He had ridden back along a winding road from which he did not see the palace till he was close upon it, and stood horrified at the spectacle before him. The jungle cats simply allow their greed to get in the way of sharing. "You know, cleverness is a very important thing to own! ‘You will not mind?’ he asked. Wandering over the plain, he noticed a troop of gazelles, and pointed to his greyhound to give chase. When all the rats were killed, the young man left the barn. Sign in. 0000098859 00000 n When he was out of sight the young man took the stone from his turban and looked at it. ‘I will explain all by-and-by; but now you must go to the palace and tell the king I wish to marry his daughter.’. They are more concerned about getting the biggest piece of cheese and their lack of trust enables the monkey to trick them into foolish decisions. They want to share the piece of cheese but cannot decide how they can divide it fairly. Let us dance on his head!" I never saw any stone like it before.’. If you have any questions about The Clever Monkey online videos, differentiated lesson plans, or activities that support the book, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots.

@� �Wtt�x ~Z:T ,"���p ]Wt1F�а4T1��(�u�byv$�Ԫ��J>� ׀�$� ���!�A�A���C The other mice ran away as quickly as they could. 0000006620 00000 n ‘I am going to fill up all the river, so that the fishes may die.’, ‘That is very unkind, as we have never done you any harm,’ replied the fish. 0000007104 00000 n If it is anything in our power, tell us, and we will do it.’, ‘If you would have let me speak to you before, I would have told you that I come as a friend,’ replied the cat; ‘and I shall be greatly obliged if you would send four of the strongest and cunningest among you, to do me a service.’, ‘Oh, we shall be delighted,’ answered the rat, much relieved. Mounting the camel, he whistled the falcon to his wrist, and, followed by his greyhound and his cat, he started homewards. 0000026722 00000 n ‘Ah, my father, how can I tell you! 0000012222 00000 n 0000040584 00000 n 0000008436 00000 n But she did not like to draw back, and pretended to be immensely delighted at her new toy, and kissed and thanked her husband for it. ‘Shut your eyes then,’ replied the stone. 0000006458 00000 n ‘As you please, madam,’ said he, bowing himself out of the palace.

‘Come quickly,’ he said, ‘or you will be frozen to death!’ And a dreary little procession set out for the king’s palace, the greyhound and the cat bringing up the rear. Unluckily the next morning the young man went hunting again, and the ogre, who was watching, knew this, and did not come till much later than before. ‘Here is the stone you wanted,’ said he, when the cat started up with a loud mew; ‘if you will hold up … 0000002308 00000 n h�b```b``3f`c``5eb@ !�;�f���d400��2�����x�a�O,��y�'5u$4�b�����9t$<8©�3�Dž;�f�Ե�q���.��bP��=��E�i�yY��Lb�,�q� CS�N)�޻��>]�ړtP���!��G)��*���Zb6f��:f�0���Evwo�u��i8x�Y@uv�BCK��f��뛢� A very clever little monkey loves cheese as well and when he sees the two cats arguing over the cheese, he uses this opportunity to trick the jungle cats into allowing him to eat practically all of the cheese. And she was sure it would be! ‘Here is the stone you wanted,’ said he, when the cat started up with a loud mew; ‘if you will hold up your paws I will drop it down.’ And so he did. ‘As long as you hold me, all your wishes will come true,’ it said. I have heard that it is in your husband’s possession, and if you can get me that stone you shall have any of these jewels that you choose. ‘I will certainly try,’ answered the fish in a great hurry; ‘but you must have a little patience, as it may not be an easy task.’ And in an instant his scales might be seen flashing quickly along. No, it would be mean; she could not do it! Their greed ends up leaving them with much less than what they started with because a very clever monkey used their greed against them and by the end of the story, he is the one who has the last laugh. ‘Well, where is the silver?’ asked the ogre, who was awaiting him. At the gates he left them, though his wife besought him to allow her to enter. Perhaps it may be what you want.’ And stretching up his tail he whisked out the stone. 0000003262 00000 n The fish swam as fast as he could to the sea, which was not far distant, and calling together all his relations who lived in the neighbourhood, he told them of the terrible danger which threatened the dwellers in the river. © 2020 Fairytalez.com, a VareGuide / Weider Media production.

There was great mourning in the hut for many days, but at length the son rose up, and calling to his greyhound, his cat and his falcon, he left the house saying that he would bring back something for dinner.

‘It is fit even for the princess,’ thought he to himself. ‘Well, I must take the cat with me,’ answered the bird. ‘But I was thinking of you all the time,’ said he at the end, ‘and wishing that I could bring you back something you would like.

A representative from Story Cove will provide you with an answer as soon as possible. At one moment she felt he had already bestowed so much upon her that it was a shame to ask for the only object he had kept back. Now all this time neither the cat nor the falcon had had any food, and the falcon soon got tired carrying such a heavy burden. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./* endobj xref 635 47 0000000016 00000 n Mabela the clever : [an African folktale]. 0000072921 00000 n 0000009972 00000 n Hook Your Students This West African folktale is about a clever monkey who uses his wits to trick two jungle cats so he can enjoy their tasty cheese. what has happened? ‘Your counsel is good,’ replied the cat, smiling to itself; and putting the stone in her mouth she went off to seek the falcon.

Then he bade his falcon fly up into the sky–up, up, and up–and try if his sharp eyes could discover the old thief.

Through this they vanished, and were seen no more. When night arrived he declared he could go no further, but would spend it on the banks of a river. 0000004444 00000 n All Rights Reserved.

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‘You had better shut your eyes or you may get giddy,’ said the bird; and the cat, you had never before been off the ground except to climb a tree, did as she was bid. The Clever Monkey is a classic folktale from West Africa told by Rob Cleveland. ‘Oh, something quite impossible; and I hope you will put the princess out of your head,’ she replied. ‘I want a palace of ice that can be warmed with fires and filled with the rarest singing-birds!’. or did the fire burn more dimly than before? 0000165977 00000 n 0000072991 00000 n The Clever Monkey is a classic folktale from West Africa told by Rob Cleveland. ‘Well, what have I got to do?’ he asked impatiently, drawing his mother aside so that no one could overhear them. ‘Your orders shall be obeyed,’ replied the rat. When they have found it they must take it from him without his waking, and bring it to me.’. With his falcon on his wrist, and his greyhound and cat behind him, the young man walked a long way, inquiring of everyone he met whether they had seen his enemy the ogre. At these words the mother thought her son had certainly gone mad, and stared blankly at him. In three days I shall expect you back here.’. ‘I fear they are too costly for me,’ she said carelessly; ‘and besides, I have hardly need of any more jewels just now.’, ‘I have no particular wish to sell them myself,’ answered the ogre, with equal indifference. 0000001236 00000 n ‘My son has sent me to ask for the hand of the princess,’ said she. ‘I want the finest camel that can be found, and the most splendid garments,’ said he. About midnight the cat, who was still sleeping before the gate, was awakened by some water flung at her by the head rat, who could not make up his mind to open the doors.

Discover more than 3,800 classic tales plus new stories by fairy tale fans. ‘But if you will inform me what it is you wish them to do I shall be better able to judge who is most fitted for the post.’, ‘I thank you,’ said the cat. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. More I cannot tell you, but I beg you earnestly to take heed to this.’. One day two greedy jungle cats discover a large piece of cheese. "Look at me! 0000087827 00000 n His mother was sewing at her door when this magnificent stranger rode up, and, filled with surprise, she bowed low before him. Left alone, the princess began to think of many things, but chiefly as to whether she would persuade her husband to give her the stone or not. Shaking his wrist, the falcon seated on it darted into the air, and swooped down upon the quarry he had marked, which fell dead to the ground. But will you swear never to part from it, and to keep it safely about you always? But then, those diamonds, and those string of pearls! 0000007899 00000 n Soon after he had gone a curious thing happened. The young man guessed what was in her heart, and replied with a smile: ‘Fear nothing. what is there that you do not possess already?’, ‘How good of you not to forget me when you are in the midst of such dangers and hardships,’ answered she. Near the hut was a small barn in which he kept the produce of the little patch of corn, which grew close to the garden. ‘I am much obliged to you,’ said the cat, as the fish laid the stone on the sand, ‘and to reward you, I will let your river alone.’ And she mounted the falcon’s back, and they flew to their master. The bad cat is dead! ‘I have just returned from a far country,’ he said, ‘and I have some of the largest and most brilliant stones in the world with me. ‘It shall be done, your Majesty,’ said she, and got up and left the hall. Her son was anxiously awaiting her outside the palace gates, dressed in the clothes that he wore every day. 0000001957 00000 n ‘That young man must be a great wizard; he may be useful to me.’ And when the mother came again to tell him that his orders had been fulfilled he received her with great honour, and bade her tell her son that the wedding was fixed for the following day. Somewhere about him he has hidden a stone, on which are engraved strange signs. They want to share the piece of cheese but cannot decide how they can divide it fairly. [CDATA[*/document.getElementById('cloak649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225').innerHTML='';var prefix='ma'+'il'+'to';var path='hr'+'ef'+'=';var addy649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225='info'+'@';addy649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225=addy649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225+'storycove'+'.'+'com';var addy_text649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225='info'+'@'+'storycove'+'.'+'com';document.getElementById('cloak649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225').innerHTML+=''+addy_text649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225+'<\/a>';/*]]>*/.