The Brown and White is Lehigh University’s student newspaper based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Before any bottle was opened, each man deposited on the table the keys and all other property in his possession which belonged to the society. Various concerns about Fraternity operation were addressed during the months that followed. The first person who received a majority of black beans remarked, “I guess I am not wanted here.” Four of our eight founders had opened their bottles before the five who received a majority of black beans left them in possession of the room. adopted as the corporate By-Laws of Theta Xi Fraternity, a Missouri Not-For-Profit corporation, by the Grand Lodge of Theta Xi Fraternity, as the initial Board of Directors of the corporation at St. Louis, Missouri on August 26-27, 1960; and recodified by the 133 rd Anniversary Convention, July 31 - August 3, 1997 at Scottsdale, Arizona; and Minutes of the original meeting, Constitution and Ritual have been preserved by the Fraternity to this day. It has a squirrel-feeding club. A committee made up of Brothers Buel and Brainerd was designated to develop an initiation service, while another committee comprised of Brothers Raymond, Starbuck and Brainerd was made responsible for developing a grip, various symbols, the names of the officers, as well as for completing all vacancies in the constitution. Nathaniel Starbuck was a “local” from the campus town of Troy whose father, a leading citizen of the town, was often called upon to address public meetings to arouse popular support for the Lincoln administration.

The blog stated the fraternity failed to complete sanctions that Lehigh imposed on it for previous violations but did not specify which sanctions were incomplete. Finally, the fraternity had been fined $500 and had to pay Lehigh by March 31. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts in your inbox. Built to house infrastructure such as steam pipes and later, fiber optics, the tunnel system under the quad is off limits to students and intensely protected by security. On that same day, due to an apparent desire of some of the members to “bust up” Sigma Delta and try to become part of another organization, Samuel Buel suggested that Sigma Delta try to obtain a charter from some “large and flourishing society such as Sigma Phi,” which had been founded in 1827 at Union College and had six chapters at that time. William H. Wiley, initiated as Alpha 11, had a close friend at the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Jones isn’t the only Michigan student to make it big: President Gerald Ford (who played football for the Wolverines), Madonna (did not graduate), Google co-founder Larry Page, Lucy Liu, and Tom Brady all attended, among others. The blog did not state whether the fraternity would receive additional sanctions at this time. Theta Xi was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY, on April 29, 1864, by Peter Henry Fox, Ralph Gooding Packard, Christopher Champlin Waite, George Bradford Brainerd, Samuel Buel Jr., Henry Harrison Farnum, Thomas Cole Raymond and Nathaniel Henry Starbuck. 1st purpose of Theta Xi. The Civil War had threatened the future existence of the institution, just as it had threatened the future existence of our Union. A petition was prepared and submitted to Sigma Phi, but at its convention at Union College on March 4, 1864, a motion was adopted to the effect that no more charters be granted. This document was not received until April 26, 1865, when Beta Chapter was officially installed and Theta Xi started on the road to becoming a national organization. The upper half of the bar next to the staff is charged with the white Greek letter "Theta", the lower half of the out bar with the white Greek letter "Xi", and the middle of the center bar with a unicorn's head in bay color. The attendance record, set at a 2013 football game against rival Notre Dame (see below), is an incredible 115,109. The outer bars are blue and the center bar is white. Peter Fox from Harrisburg, PA and Thomas Raymond, a “downeasterner” from Westborough, MA, together with Waite, were the only Founders from out of state. Every day, a man who plays a washboard harmonica and shakes a rattle on one foot makes music for the students and faculty as they stroll along. A new lock was immediately put on the door. On October 29, 1864 Frank Martin Guthrie and Thomas Ira Atwood, members of the Class of ’68 at Yale, came to Troy to be initiated as honorary members and to be instructed in the secrets of the Fraternity. On April 6, Buel presented two monograms, Theta Xi and Theta Psi, as possible names for the new society. The Fleming Administration Building, designed in the 1960s, is rumored to have been built to resist damage or threats from riots and demonstrations. After everyone had voted the bottle was sealed, and the next vote taken. In 1862, sparks from a passing locomotive ignited the roof of a covered bridge spanning the Hudson at Troy, and before it could be halted, the fire swept across a 75-acre tract, completely destroying over five hundred structures in the heart of Troy’s business section, including the downtown RPI campus.