According to BIV, Telus claims it’s suffering irreparable harm and damage to its reputation as a result of Shaw’s ad campaign. (Shaw 30mbs vs Telus 300mbs) The two things that scared me from changing to Telus were the long wait times when trying to get technical help. Edmonton's Local Subreddit! I haven't tried Shaw's new Blue Sky TV yet but historically the UI on Telus boxes has been a lot nicer and more intuitive.

Shaw is still offering 50mbps? [Innovation Credit Union] Both offer acceptable service. Shaw did give me a deal recently for even faster internet, free basic cable for a year all for the same price I … Shaw dispatched a 3 techs before they found out our neighborhood was saturated. DJI officially unveils new ‘Mini 2’ drone starting at $570... iPhone 12 mini charges slower via MagSafe than other iPhone 12 models. It’s asking for …

Stick with Shaw. From what I can tell, there are some pros and cons to each, some people love Bluesky, others Optik. Handy package tracking app OneTracker doesn’t need to scan your ... Kingdom Rush is the best tower defence action around [Game of the Month]. (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Manage Consent Do Not Sell My Data). From an internet perspective, I'm happy with Shaw. So to conclude I was once treated poorly by Shaw, switched, Telus was worse so I switched back. Facebook introduces new Messenger ‘Lite’ app for Android a... Science News & Discoveries keeps you up-to-date on the world of s... Windows Mixed Reality Review: A foot in the virtual door. This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases.

Can you please tell me your findings on what's better and or worse when comparing Picture quality and ease of use, the overall experience. Didn’t need a speed increase and Telus doesn’t provide any reasonable services in my area, so limited competition. However, Shaw can't compete with TELUS PureFibre for sure (if you live in fibre enabled area). Further, Telus says that FTTH is a superior product compared to the “lower-performance coaxial cable” that connects Shaw customers to its DOCSIS service. Cadillac Fairview collected millions of shoppers’ images without con... Google fixing Chrome bug that doesn’t follow requests to delete ... 1 in 4 Canadian organizations say they faced COVID-19 themed cyberatta... Telus-owned Medisys discloses data breach affecting 60,000 clients. Got Shaw to agree to $90/month for another 2-year 600 Agreement. Currently with Shaw but open to switching to Telus. Join Date Jan 2008 Location Sidewall … Pricing has stayed consistent with no surprises.

No overage fees. RedFlagDeals for iOS and Android makes it easy to stay on top of the latest Canadian deals, flyers and freebies from wherever you are! Thanks in advance. I've been back and forth between Telus and Shaw for many years. The key differences are: -Telus shows the HD channels first, and makes it difficult to select a SD channel unless you are looking for it.

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In the past 10 years I have never been refused an onsite visit by the call centre. I’ve been known to say I’d have to be water boarded to get me to ever agree to going back to Shaw! It seemed like the requests went missing ;-). Viewer Experience podcast Ep. Sounds like I am a Shaw shill, I'm not, been happy with their internet but even if I wasn't this would probably keep me with them. Node congestion with Shaw isn’t even a problem anymore in most areas. Shaw ran a campaign saying thry were doing away with on site fees. Didn’t need a speed increase and Telus doesn’t provide any reasonable services in my area, so limited competition. I called 1-888-481-1081 (shaw retention) at the end of internet 600, TV and HBO/Crave for $150/mth. I'm in Alberta and I have Telus DSL.

I'd always have periodic downtime, needing to call in and have them poke something while I power cycled for the third or fourth time. I also preferred the VOD and PPV set up on telus as well. Virtual keyboard leaked the personal data of 31 million of its users o... Stranger Things season 2 is coming to Netflix Canada this Friday, Samsung Bixby Voice Hands-on: Work in progress, Draw yourself with Toronto-developed Etch A Sketch IT! Check out VMedia. It depends. I have to agree with you on this. On the Telus website, the deal for both Internet and TV is already better. You can now join the beta waitlist for Facebook’s Horizon VR pla... Pokémon Go Fest 2020 to be a global virtual event. Former COVID Alert app developer talks privacy, misconceptions and tra... Pokémon Sword and Shield’s ‘Crown Tundra’ DLC was w... Infinity is a great open-source option for browsing Reddit on Android ... Pikmin 3 Deluxe revives the modern classic for the Switch. Shaw's interface is way behind the times, Telus is a lot more easy to use. Sadly the WEE network app isn't compatible with my android tv box.

Two of my family members just renewed with Shaw for less money / more service than last year. Shaw is asymmetric (different upload/download). Shaw shows every channel available so half of the time when I go to watch something, I do not have subscription. So pick whoever offers you the best rate plan if just for TV ONLY.

See what they give. TELUS does provide the WWE network but I prefer the interface from a roku box or using a laptop with a HDMI output to the TV. You can do so much better if you call when they have promotional offers going on. It's also rock solid. I've upgraded to Shaw 150 and the service has been rock solid. if Telus PureFibre isn’t available, Shaw offers much higher speeds, you value fast download speeds, and you don’t care about the fastest upload speeds: Go with Shaw. Telus treats dsl data like cell phone data so they charge you for each gig over you use. Bell’s work from home plans extend tentatively to November and b... Telus keeps part of its workforce home until at least 2021. A subreddit for Telus, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada. If anyone is on Telus, I made a chart of the new usage charges.The dotted line on each row signifies the average monthly usage level where you should move up. When Telus was installed, they brought me 3 wireless 4 K boxes.