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Director Jennifer Peedom and her team set out to uncover…. 10 maart 2014, 08:50.

We hebben beide delen van de Patagonia Special in deze post geplaatst. Greetings from Chile, dear netherlander. 28 december 2014, 09:42 The boys purchase £3,500 off-road vehicles and drive from Bolivia to Chile.... Jeremy, Richard and James re-enact the journey of the three wise men and travel from northern Iraq to Bethlehem.... Jeremy, Richard and James go on a British trade mission to India. We (= world) have had suicide bombings and killings on purpose. Sad how they live their lives sick of mind, never in peace, dont caring for doing harm to others. The boys go on an epic road trip across Argentina in three used coupes.

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Top Gear Patagonia Special. Porsche 928 GT, Lotus Esprit V8 and a Ford Mustang Mach 1.... Patagonia Special Part 2 of 2. Alvast een gelukkig nieuwjaar Autostrada en op naar weer een jaar met vette video`s op deze uber geweldige site..!!

The boys go on an epic road trip across Argentina in three used coupes.

> Top Gear: Patagonia Special Top Gear: Patagonia Special.

159 Shares 3 Reacties. If you go throwing rocks or hurting people over a joke, no matter how bad it is, you must be frustrated or have a clear problem with self control. The boys each purchase a second-hand lorries off the internet for a few hundred pounds.... Top Gear Burma Special Part 2 of 2. Autostrada Top Gear Burma Special Part 1 of 2. Zoals jullie wellicht al hebben gelezen is het einde nogal omstreden, de crew werd verjaagd uit Argentinië en bekogeld met stenen vanwege een gevoelige relatie met de Falkland oorlog.

De Christmas Special van Top Gear bestaat uit twee afleveringen waarin de heren met drie V8-aangedreven sportauto’s door het onherbergzame Patagonië (Argentinië) rijden van Bariloche op weg naar de meest zuidelijk gelegen stad ter wereld, Ushuaia. Because someone couldn’t take a joke.

300 Shares 2 Reacties. Documentary following the motorcycle road racing careers, and fate, of the Dunlop family. But the fact, that they carried on with it, brought alternative license plates for Clarksons car “just in case”, and added Hammonds and Mays cars with plates that are very close to the Argentineans and brits casualties, is just STUPID. Bedankt voor de melding.

However, if someone has watched TG as many times as I have, cannot escape to the fact that Clarkson has joked many times on TG with license plates, changing a cars model, adding a letter, even on this show he makes a joke for LOTUS.

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