool. So, while Robbie Lyle will be aware that Troopz moving to America means he’s lost a route to subscribers, it gives him a chance to take his channel back to basics. This should be exciting for fans who have supported him throughout his journey. “It’s none of that, if anything I want to big up Robbie because Robbie gave me the opportunity. That is the fun of sport. I could honestly imagine Troopz doing that ! He's been working hard to get where he is, and his fans as such know this is a big opportunity for him. Troopz's own YouTube channel boasts over 160,000 subscribers, while his Instagram account is followed by almost a quarter of a million people. They are promoting everything from gambling companies to shampoo. You can use your work experience and skills to work digitally for these top employers with regular hours and good pay. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Troopz, Self: The Real Football Fan Show. Priti Patel said Christmas family gatherings will not be broken up by police, Furious mum slams school after daughter, 13, 'excluded for button on Primark trousers', Jessica Buckle, 35, said her daughter Maddison was placed in isolation at Sirius Academy North, in Hull, on Tuesday as a punishment for her trousers which did not have a button in the correct place, Husband has fright of his life after finding wife's 'X-rated' Aldi purchase, The woman took to Facebook after her husband found a rude-looking package in the recycling bin - but after he confronted her about it, he realised it wasn't what it seemed, US manufacturer Caterpillar to cut 700 jobs in Northern Ireland, We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. It was a fascinating social observation. He’s been able to make a living off the right to express his opinion.

With AFTV fans are free to air their dissatisfaction about their beloved football club. All that work in four years has netted him nearly 200k subscribers. The AFTV mainstay will no longer be contributing to the hugely popular outlet as he he is moving to the United States - but he insists his departure is not due to "beef". Ty sells liquified crack in his water bottles. AFTV have different set of fans who wants to aire their opinion differently. Sue me or hurl all the juvenile insults in your toolbox at me! Last updated 3:55 PM, Friday August 16 2019 GMT+1. If you read the article, Dan is talking about how to improve AFTV so it caters for ALL fans, without the abuse. He seems quite well paid. Troopz has announced he is leaving AFTV after several years featuring on the popular fan channel. Okay you obviously feel very strongly about this, but I ALSO provide an unscripted forum for fans to air their views as they see fit, but the difference is that I don’t allow people swearing and abusing fellow Arsenal fans simply because they have s different opinion to the writer. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Just imagine AFTV creating an episode to criticise Just Arsenal blog, I bet you lot would take that very nicely but I bet they don’t even read this blog and if they do, I think they’re doing a better job of not giving you publicity by criticising you for coming at them. If you’re not a pretending Arsenal fan, you would have been angered by Xhaka’s conduct. In any business sometimes you have to shake off a short-term loss to benefit in the long term. And what do I have to say about that? “I used to work as a building surveyor, and for the first two and a half seasons of doing Arsenal Fan TV I was still working as a surveyor,” Robbie told Dream Team FC earlier this year.

Robbie was the one that convinced me to take this YouTube thing seriously.”. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. ‘Ignorant’ Cristiano Ronaldo Has 'No Respect For His Teammates' Says Ex-Juventus Star, Manchester United Conceded To Demba Ba After Having Two Men In The Box, Demba Ba Takes Advantage Of Horrendous Manchester United Defending To Give Istanbul Basaksehir Lead In Champions League, Diogo Jota Had An Absolutely Ridiculous Weekend On FIFA 20, 18-Year-Old Dynamo Kyiv Goalkeeper Made Stunning Save From Lionel Messi Free-Kick On Champions League Debut, Erling Haaland Involved In The Most Bizarre And Awkward Interview After Scoring Twice In Champions League, Real Madrid Defender Sergio Ramos Caught On Camera Tearing Into Former Teammate Achraf Hakimi, Bruno Fernandes Lost Possession 34 Times In Tonight's Champions League Clash Against Istanbul Basaksehir. Why can’t AFTV have sponsors? While a pioneer in the Fan-led content, AFTV was in danger of becoming the Katy Hopkins of their genre. It may be his last chance to make it the voice of Arsenal fans that he advertised…. Was going to have a bet Sue think it was 33/1 aswell Good riddance to this man who’s worthless contributions should see him live in infamy as far as Arsenal supporters are concerned, and good riddance to AFTV, who do nothing but recycle the tired and moronic complaints of the same recurring set of hyper-negative people and DO NOT attempt to diversify their speakers or include broader ranges of fans. 265.9k Followers, 926 Following, 754 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Troopz (@troopzafc) Getting views based on someone saying something controversial but not because your product is enjoyable. For Auba to face time troopz shows even the players acknowledge them. Most games aren't during work hours and this seems to be their life so it's probably what they spend most of their expendable income on. Wouldn’t you agree? AFTV don’t represent fans and they don’t represent Arsenal in any way. AFTV OUT.

It’s a natural human reaction but it was also not what AFTV was meant to be about…. The Internet's Largest Arsenal Community. You can either see the cup as half full or half empty at the end of the day we are all fans. He speaks out about the Arsenal spin, the lack of ambition from those above Arteta and their lack of support for him. All these clubs have massive sponsors. What Troopz did was what any self respecting Arsenal fan would have done. Is that such a bad thing? Do you think you are on AFTV now? With Troopz shouting over them, Liverpool fans tried to have their voices heard – to which DT said: ‘There’s a reason I’m sat here and you’re in the audience’. The outspoken Gunners supporter grew to fame thanks to his explosive post-match interviews aired on the AFTV YouTube channel, which has over 1.2million subscribers. I saw it as a way of supporting our club that I just couldn’t equate to. Troopz is a YouTuber whose real name is actually Ross. And so it has been found out. Why would the club subsidize the tickets of fans who publicly slag the team and manager off every week? Speaking on his YouTube channel TroopzTV, he explained: ‘The one that got me is that there’s apparently been complaints about Auba inviting me to his box to watch the game with him. I don't know anything about Troopz or Ty though, but with the prices of Arsenal season tickets they ought to be earning some good money ! The outspoken Gunners supporter grew to fame … He gave it to me. It wasn’t that these personalities had outgrown the station, but by growing brands themselves on social media, they were suddenly acting based on trends. Troopz really does feel like the perfect person for the job and fans are already looking forward to hearing "blud" and "fam" on repeat. "Four years of amazing times, making some great content, meeting some great people along the way. AFTV is unscripted and it unpredictable just like our fanbase.