Prices are to suit a budget, but the high quality. Upright headstone monuments are most traditional and perfect for families who are looking for a dignified and classic way to remember their loved one.Uprights monuments are referred to a set of a minimum two pieces, The tall and standing upright is called a Die or Tablet supported by a sturdy Base, usually of the same color of granite. Pedestal is not included in basic price.

Common industry practice is that the price varies based on the number of letters or artwork needed on the tombstone. Because of size we called it as Small Grave Headstones. Tombstone RIP. Ranging from headstones to full memorials. A7 (flyer/pamphlet: 105 x 74 mm, total 160 x 120 mm), A6 (flyer/pamphlet: 105 x 148 mm, total 160 x 200 mm), A5 (flyer/pamphlet: 148 x 210 mm, total 200 x 270 mm), A4 (flyer/pamphlet: 210 x 297 mm, total 270 x 370 mm).

Pedestal is not included in basic price. A small sample of the work we have created for clients. Price of a monument is based on the type, granite material, size and model. Headstones to Full Memorials. Price of a monument is based on the type, granite material, size and model. An exclusive range of tombstones available. Feel free to send us your individual inquiry. Tombstone dimensions Plexiglas thickness 1 - 2 pcs 3 - 9 pcs 10 and more pcs; A7 (flyer/pamphlet: 105 x 74 mm, total 160 x 120 mm) 2 x 6 mm: 601.00 CZK:

We do not price based on the number of letters that you use. Polished front and sides to an. The gateway is operated by PLEXIPLAST, s. r. o. We believe that installing a tombstone for a loved one is part of a very personal process for each individual. Competitive tombstone prices. Slant grave markers are set to stand upright, earned its name from the cut of the marker's face. Forget me not Tombstones has been a family run business for the last 18 years.Our experiences through the years has evolved our company into one that not only provides tombstones, monuments and memorials but rather one which builds a relationship with each one of our clients. Pet grave markers are similar to flat markers lay flat on the ground, usually a flat rectangle or bone shape. Basic price of a tombstone includes lamination of flyers between plates of thick transparent Plexiglass and surface polishing treatment. Infant grave markers are the most simple and affordable markers used in the graves of an infant. Tombstone can be equiped with a pedestal upon request . Custom Designs. We will keep normal office hours as per usual. Intricate designs & immense attention to detail. Small headstone monuments are simply like a traditional headstone uprights.

Special headstone monuments are Single heart headstones, Double heart headstones and Tear drops monuments. Tombstones Prices are all inclusive, No Hidden Costs. Elegant combinations of different stones to create timeless Tombstones. Large and Majestic. in South Africa. Edge and bevel adjustments as well as radius adjustments are subject for an extra charge.

In fact we encourage you do add as many details to the memorial as you chose to, so that you can customize and make it as unique as the people themselves. A stunning range of traditionally classic, tombstones. If you are seeking affordable tombstone prices in South Africa, contact the leading tombstone manufacturer today. Home; Bunker Hill Lots 4 Acres and Up; Survey St. Common industry practice is that the price varies based on the number of letters or artwork needed on the tombstone. We will be very active on facebook and on our, live chat app, so please feel free to browse and, Be safe, Be careful and feel free to contact us, Tascha and the Forget me not Tombstones Team. It's also called as Slant Tombstones or Slant Headstones.

An extensive range of memorial plaques and grave markers in a selection of sizes, designs and colours. Tombstone Company based in Johannesburg. The classic and most popular style is the Serptop shape with all polished sides. Lay flat to the ground with a polished face on the top and rock pitched edges. Our Traditional Tombstone Collection has a stunning array of tombstone Design elements, ranging from simple and elegant to more. To Download Price-list and Catalogue click on Messenger below: Tombstone Prices Are Based On the Materials Chosen and Ornamentation Decisions regarding the Design of a memorial tombstone can be stressful, taking the time to research Tombstone Prices in Johannesburg early on can go a long way toward alleviating stress. They are usually 3-4 inch thickness, rectangle in shape, polished surface with sawn sides. All Tombstone Designs are available in the three Types shown Here . Ranging from headstones only to bold, strong. hit the ground running when lockdown is over. And we feel truly honoured that we are allowed to be apart of the journey and endeavour to make the experience stress free and memorable. A beautiful collection of top of the range tombstones. Tombstone RIP - Price List.