The command "TP Here" is used to teleport a player to himself. The command "/ eclipse" is similar to the "/ bloodmoon" command.

/item /item Description: Spawns the specified amount of the selected item into your inventory. Once you’ve downloaded the latest version, extract everything inside the file! There is frequent moderation of the area to both prevent and ban griefers. To the right of your inventory, click the Library button.

Below you will find a list of all the Terraria console commands that can help you adjust your server and the players in it as well as helping you to close everything down when you are ready to call it an evening. The command "/ reply (short / r)" is used to respond to the private message.

Sitemap, motd=[Please don’t cut the purple trees! When you’re happy with what you’ve added, click the ‘Save Player’ button to the right of ‘Load Player’. Promote your own Free Items server to get more players. The command can be used in ingame as well as via the web interface console. Teleports the player XYZ to the player ZYX. ]. Search for the item you want, and enter its specified ID here. : There is effectively no limit to how many things and how big a thing you can build.

Navigate back to your Terraria saves folder, and overwrite your save file with the new one you’ve just downloaded. is not affiliated with any game(s) on this page. If the archive is not extracted you will lose any settings configured once the server shuts down.

Lastly, enter the command /auth to receive your super admin status. World size is specified by: 1(small), 2(medium), and 3(large). The command "/ buff" can be used to give itself a "buff" (e.g., invisibility). / Tphere XYZ .XYZ is now teleported to your position. I recommend leaving this at 7777 as it’s needed for TShock’s REST API. Multiplayer item spawning will require the use of mods or plugins. The "Reload" command is used via the Web Interface Console to reload all plugins. The "off" command is used to safely shut down the server. The command "/ mute" or "/ unmute" is used to mute a player or allow him to write again. You are required to be hosting the server in order to use these commands. This everyone, is our terraria server. However, a registered account is required. See "annoy". Once the server starts up, you’ll see a message in your console telling you to enter the command /auth in order to become a super admin. Note, however, that the player can be killed with a "oneshot" (More harm than living). The servers shop (free-items) has every single item (except raw materials.. working on that) in the game. The command "/ hardmode" is used to enable the highest level of difficulty on the server.

?==Slap== The command "/ slap" is used to hit another player. From here, click the category you’re interested in or use the search function to find the item you want and drag it into your inventory. We could not find an effect. Confuse is supposed to confuse the player. The command "/ serverpassword" is used to change the server's password. Once you’ve downloaded the latest version, extract. After, enter the command /user add superadmin. "/ Buffplayer" allows only one player to give a buff. Start your server by running TerrariaServer.exe (came with your TShock download). Select your server port. Follow these steps to achieve that: Now that you have the proper privileges, you can use the command below to spawn items. Home / Terraria / Terraria Item IDs & Item Spawning Guide.

Allows friends to join the server or sets it to private if Steam is enabled. For example, write XYZ ZYX. On this server you can gain every type of item that is available in the game as a sprite and know itemID. It does come with some system requirements, although nothing too over the top: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (Windows Users), If you’re not able to handle that on your current computer, consider purchasing a Terraria server from a gameserver host. Defaults to "banlist.txt" in the working directory. What is the ´Free Item´ server? Select the world you want to run on the server. After selecting it, your save will load into the app. Replace the below command with. If you write only TP is teleported to the spawn. For example: "/ me is now making a coffee" ingame heist it then "XYZ is now making a coffee". Gives the player 1 torch, but you can also write instead of torch the name of the name of the item: The command "TP" is used for teleporting and can only be used in ingame. The command "/ heal" is used to heal itself completely. Want to directly give other users items? The command "/ spawnrate" is used to adjust the rate of spawns. Replace the below command with /giveitem . The command "/ whisper" (short / w) is used to write a private message to another player. After installing TShock, you’ll need to make yourself an Admin before you can use any commands. The command "/ home" allows the player to teleport directly to the spawn. Contact In this case you have to replace XYZ with the player name on the server. Options: 0(normal), 1(expert), Sets the name of the world when using autocreate. It is used to force a "full moon" on the server. Learn more about becoming an Affiliate over on our How-to Affliate Page, If you own a server but don't have a community (Website of some sort), contact us to learn more. Choose the username and password you want linked to your account in this step. – the amount of the item you want to spawn. The command "/ grow" is used to make plants and trees grow. See "annoy". Shutdown the server without saving the world. The port is 7776 now, this should fix problems with the port now working The exit command is the only way your server should be downgraded.