He swore to only love her, and they have several children together. She refuses to marry her original fiancé, Yang Jian, and instead tried to snatch her younger sister (Jialuo)'s fiancé, Li Cheng. Eldest daughter of the Dugu family. Unexpectedly, she ends up marrying the father of her sister's fiancé, Li Bing. The husband and wife stay in a monogamous relationship despite their imperial status and come to be revered by people as the two saints due to their extraordinary contributions to a new golden age. However, due to a miscalculation, she ended up marrying Li Cheng's father, Li Bing instead. Because of it, all the attention is turned to Dugu Xin, a court official, and his three daughters, Dugu Ban Ruo , Dugu Man Tuo, and Dugu Jia Luo. The Dugu sisters were part-Xianbei, part-Han sisters of the Dugu clan who lived in the Western Wei (535–557), Northern Zhou (557–581) and Sui (581–618) dynasties of China. Minister of Northern Zhou. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Dugu Xin's subordinate, later Dugu Jialuo's. Prince of Lan Ling is the nephew of the Qi Empire's late emperor Gao Zhan. She initially married Yuwen Wen, Duke of Xiyang. Dugu Jialuo (Qieluo) marries the eventual founder of the Sui Dynasty Yang Jian, second sister Dugu Mantuo marries the Duke of Tang, while eldest sister Dugu Banruo marries the current emperor of the weakening Northern Zhou dynasty. Her daughter is raised as Yang Lihua and marries Emperor Xuan. https://wiki.d-addicts.com/index.php?title=The_Legend_of_Dugu&oldid=618467. Fourth son of Li Bing and Dugu Mantuo. Mother of Yuwen Yun. Crown Prince of Northern Zhou at first.

Yang Jian's father. Fourth son of Yuwen Tai. A paramount general of Western Wei. The series was filmed at Hengdian World Studios from August to December 2016. Dugu Banruo's husband.

He has a twin sister named Li Tong An, but she never appears in the drama. Two of the Dugu sisters thought they would be the ones to fulfill the prophecy. The head of the Dugu family, Dugu Xin was concerned.

Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos (2020). Second daughter of the Dugu family. Minister of Western Wei who is Dugu Xin's enemy in court. The story tells the events of both Qi Empire and Zou Empire's affairs. Dugu Banruo's maid, who was sent to serve Dugu Jialuo for a while. Prince Liang of Tang. The story somehow related to Legend of Dugu as it happened during the same time. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Dugu family was the focus of world attention to the well-known "Dugu prophecy" given to Yuwen Tai that states the true king is not yet set and the Dugu family will be the key to ruling the world. A royal lady-in-waiting who is sent by Dugu Banruo to help Dugu Mantuo. She yearns to become Empress too just like her older sister because of her low status. All of them end up becoming Empresses or Empress Dowagers of three different dynasties. Mantuo would be honored as Empress Yuanzhen after her death. Was a poor emperor and was scared of Yuwen Hu. However, because her husband lacks power, she ended up giving herself to Yuwen Hu to save her sister Jialuo and as a result became pregnant with their daughter, Lihua. If you want to understand more about at then Qi Empire and Zou Empire affairs, this Legend of Lu Zhen is a good start, follow on to continue understand, this Legend of Dugu will be part 2. She previously had a daughter whom she entrusts to her sister, Dugu Jialuo. Her first daughter with Li Bing is killed by Lady Feng's servant. They become queen or queen mother in the end. Despite her love for Yuwen Hu, she marries Yuwen Yu in order to become the most powerful woman. Her birth parents are Dugu Banruo and Yuwen Hu. Yuwen Tai's nephew. And also in this Legend of Dugu, Prime minister Dugu's youngest daughter Dugu Jia Luo's husband Yang Jian was the great general of Zou Empire's leading 180000 troops against Qi Empire's Prince Lan Ling's troops. She loves the fierce general Yuwen Hu, but marries the weak Emperor Yuwen Yu to fulfill the prophecy. Yang Jian and Dugu Jialuo's eldest son and second child. Emperor Gaozu of Tang, Founding emperor of Tang Dynasty. The story also had actually happened to be at the almost same time with this Legend Of Dugu, while the family Dugu prime minister's daughter was indeed a close friend of Lu Zhen. She is the one who plotted for Mantuo to steal her sister Dugu Jialuo's fiancé. Banruo dies while giving birth to her son with Yuwen Yu. With Dugu Jia Luo by his side, they succeed in uniting the country under the Sui Dynasty. All three marry into royalty, but each have a different destiny and fate. Despite Jialuo's dislike for politics, they founded the Sui Dynasty together.

The story reveals in the beginning Qi Empire while Gao Zhan has his fight of the throne with Empress Dowager Lou. Great general of Northern Zhou. Dugu Jialuo's husband; a loyal man who only loves his wife. General of Western Wei, later Northern Zhou. 3 Saudara perempuan tersebut akan diperankan oleh aktris cantik Hu Bing Qing yang merupakan pemain dalam serial “Beauties in the Closet“, An Ady dan Li Yi Xiao. Yang Jian and Dugu Jialuo's eldest daughter in name. She and her daughter Lihua were both Empresses of Northern Zhou. Falls prey to Dugu Mantuo's schemes. [citation needed]. Yuwen Yun and Zhu Manyue's son who later gives up the throne to Yang Jian. Yuwen Yu's entourage. A valiant but gentle, virtuous and learned woman who wants nothing but peace. Li Bing's concubine and mother of his second son. Prince of Lan Ling is the nephew of the Qi Empire's late emperor Gao Zhan.

A prophecy bearing the words, “The World of Dugu: He who has Dugu, has the world” reverberates across the lands to imply that the Dugu family was destined to do great things. She later becomes pregnant with Yuwen Yu's child, but because Geshu poisoned her during her pregnancy, they both die shortly after childbirth. Yao Jianming as Housekeeper of Dugu family. The second daughter Dugu Mantuo is greedy and also ambitious. She was sent out of the manor after betraying Dugu Jialuo. That was when his thirst for power became unstoppable. The story tells the events of both Qi Empire and Zou Empire's affairs. Yuwen Hu's confidant. The eldest sister Dugu Banruo is wise and ambitious. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser http://www.enable-javascript.com.Antispam by CleanTalk. The Legend of Dugu focuses on the Dugu sisters, who each marry into royalty, to vastly different endings. The Legend of Dugu focuses on the Dugu sisters, who each marry into royalty, to vastly different endings. Youngest daughter of the Dugu family. Three sisters fight for royalty, power and pride. The Legend of Dugu (Chinese: 独孤天下) is a 2018 Chinese television series starring Hu Bingqing, Zhang Danfeng, Ady An, Jeremy Tsui and Li Yixiao. State minister of Northern Zhou. This is the 3rd part of story between Qi and Zou Empire's real historical records ( covers about 80% real historical recording events, source from Google History ). She originally had feelings for Yuwen Yong, but their relationship doesn't last. Great Empress Tianyuan of Northern Zhou, Princess Leping of Sui. Yuwen Yun's concubine. He ends up a prophecy at the same temple as Yuwen Tai. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Legend_of_Dugu&oldid=983668475, Television series set in the Northern and Southern dynasties, Articles needing additional references from June 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Influence of Recreational Responsibilities Awards, Beijing Hope Century Motion PIctures Co.,Ltd. Head of the Dugu family. Except this time, his was "帝星已明,独孤天下" meaning that the ruler has appeared and the Dugu family will rule the world. Jialuo marries Yang Jian and eventually falls in love with him. Yuwen Yong and Li E'zi's son.

Her son with Li Bing would later become Li Yuan, the founding Emperor of the Tang dynasty. Main leads come from rich and powerful families. She eventually falls in love with him and commits her life to building a country with him even though she never wanted him to become emperor. 2018/2019 Upcoming Chinese Wuxia/Fantasy Shows. Great general of Northern Zhou. Mantuo refuses the advances of Yang Jian and wanted to instead wed her younger sister's fiancé. She works together with Emperor Yuwen Yong, and his concubine Li Ezi (who refused to become a chess piece) to get rid of Yuwen Hu; returning peace to the country. It premiered on Tencent on February 21, 2018. She ends up having a twin boy and girl with Li Bing years later. Sinopsis The Legend of Dugu. Kind-hearted unlike her master, but is still loyal to Dugu Mantuo. He ascended the throne following his brother, Yuwen Jue's abolishment. [1] Originally betrothed to Dugu Jialuo. While Queen Insoo is the story of Queen Insoo life since she was young until her death, the legend of Dugu is about three women from Dugu families and how they become queens or mothers of the king. Uncle of Yuwen Hu. Lihua ends up inheriting her father's one-sided blue eye so Banruo is forced to part with her daughter. Prince Fangling (Crown Prince) of Sui. This page was last edited on 25 June 2020, at 19:51. The Legend of Dugu (Chinese: 独孤天下) is a 2018 Chinese television series starring Hu Bingqing, Zhang Danfeng, Ady An, Jeremy Tsui and Li Yixiao. Yuwen Yun's concubine. the journey of two strong women from noble naive young girls to the imperial throne, but love might taste bitter, Both dramas are Romance/ Historical/ Political. She has an unclear relationship with Yuwen Yong but later married Yang Jian due to political reasons and as her father's last wish.

She would become Empress Dugu of Sui. She takes in Lihua (her sister Banruo and Yuwen Hu's daughter) as her and Yang Jian's daughter and also gives birth to two sons to Yang Jian. Dugu Mantuo's maid. Yang Lihua's husband. Fifth son of the Dugu family. Female prime minister of Northern Qi.

Dugu Xin and Yang Zhong's friend who is as close as a brother. Third son of Yuwen Tai. He was abolished by Yuwen Hu after his intention to kill him was exposed. The story somehow related to Legend of Dugu as it happened during the same time. Father of Yuwen Yu, Yuwen Jue and Yuwen Yong. Former general of Western Wei. Eldest son of Yuwen Tai. same story, same characters (mostly), same soap opera vibes, but the Dugu sisters story is more compelling and let's face it, Dugu Mantuo is a fan villain, basically if you want to see Li Yi Xiao playing the same character and having fun with her being over the top, this is your drama. A wise, ambitious woman who yearns for power and authority. The story basically covers 80% true history recordings about the life of Lu Zhen, a smart and brilliant minded young lady from a middle class official family to her way up to becoming a prime minister. Lu Zhen was the ever first female prime minister at that era. Originally Dugu Mantuo's fiancé. However later, her family was killed by Yuwen Hu. Mother of Yuwen Yan/Chan. A Jing was conned by villains to join the Black Flag Army and became an assassin, serving under the evil Yuwen Hu and committing heinous acts for him.