During all of these trips the boats are set up with a Captain and a First Mate to run all the rods and help put those Giant Lake St. Clair Muskies in the boat for our clients. Copyright text 2019 by Lake Ontario Outdoors. Captain Ed Pascua and his crew spend hundreds of days each year on Lake St. Clair. is becoming very popular on the Detroit River and St Clair River There are a number of jigs, As I mentioned before that many musky will follow a lure right to the side of the boat and there is a trick, One thing that I will pick to mention is that many fisherman give up to soon when casting for musky. (419) 410-0498, "We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers and to exceed their expectations for a great fishing experience. Trolling for Musky. (419) 410-0498, "We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers and to exceed their expectations for a great fishing experience. The advent of planar boards, combined with nearly 100% catch and release on the lake, has seen both dramatic increases in catch rates and fish size over the past three decades. Your Lake Saint Clair musky charter begins from Saint Clair Shores, Michigan along the west shore of the lake.

I have done these trips upon special request and they have been a huge success. Muskies, like this giant that legendary Ontario guide Jon Bondy caught in Lake St. Clair, use the edges of their habitat as ambush cover all year long Wow, if that doesn't pop the balloons on a string of long held muskie convictions, I am not sure what does. $1400 for an Ultimate trolling charter (See description below), All of these trips the rate is for up to 5 clients NOT per person. We have three 31 foot Tiara trolling boats equipped to run these trips. A guide to the basic musky fishing strategies and casting techniques of, I am always asked by people about why I love, or Lake St Clair musky so much.

In the winter months they will move to the deeper waters at about 40 degrees.​. ", Lake St. Clair and Detroit River Musky Trolling Charter Rates, musky trolling charters on Lake St. Clair. Knowing the seasonal and daily musky migrations and patterns is critical for your Lake St. Clair musky trolling charter success.

Certainly the northern area around Anchor Bay holds muskies all year round.

These boats can run as many as 14 lines at a time to put these giant Lake St. Clair muskies in the boat. Its not an easy, Lake St Clair’s musky fishery is now regarded as one of the worlds premiere places to pursue and chase, has more musky per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Ninety percent of Lake St Clair’s musky fishing is done by trolling. 29474 Old North River Road Jason Quintano and I have gotten a ton of requests for big boat trolling trips where both of us are on board as Co-Captains. Given their size they do tend to stay out a little bit deeper than say a pike would but they will still generally both patrol and lie in wait along the deeper edges of larger weed beds. The main tackle is usually a good quality​ trolling rod for musky, either a conventional or a baitcasting reel and heavy main line such as 80lb paired with a wire leader. Together with his son, Captain Alec Pascua, the duo have boated over 15,000 muskies during the past three decades. Some of the common trolling baits on Lake St. Clair are from Spanky, Ziggies, Blue Waters, Muskie Train MX6 and MX9, Boss Shad, Hammer Shad, Nils Master, K&J Magnetics and gobies, Jakes, Grandmas, Stiletto, Wiley, Musky Armor, Tuff Shads and Masons, just to name a few. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Fishing is an art and a science. Muskie are mostly ambush predators and given their markings it's easy to see why they favor weed beds and other dark structures that can help to camouflage them from their prey. When you are looking for a Lake St. Clair musky trolling charter look no further. For that reason I really encourage all of my clients to book multiple day trips especially when traveling a distance to get here. These take place on the same boats we use for our casting trips. Look no further, book your Lake Saint Clair musky trolling charter today!

29474 Old North River Road (Rate is total, not per person) On a lake as large as Lake St. Clair there are always going to be a ton of different variables especially wind and weather. Unfortunately, Lake St. Clair has been tagged a "trolling lake" which has kept many muskie anglers away from the water. We can accommodate a third client however we do charge an additional $150 for the 3rd angler. ", Lake St. Clair and Detroit River Musky Casting Rates, Charter business on Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. These trips are the same price as the casting trips because they use the same boats. Lake St. Clair musky trolling has also been helped by invasive zebra mussels. 2-4 mph​ - in shallow waters and in cold waters. The boats boast state of the art electronics, fishing equipment, shade, weather protection, enclosed restrooms and many other amenities. The pure trolling trips we are in 28-31 foot boats that are strictly designed for trolling. Regardless of your setup all musky tackle and gear is much heavier than bass or trout so it's best to size up your gear to suit them. All our casting boats come equipped with a kicker motor specifically for trolling. 31 ft Tiara Trolling Boat Rates Now we have decided to offer our clients these trips. You can choose to do battle with the almighty musky or simply kick back and watch a spouse or child have the time of their life! Spencer's Angling Adventures Capt. Fishing is an art and a science. Listed below are guides that are available for casting and jigging for musky on Lake St Clair and the Detroit River. Easily the most popular method to catch large muskie at it's core it's pretty simple: However there are a few subtleties that can make all the difference between skunking out and landing the tiger muskie of a lifetime.​. The, When fishing for musky on Lake St Clair another important item you don’t want to cut corners on is the, When you become a musky fisherman one adverse consequence is that many of us get obsessed with, The most productive bait you can use on Lake St Clair for fishing for musky is the buck tail spinner. Most of what I have are made by, Top water and surface baits are not the most productive lures to use, but they are the most exciting. (Rate is total, not per person)

The Lake St. Clair musky casting and trolling combo trips give you the most versatility you can get to make sure that you are ready to catch muskies no matter how they want lures presented! There is also a list at the bottom of charters that I recommend if you want to troll for musky. Medicine Man Charters is Coast Guard certified, licensed and insured. However there is also a third option and that is the casting and trolling charters.

For the Lake St. Clair casting charters we are using 21-24 foot boats designed for casting.

In summer months they can be found in shallower waters and some will actually spend a few hours motionless quite close to the surface sunbathing during the summer heat. I can’t. Harrison Township, MI 48045 Captain Ed’s Lake Saint Clair musky trolling passion doesn’t stop at his business! However the lowering of the water temperature causes the muskies to start really gaining weight in preparation for the winter. - http://bit.ly/FIGUREEIGHT-MUSKYGEARPreferred Musky rod: http://bit.ly/ChaosTackle-AssaultSticksChaos Tackle: http://bit.ly/2jFxJQaPreferred Musky Reel- http://bit.ly/2LyEEX9James J Chocolate Shop: http://bit.ly/2wmRmoVDo you want to fish with Lee or Robbie? They sell everything from 6ft rods, Like I listed earlier, bait casting reels are the most popular and versatile set up to target muskie with. Fishing is an art and a science. Casting for musky is a, Lake St Clair for casting to musky is Anchor, I am often asked about when is the best time to go fishing for musky on Lake St Clair.

You are guaranteed to have fun and experience what FISH ON really means! If a muskie is hungry enough they'll even hit a plastic worm! Spencer's Angling Adventures It can be learned. They would take place on a 30 ft. trolling boat and would be all day trips, normally 12-14 hours on the water.

Mike Hulbert's Musky Guide Service on Lake St. Clair, Located in Michigan and Ontario. This article may contain affiliate links.

... “I’ve caught muskies trolling off the bottom in as deep as 52- feet. Our Lake St. Clair musky charter season starts as soon as the musky season opens the first Saturday in June. For muskies on Lake St. Clair you normally see things broken down to casting charters and trolling charters.

Mushy tend to stick to two different locations and that is usually dictated to as to the time of year and the temperature.​. Absolutely INSANE bite totals and a NEW BAIT WAS BORN for us! One of the most common methods is, Casting for musky has often been referred to as the fish of 10,000 casts. For years, Lake St. Clair has always been considered a troller's paradise, since the muskies frequently roam large areas. Lure size, location, time of year, trolling speed and depth are probably the most important variables to get right. It can be learned. That is luck, which has very little, if anything, to do with it. On all day trips last year we averaged 12 Lake St. Clair muskies in the boat with 1 over 50 inches in the boat per trip! Tips On Choosing A Lake St. Clair Musky Charter This is a productive method, but in my opinion there is nothing more boring than sitting in a boat waiting for something to happen! These boats can run as many as 14 lines at a time to put these giant Lake St. Clair muskies in the boat. Last season Jason and I averaged 15 muskies a day on these trips with an incredible average of 1.5 fish over 50 inches in the boat per trip! They can all handle up to 5 clients with a 6th being an option if needed. You will feel secure in our abilities and confident in our charter service. The Lake St. Clair musky casting and trolling combo trips give you the most versatility you can get to make sure that you are ready to catch muskies no matter how they want lures presented! At times it can seem that way and, The most important factor to Lake St Clair musky fishing is being in the right place. Further, when trolling it's possible to contact giant schools or packs of muskies and catch a bunch of them in a hurry. Lake Ontario Outdoors is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. This gives us the ability to do both casting and trolling in the same day.

BITE BACK BAIT CO.BITE BACK BAIT CO TRILOGY : http://bit.ly/2Nus405Mike Duche Guide Service - http://bit.ly/2HFOROUMark Kornosky Guide Service - http://bit.ly/2sLWJJMTopwater on St Clair? Given that they are one of the largest freshwater predators around it is perfectly natural for a beginner to choose as big a lure as possible. This is by far the most popular way to find them and then present them with a lure. In the fall the musky casting bite on Lake St. Clair continues to stay strong however the inconsistency of the fall weather does cause more ups and downs in the bite then the summer months. Due to the high demand of our regular trips only certain days will be set aside for these trips.

Mike Hulbert is a seasoned musky guide on Lake St. Clair Specializing in Casting for Giant Muskies on Lake St. Clair.