Please, Daldry, Stephen, Billy Elliot (Texts and Human Experiences), HSC English Advanced – Texts and Human Experiences – Study Guide, Experiences of resistance against authority. Props are also used at important moments of tension in the film. hޤ�mo�8ǿ�_��T���ժP�[��N�۞T�E�F$����' �!K�ҙd�c���jA�Z��(�UV��"�k!l�:��CLb #�9��p� `$��Hµ��R�H���`�`R�dUG�U���8� ��DJ����H�XVi:��f��3�I��e��&�M�b��b�=���@� �����X'�?+�E��D���k/���t�(�x�H6�Y���__��:?�(��̊'!Y�.uW�gqAzN�g:����1n��? The ending of the film suggests compromise, rather than absolute victory. These clashes are frequently demonstrated in the film, and they symbolise a broader conflict between democratic or populist wills and technocratic or authoritative forces. For Billy, dance allows him to express his ‘real’ identity irrespective of gender norms or cultural practices, and his description of dance as ‘electricity’ towards the end of the film is fitting. When Billy’s father is looking to sell the jewellery, and goes to a store to do so, Daldry uses framing and composition to suggest his internal conflict. ?�����U�,��N��H�,&�g"���v|�ŰO�^��=��$+��8��?L_�QL�a��+I狂�Hћ�lv%���e)�8ϊ� {�����RJ�����*��t�l�ׇ|gO���2��M}��r�-��aIr�MO��$~I�9Q���o�ܸ��N�d�:�/�yp��t]��o5o�a��/9�+#�㻟f�5��,�o�[ ���ᥔ�� �s�wO�u�������[�"�����o\��k?�f9�-}L�~�M��q���E� �[Y�53�@o� ��=��)|A~[꽡~�^�� �x;y;m*�S{��4o� k�p�Q�!Cms��]ض$�UT0��8^��@���q��s��Y��a_�1bQ���MR��1��|{��œ���`���j�1\E\ ��5�b��M\�f \���P�0QX:Y��8]&�P>q�5����h4�c�~ۤ���ɣU�B��Y�.��{" 89�e�6$,�¸��وh�� �P�0n$'FTR E������K+I�d� k%�H���p�P��[(;���b��Pd��.=�����2@����?���YJ]� �[� ����T�Sئ`Z{^0u-���A�uz�/_ڪi��&TS\��^+��a�l� �vO����ʉ�W)��W#�1�*��⽯�A7C��Y%_m��M�{��l-�x0�r�C��e��(�a�.���Uu�վSL����b In this common module students deepen their understanding of how texts represent individual and collective human experiences. ����b8�c����i�浿I�eײ.e�� U] ����h�P���ib��ʭk��jP�/K�d�K�_`�_�F[sV]�f���m���B��}�X���e���ѯ%�i�~I��T�Z�쇨j�s���S�+[��F��@��Z�jw��d����nV!i1��� Furthermore, your response must always consider how language and form (so in this case, the ‘language’ of cinema) is used to convey these notions or to manipulate the audience’s experience of the text.

Students will explore and analyse the ways texts show these experiences.

Do not copy from this work. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion When Billy finds his grandma in the field and escorts her away, we see riot police in the background. Through Billy and Michael, he displays forms of individualism that suggest that our identity comes from a more mysterious and unique source. Are you sure you want to remove this item from your cart? More gendered contrasts are seen in two recurring props: the boxing gloves and the feet. This compositional juxtaposition serves to indicate one of the key tensions in the film, between Billy’s creative spirit and his oppressive, socio-politically wrought context. Journalist and presenter Gloria Hunniford speaks to a very young Jamie Bell about being catapulted into the limelight with the movie release of 'Billy Elliott' First shown on channel 5 in 2000. The clothes of Billy’s family – his brother and father in particular – are generally oversized, dark and more masculine. Welcome back to another CLEAR blog post. You will analyse texts not only to investigate the ideas they represent about human experiences but also how they deliver these ideas. Members of the NUM – the National Union of Miners – conducted massive and widespread strikes, often resulting in violent clashes with police. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. For instance, when Billy first joins the dance class, a dolly shot pulls back through rows of dancer’s feet, mostly girls dressed in ballet attire. 751 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<46C2098FB26FE44F8E345ABB6377216D><481FAB9B5CBF94448357DEAF42643212>]/Index[737 39]/Info 736 0 R/Length 83/Prev 470626/Root 738 0 R/Size 776/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Daldry implies the steady breakdown of rigid traditionalism that occurs between generations, a kind of social awakening that mirror’s Billy’s own awakening to dance. His relative scale increases, and this subtle effect hints at what’s to come. Individualism is celebrated as the all-powerful force of our lives, a message reinforced to the audience in the final shot of the film as a grown-up Billy leaps on stage during a production of ‘Swan Lake’. Conditions. Update your browser to view this website correctly. For Billy, he feels the authority of his father – and the traditional gender roles that he promotes. They may have positive or negative implications. Interesting to note some things, such as great things predicted for the film. It is clear that neither Billy nor Michael fit into the ‘structure’ of their time, and at times it seems like the structure may overpower them into submission. London WC1R 4HQ. Grandmother essay in hindi wikipedia and elliot essay human texts Billy experiences essay checker academic what should an analytical essay include benefits of free health care essay child labor essay causes and effects. And if being punched in the face is meant to disempower Billy, then the opposite soon occurs: a dolly shot (a shot where the camera moves closer or further from the subject) is used by Daldry to show Billy’s steady empowerment through dance. Later on, when Billy dances and runs home, his steps are in time with the music. Themes of the film are discussed in greater detail below, but you should remember to link them back to these rubric-centred ideas. When Mrs Wilkinson confronts Billy’s family, and Billy resorts to dancing angrily to vent his emotions, the claustrophobic, brick-walled setting serves as another reminder of the various social norms and authorities that constrict Billy.