The machine is offered for sale together with the CNC SWITEK SW6308S robot, which is used to collect and move molded parts.|- clamping force: 127 tons|- injection capacity: 266 cm3|- minimum mold. We have two set of Toyo Si100 Mfy Year 2006. Robot check: 2 + 10 = ? Baked type cheese cake mold (bottom excluded) TOYO ALUMINIUM ECKO PRODUCTS-Baked round-shaped case. Novatec – Downstream Extrusion; Pullers, Cutters, Tanks.. Yushin – Automation, Robots & End of Arm Tooling, * 1/4" quick-connect socket inlet and 1/4" quick-connect plug outlet, * 3/8" quick-connect socket inlet and 3/8" quick-connect plug outlet. Payments by check will be held up to 4 days until the check cl, Toyo Jidoki TT8CR Pouch Filler/Sealer|Capacity : 10-40|Pouch width : 80-220 / 90-230 / 100-240|Pouch Length : 130-300|Product types : Solid, liquid, solid+liquid, powder|Applications : Shelf-stable readu meal, sauces, liquid detergent.|Inox|8 stations|Retortable|Washdown, Brand: TOYO|Model: SI 450 III|Tonnage: 450|Year: 2008|Passage Columns: 870x870|Thickness Min / Max mold: 350-800|Robot Interface Euromap 12: Yes|Moving floor travel: 800|Description|Working hours: 66,000|The machine is available in September 2019, Brand: TOYO|Model: Yes 550 IV|Tonnage: 550|Year: 2009|Passage Columns: 970x970|Screw diameter: 90|Calculated injection volume: 2863|Thickness Min / Max mold: 400-800|Robot Interface Euromap 12: Yes|Moving floor travel: 900|Description|Working hours: 59500|Machine available from September 2019, Toyo 450 Ton. The machine is operational, stands on the production hall, can be viewed. Please click the link below to prove you are a real person , Horizontal and All Servo Rotary Vertical Machines, Central Loader (connected to central pump), High Pressure and High Temp Stainless Steel, Benefits of using eDarts to monitor your machine and cavity pressure, Yushin – Automation and End of Arm Tooling. Question/Offer They allow us to size the robot based on your platten size (determines reach etc), Mold prints help us assess and quote the End of Arm Tool Design (center lines are most important, from cavity to cavity). Enter the details below so we can size and apply the appropriate options to your Loader quote. ETI#5543 (2007) 350 Ton Toyo Plastar SI 400 III J450U Fully Electric Injection Molding Machine Brand: Toyo Model: Plastar SI 400 III J450U Electric Clamping force 350 Ton Year: 2007 Hours 34,523 Screw Diameter 75 mm, Betriebsstunden (h):29808|Durchsatz (kg/h):k.A.|Leistung (kW):k.A. TOYO ALUMINIUM ECKO PRODUCTS. Wooden Nafkin stand.

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Mold Maintenance Technician, 04/2015 to Current Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. – White, GA. Sur le site web de TradeMachines, nous utilisons des cookies et des technologies similaires. A couple years back we did a machine trial between TOYO and Sumitomo. Condition: Used . Enter the details below so we can size and apply the appropriate options to your Injection Molding Machine quote.
Tampa, FL 33602. Please upload a simple DWG or Picture of the dimensions for the part you will be running through this equipment. Please provide as much detail about the resin you are using in this application. Model: Si100. Type of Seller: - Specification: We have two set of Toyo Si100 Mfy Year 2006. Model: Ti50G2. Si par la suite vous souhaitez vous désabonner, un lien direct vous sera proposé dans chaque email. More than 1000 active Wanted ads available! All that is required is adding the physical second [...]. ETI # 5672 (2005) Machine de moulage par injection électrique TOYO SI100III - (2) unités Package Deal aux États-Unis, ETI # 5582 (1998) Presse à injecter Toyo Plastar Ti-90H de 90 tonnes aux États-Unis, ETI # 5543 (2007) Presse à injecter entièrement électrique Toyo Plastar SI 400 III J450U de 350 tonnes en Asie, ETI # 5544 (2007) Presse à injecter entièrement électrique Toyo Plastar SI 350 III J450 de 350 tonnes en Asie, Toyo-oki HPP-VC2V-L14A3-A 350 psi 208V 3Ph pompe hydraulique et ensemble de réservoir (# 18935); Toyo-oki HPP-VC2V-L14A3-A 350 psi 208V 3Ph pompe hydraulique et réservoir, Presse à injecter Toyo Machinery SI-130 * 6, Machine à sachets de thé / café Toyo TM70, Rectifieuse cylindrique externe / interne Toyo T-11C, Presse à injecter TOYO SI-50V-75C (tout électrique), Betriebsstunden (h):k.A.|Durchsatz (kg/h):k.A.|Leistung (kW):k.A. We have been running TOYO since the Plastar models and they’re still kicking. The goal is to make sure that your mold will fit, the screw will work with your material, and your process will operate as good and better than it currently does. The Si-6 series provides a SMART solution to the ever-complicated injection molding process. TOYO CRYSTAL TK7 2007year|PLEATING MACHINE, Model Si-50v-75c|Clamping Force 50 Tons|Year 2012|Screw 24 Mm|Controller System500|Type Electric, Toyo VCS 100 tons |5 units |Screw 32mm|Clamp stroke 360mm|Tie Bar Clearance: 460x410mm|Injection speed 300mm/s|Year 2015|Price per unit. Specification: We have number of used Toyo Plastic Injection Mold Machines. Adding a loader to the Dryer hopper prevents the need to hand-fill the hopper when it gets low. The goal is to make sure that your blender can accommodate all the materials you are using at the Rate you are using them. The goal is to make sure the robot fits your molding machine, then to make sure we apply the right configuration and programming to satisfy your process. We also need to make sure it is mounted as needed for your application: Enter the details below so we can size and apply the appropriate options to your Chiller quote. If you don't know the part number, fill in as much detail and we can help you. The V Shaped [...], All TOYO injection molding machines come with the software ready for 2-shot applications. Toyo Si100 (2006) Injection Mold Machine.

Type: Injection Mold Machine. If the dryer is floor mount, you may need a loader on the machine throat to pull the material from the dryer hopper. Quantity: 9 .