Something had to break at that period. The band name is a contraction of the term Cro-Magnon. There is always someone who tells us that we have been an inspiration or life changing.”. “Originally The Slits had another bass player called Suzie Gutsy. I spoke to Vivien Goldman and she was working for Sounds or Melody Maker at the time and she took it to her editor. “I was in the Flowers of Romance with Sid Vicious and Sid left to join the Sex Pistols,” explains Viv.

But it did mean we made no money and we had no commercial success.”. Ari Up, Viv Albertine and Tessa Pollit speak about how The Slits proved that young women could be responsible for some of the most influential and innovative music of the punk movement. The group's early line-up consisted of Ari Up (Ariane Forster) and Palmolive (a.k.a. When all the other punk bands were shouting “1234”, The Slits were playing to a different beat. But back in the bleak mid-’70s when The Slits embarked on the legendary White Riot Tour alongside The Clash, The Jam, Buzzcocks, and Subway Sect, Viv recalls the rest of the country weren’t quite prepared for the four girls: “We were like the massive rebels of the tour. I’m given a number for Tessa Pollit, the bass player of the band, and arrange to meet her at her home in West London.

That and the record companies wanted to market us and package us up as sexy punk girls. It left a huge hole in each of their lives. I suppose you have to look at what it followed, the whole ’60s apathy thing and the fact that it was a movement, it wasn’t just one group.

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The Slits were a British punk and post-punk band formed in London in 1976 by members of the groups The Flowers of Romance and The Castrators. But again, Tessa has a very grounded view to this. “It was incredibly male orientated then, within the record companies, and it was a real struggle,” she says. Indie rock band from Sheffield, built up around frontman Jarvis Cocker, who never very clearly contradicted rumors that he is a brother or a cousin of Joe Cocker – even though the only thing that relates Jarvis to Joe is that they are both from Sheffield. “I am constantly worried about The Slits and haunted about The Slits, that The Slits do not have to sell their integrity or their principles or about being pushed into something we don’t want to do. There are just one or two who felt so pressured they had to buy into society.”. A superb biography on the band written by journalist Zoe Street Howe (Typical Girls? She still does something for sexuality and women that I don’t think any other woman does.”. Only the guys you don’t sleep with teach you something.”, Unlike the other punk bands, The Slits didn’t sign to a label straight away in 1977. “Maybe it was more acceptable to be a white woman than to be a white man and be there. The Story of the Slits by Zoe Street Howe was published in the UK by Omnibus Press in July 2009.[11]. Something really switched in the ’80s.”, Still, the split didn’t come easy. Ari takes her role as a Slit very seriously and is still hugely conscious about not being pushed into a position she doesn’t feel comfortable with. I just want to keep moving forward and try and not get egotistical about anything.”. ‘Trapped Animal’ will be released in October.

Neither bands sold huge amounts of records on release but their influence has been huge and ongoing.

Which actually, 20 years later, worked out pretty well as it kept The Slits pure and now because we were so uncompromising the band has such a strong identity. “It meant so much to me,” she explains.

That also goes for Crystal Method, an electronic music production duo from Los Angeles that provided compositions for among others television shows, movies, video games and commercials.

I think we got thrown out of one hotel because I had The Slits graffiti-ed on the side of my case. Her sexuality is so trashy and cheap and she is just singing about having too much and fucking about and being vulgar. The group's early line-up consisted of Ari Up (Ariane Forster) and Palmolive (a.k.a. Pennie Smith shot this now legendary image of The Slits in the summer of 1979, almost 30 years ago to the day. “That sealed it for me.

But it was an incredibly liberating feeling splashing around in the mud. Before punks had ever made any records there was reggae. I ask Viv if the term ‘bloody-minded’ would be a suitable term to describe The Slits’ attitude to the music business at the time. Like Amazonian warriors they are caked in mud and naked apart from a loincloth. She had been all over the place in the jungle, in Jamaica and America. The COVID-19 crisis has cut off our advertising revenue stream, which is how we’ve always funded how we promoted new independent artists. I am a woman now and still have stuff I want to talk about but I can’t be playing songs from 25 years ago.” Viv will be releasing a single of her own later this year and an album though US label Manimal Records.

We had to wait till someone took us for who we where “. “Mick didn’t teach me anything. In 2008, the band again toured America.

He was teaching me more the mentality than the actual chords. On May 16th 1976, Arianne Forster (Ari Up), aged 14, is at the now legendary Patti Smith gig at Camden’s Roundhouse, having a row with her mother Nora (now Mrs John Lydon).

“I wasn’t aware at all till I hooked up with Ari a few years ago. Gough undoubtedly... Trio from Chicago, Illinois that tries to score with instrumental rock and metal, preferably lined up inharmoniously (‘out of tune’, some s... Justification, privacy policy, copyrights. [4] Joe Strummer said the group would be "great" with intense gigging. “We, in a way, tried to fit in with boys and how they played,” she says.

Other members of the reformed band are German drummer Anna Schulte, and Adele Wilson on guitar. Cut is the debut studio album by English punk band The Slits, released on 7 September 1979.It was recorded at Ridge Farm Studios in Rusper and produced by Dennis Bovell. It works but it shouldn’t.’” At the time Viv was going out with Mick Jones. Everyday the tour manager would threaten to throw us off the tour, Norman the bus driver had to be bribed daily to let us on the bus.

We had grown up together and we had worked so hard, everything was about The Slits.

Don Letts was djing at the Roxy club playing pure reggae so we got to know all these songs and even to this day I love Jamaican music, just love it.”, I ask her how the Jamaican community took to four punk girls turning up to their clubs. For Tessa, reggae was hugely inspiring to the way she played. All rights reserved. We needed to have our own individual experiences in life.

“The Slits have become something beyond The Slits, bigger than life, bigger than our personalities,” she says. Their Dennis Bovell-produced debut album Cut was released in September 1979 on Island Records, with Neneh Cherry joining as additional vocalist. It was a song that Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, thought would give the girls more success, but they were adamant they would go with their own song ‘Typical Girls’ as the A-side. [1] The album's sleeve art depicted the band naked, except for mud and loincloths. Rehearsing in Joe and Palmolive’s squat, they are soon joined by Tessa Pollit who recalls the moment she joined the band. We met up a few days later and played together, and I backcombed their hair like the New York Dolls and that was it, we just clicked.” Kate Corris was next to be given the elbow as Viv stepped in on guitar.

“I like the fact that women do play differently,” she says. Founding member Ari Up died in Los Angeles on October 2010 at the age of 48. © LOUD AND QUIET 2020. She had lost her son’s father, he was shot in Jamaica, and I had lost my daughter’s father, Sean Oliver, when she was five, we have both been widowed.”, Viv Albertine joined the group for two gigs in 2008 but decided she didn’t want to reform. Ari soon attracts the attention of Joe Strummer’s then girlfriend Paloma Romero (Palmolive) and Kate Corris, who approach Ari with the idea of forming a group. [10] In their first visit to Japan, the band undertook a short tour in October 2007. Cook's daughter Hollie played with the band, singing and playing keyboards. Hip hop duo originating from Delray and Detroit, Michigan that produces horrorcore.

You see Lady Gaga and she is dressed all crazy in these space age outfits, but she is totally straight, she isn’t a rebel. “I think she must have been quite influenced by the way Viv dressed as she came to see us before her career took off but I don’t like to go on about things like that. They begin rehearsing the very next day as the first incarnation of The Slits.