For one thing, considering how expensive the gifts he gave were, he must have been extremely well off to begin with, yet here he is accepting clothes from homeless people and meals from families in Delhi slums. When he prefaced a viewing with “This is the city where he helps out those kids, huh?” I was shocked. Helpful. worksheets, lesson plans,  activities, etc. Taking nothing for his journey, Leo’s every move is dependent on the kindness of others, from his starting tank of gas in L.A, to every meal and every night’s shelter. I have started reading 7 books currently and this was not one of the however it was on my bookshelf and I decided to take a quick peak inside and 3 days later I finished reading it. scannable QR codes so they can watch related video content. Some of the people in his life, including his longterm girlfriend, call his journey “running.” But he labels it “freedom,” and it’s undoubtedly true that Logothetis is genuinely happiest while meeting people and learning about them. A: Not at all – the diaries have been designed as both standalone products and as an accompaniment to PEEC. It was a simple easy to read book that left me considering what I could do to 1. spice up my life a bit more and 2. help others along the way. It wasn’t until halfway through episode 2, when Leon asks to stay with a man who shakes his head and shares that he is homeless.

Leon has devoted his life to inspiring the world with his message of kindness and hope. you want to download you have to send your own contributions. His stories inspire hope of a kinder world where we help others when we can. Last year, a man named Leon Logothetis came to our facility to speak to the residents about his book and his journey, The Kindness Diaries. He documented the entire thing, and it is now on Netflix as a series. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The … Q: Can I match the order of the wellbeing topics in the PEEC Student Wellbeing Diaries with the order in which I’m teaching different wellbeing topics? I crave stability, so this book was a test for me, but maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much. The incredible journey of one man who makes his way around the world on a vintage motorbike by relying on the kindness of others. He had been in and out of jail, lost his marriage, and never finished school. He was going to travel without money and would depend on the kindness of strangers for his food, shelter, and gas. Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES centers on the interplay between orphaned beauty Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and two drop-dead gorgeous vampire brothers -- the good-hearted Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the sadistic Damon (Ian Somerhalder).Both Elena and Stefan keep track of their thoughts and feelings by writing in their … With Argentina a long ways away, Leon sets his journey from the frozen wilderness of Alaska in his vintage -- and finicky -- Volkswagen Beetle. Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave their lives behind in search of unique ... See full summary ». But inside, he was chronically depressed. I struggled to get through this book but pushed on as I liked the premise and was hopeful it would go somewhere interesting. Students watch an episode and solve the activities. It's about the message and it was done very well. If this doesn't make you thankful and understand their is good in humanity you need to look in the mirror and stop blaming others for your situation.

With individual diaries, created for Years 7-10 (ages 13-16), we have ensured the content will be age-appropriate, The diaries are based on the Institute of Positive Education’s Positive Education Enhanced, developmentally sequenced from Early Learning (four years old) through to Year 12 (18 years old). This should be required viewing for children (and politicians). His way of looking at life and his desire for adventure would drive me crazy if I were his girlfriend, Lina (who plays a big part in this book, although she doesn't take the journey with him). He gives people new homes, pays for their schooling, their medical bills, even pays for them to travel around the world to keep spreading kindness. Worksheets that listen. Season 2. Therefore, we have created two weeks’ worth of wellbeing materials in our diaries for every one lesson plan provided. Every month our team sorts... To see what your friends thought of this book, The Kindness Diaries: One Man's Quest to Ignite Goodwill and Transform Lives Around the World. Stop whatever you are doing and read this book. He seemed to just brush the surface of his experiences leaving me wanting to know more details of his travel experiences. 2. Error: please try again. The Princess Diaries Title: The Princess Diaries Author: Meg Cabot Publisher: HarperTeen Number of Pages: varies based on format Advertised Age Level: Ages 13 and up Age and Grade of Main Character(s): 14/9th grade Language: no profanity Sex: kissing Drug/Alcohol Use: main character is invited to a party where drinking will take place Violence: none Social Issues: fitting in at school, single … ”When we travel, we learn to fend for ourselves because we often don’t know any … We’re nearing the end of an interdisciplinary unit with their Health course, and because my students range so vastly in age, ability and length of time in our facility, finishing projects has a few more hurdles than in typical classrooms  (not to say projects don’t always present hurdles for teachers, because they always always do).

Well, almost; The Kindness Diaries follows Leo from Los Angeles to New York, Spain to Turkey, and – after an airplane jump to India – down through Southeast Asia. Q: Does my school have to be part of the PEEC Community in order to use these diaries? This guy would travel around the world on a motorcylce (yes, Leon, a YELLOW motorcycle) with no money and basically live off the kindness of strangers. He ignores scores of slights and humiliations, focusing instead on all the blessings he encounters, all the kind souls. It certainly had the potential to be engaging and inspiring. Traveling the vast spaces of an enormous continent in search of something more. BUY HERE. ( Log Out /  Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES centers on the interplay between orphaned beauty Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and two drop-dead gorgeous vampire brothers -- the good-hearted Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the sadistic Damon (Ian Somerhalder).Both Elena and Stefan keep track of their thoughts and feelings by writing in their journals, but Stefan's diary also … 2 ... Rate. Truly echoing and moving. It gives one real hope in a world where too often greed is revered as a virtue and caring as a liability. Bella Donna. Sidecar-tastic. Throughout his trip, Leo changes lives by meeting people’s needs – giving a farmer a cow, a struggling rickshaw driver his own rent-free cab, free water filtration systems for a village in India, and so on.