Most likely Yamori either hasn't heard of them or he isn't aware of Nico's clown affiliation. Her face was easily recognizable for use of heavy makeup, tinted sunglasses, and braces. Naki was the most positive interaction that Yamori had throughout the entire series. Speed: High Hypersonic (Can easily kill over a dozen normal ghouls before they can react when armed with a submachine gun, kept up with Yoshimura) | High Hypersonic (Overwhelmed Kurona, an S-Rank Ghoul) | At least Massively Hypersonic (Arata Joker greatly increases his physical capabilities, including his speed, allowing him to completely overwhelm Kurona without much resistance and keep up with Ken Kaneki ), Lifting Strength: Class M (comparable to Kaneki), Striking Strength: At least Street Class, likely Building Class with Quinque | At least Street Class, likely Building Class with Quinque | Small Town Class, Durability: At least Street level | At least Street level | Small Town level (Took multiple blows from Kaneki's Kakuja), Stamina: Extremely high (Is rather indifferent to pain and withstood countless hours of torture while under the care of Ghouls, continued to fight S-Rank Ghouls until he lost a leg to the One-Eyed Owl), Range: Extended melee range with Jason, Over a dozen meters with Scorpion, Standard Equipment: His Quinques: A powerful Rinkaku scythe called 13's Jason, A set of fifty-six Bikaku knives called Scorpion 1/56, His prosthetic leg, which conceals Scorpion 1/56 | Arata Joker. Big Madam was an obese Ghoul with strawberry-blonde hair, often dressed in luxurious clothing and excessive jewelry. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This same experience has made him an incredibly efficient killer, easily slaughtering entire rooms of ordinary Ghouls with an assortment of firearms, knives, scythes, and cleavers with equal proficiency. In the past, Big Madam raised Juuzou Suzuya as a human "pet" and subjected him to extensive abuse. Find and capture Rize Kamishiro.Destroy the CCG and other enemies of Aogiri. Psychological and physical tortureSerial killings She came into conflict with Kuki Urie when he discovered the guests' hideout. Yamori then brought Kaneki back to the 11th Ward Base where his superiors were to see who could get him and because Tatara and Ayato didn't want Kaneki, he was given to Yamori.

During his time in Cochlea, Yamori was constantly subjugated to torture constantly by a sadistic prison guard known as Goumasa Tokage to have him reveal information about the 13th Ward which Yamori knew about but he was also tortured for Tokage's pure sadistic pleasure. It is unclear whether she was merely crossdressing as a disguise, as a game similar to what she did to Juuzou, or was actually a trans woman. Yamori also had black hair when he was younger and a large black suit which he traded in for a white one and changed his hair to yellow in the future. Key: Tokyo Ghoul | Tokyo Ghoul: Re | With Arata Joker. Yamori is also very arrogant and this also leads to ultimate downfall and demise at Kaneki's hands. Executive of the Aogiri TreeFounding Leader of the White SuitsSerial killer ... Tokyo Ghoul Quotes About Death #20. Yamori was forced to unleash his incomplete kakuja to defeat Kaneki but he failed and part of his kakuja was eaten by Kaneki and we were left on the floor to die. "Gecko"), he became an infamous ghoul of the 13th Ward being referred to as Jason and became fond of torture. One day, Yamori ran into Naki and he fought him only to beat and spare Naki and he took him under his wing.

He wears a white suit with a red undercoat and a grey tie with bright red markings going down through it to resemble a typical gangster.

Crimes Yamori would cut off Kaneki's fingers and toes like nails and would allow the injection to wear off and he would feed Kaneki and watch them grow back just to repeat the cycle all over again.

She was able to offer up 200 million Yen (roughly 2 million USD) to buy Tooru. Yakumo Oomori Originally raised by the ghoul, Big Mama, as a pet and a scrapper at the Ghoul Restaurant, Juuzou is often sadistic, unpredictable, and extremely violent. In the side story Tokyo Ghoul: Jack, Yamori appears as a much thinner person. It took an extensive team of skilled investigators and Quinx for her to be exterminated. Tier: 9-C, likely 8-C with Quinque | At least 9-C, likely 8-C with Quinque | Low 7-C, Age: 19 (Tokyo Ghoul), 22 (Beginning of :Re), 29 at the end of the series, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Scythe and Knife user, Regeneration Negation (Kagune secretions act as poisons that inhibit the regeneration of other ghouls, and Juuzou's Quinques are made from Kagunes), Resistance to pain. She decided to crudely castrate him with a hammer, leading to Suzuya's current androgynous appearance.

After Yamori's death, his body was harvested and he his kakuja kagune was harvested and turned into one of Juuzou's personal unique weapons. One-Eyed King (Kishou Arima | Ken Kaneki) | Eto Yoshimura | Tatara | Noro | Yakumo Oomori | Bin Brothers | Miza Kusakari | Ayato Kirishima | Naki | Akihiro Kanou | Seidou Takizawa | Hooguro | Shousei | Yumitsu Tomoe | Shikorae | Karao Saeki, Donato Porpora | Souta | Nico | Roma Hoito | Uta | Ganbo, Tsuneyoshi Washuu | Kishou Arima | Juuzou Suzuya | Nimura Furuta | Itsuki Marude | Kureo Mado | Haise Sasaki | Tooru Mutsuki | Seidou Takizawa | Kurona Yasuhisa | Nashiro Yasuhisa, Ken Kaneki | Ayato Kirishima | Miza Kusakari | Naki | Shuu Tsukiyama | Kurona Yasuhisa | Seidou Takizawa | Hooguro, Rize Kamishiro | Nutcracker | Big Madam | Matasaka Kamishiro |. Like all ghouls, Yamori can't be injured by knives and traditional bullets. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page.

However, she succeeded in placing the winning bid on Tooru Mutsuki — a record 200 million Yen. Yamori is very nasty, cunning, loathsome, arrogant, treacherous, and sadistic, as echoed by his former torturer during his early days. It is currently unknown if this was intentional or not.

Make the Ghouls the dominate species and overthrow humanity.Find and capture Rize Kamishiro.Destroy the CCG and other enemies of Aogiri. [3] Urie forced his way out by releasing his F4 Koukaku Kagune, and managed to kill Big Madam's bodyguards, but he was not able to fully control his new power and went berserk in the process. The two of them talked a little when he lunged at Rize and she escaped and stole his Vlades which infuriated Yamori. He then became a criminal and became a member of a small team with Sumiharu Katou and Uruka Minami.

Nutcracker was believed to be one of their employees, and was considered a major target by CCG. His pliers were acquired by the CCG however. Big Madam (ビッグマダム, Biggu Madamu) was a powerful and influential Ghoul, with an extensive black market network. However, he can be killed by other ghouls and by CCG's weapons like Quinques and Q-Bullets. Naki was the only person that Yamori treated with respect throughout the entire series and was his most positive interaction with other characters that has ever had as he gave him birthday presents. She had a particular appetite for collecting petite, feminine humans, as well as handsome ones.

Despite his merciless nature, he is usually carefree, nonchalant, and dispassionate, so he appears to love his mother dearly as he was crying out for her after Kaneki beat him.