The hand is not played and the player with the tonk receives twice the stake from each player. Some people count Jack as 11, Queen as 12, King as 13.

If the person slapping the deck is the player who discarded the card, the discard is placed on the appropriate book or run, but the player does not have the option of discarding an extra card. If the player who dropped does not have the lowest count, the player who dropped must pay. Tonk Online is a most popular pastime for lunch breaks and family rummy online card game nights. If the player who drops is not the low scorer, the dropper pays everyone's stake to the low scorer. This BH is automatic, ie. A spread is made of three or more cards that no longer count toward your hand. I'm also aware that there are other games with the name of Tonk but with different rules. Some say that if you take the top card of the discard pile, you must not put it in your hand, but must immediately use it as part of a book or run.

To stop the game claiming to have the lowest point count in hand is to "tonk". Some say that you can only play one card in a turn to extend an existing spread. If you "hit" someone by adding a card to their spread, they cannot drop in their next turn; they must wait until the start of their second turn after you hit them before they are allowed to drop.

In this case the hand is not played and the player with 49 or 50 is paid twice the basic stake by each of the other players. The dealer passes each player five cards, one at a time, starting to their left. Any player whose initial hand contains 49 or 50 points must declare this immediately and show their cards: this is sometimes known as a "tonk". 13 points and under PAYS DOUBLE If you "get caught", that is, try to "go down (for low)" and one of your opponents has an equal or lower count, you pay that player a double stake. This is a strange rule, as in many cases it would impossible for an opponent to detect that the rule had been broken. (Hit and Hold rules) (See below) There are two kinds of spreads: Adding a card to a spread is called hitting. You win if you manage to get rid of all of your cards, or if you have the lowest value of unmatched cards when someone stops the play. As soon as you have a three-card spread you must put it down.

Tonkout is a card game that you can play with between 2 and 4 players with a standard 52 deck of cards.

Someone gets rid of all his or her cards without a final discard by putting down two different spreads, this is also called a Tonkout.