But has there been testing done there and if not, is there plans to do testing there? Hospitalizations are above 600. And we’ll have those discussions to make sure that we have testing available. Millions of Americans lined up today to add their votes to the more than 100 million already cast as President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden await the outcome of the election. Can I ask you is that the number of samples collected for testing or the number of completed test results we have? To Mr. Lee [Stingson 00:40:54]. Andrea Johnson, from Columbus. Speaker 5: (16:13) According to attorneys, the school district singled out the third grader and robbed her of her constitutional rights. Tate Reeves will announce additional measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 at a 2:30 p.m. news conference Monday. We’re trying to work hard. ZJ Grimes is a two year old. The goal has not been to eradicate the virus because it’s not realistic. And so we are trying to push resources to those communities where we’re seeing clusters and outbreaks and Moss Point is a fine example of that. Reeves, I am a second grade teacher, a public school advocate and a mom,”, “The reopening of schools in this environment is a major challenge. M as in Mississippi.

We’ve seen impact in this age group before with other infectious diseases including things like West Nile and influenza. And I get where you’re going. Dobbs also shared a report from schools that revealed 25 COVID-19 positive cases in students in various school districts across the state including in Webster, Tippah, Tate, Pontotoc, Jones, Forrest, Jackson, Holmes, Lowndes and Union counties. “Gov. Education advocates say already cash-strapped school districts can’t handle the demands of virus preparation and warn that students, teachers and staff will suffer. Tuesday is Election Night across the United States, and we’re all watching closely as results begin to come in. State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs in a video session on Friday with the Mississippi State Medical Association said he believes in-person school reopening should wait, at least until September. When we think about some of the things that we need to do as Mississippians, one of the things I want to remind individuals is if you do get tested, if your physician has enough of the suspicion for you to be tested for COVID-19. Governor Reeves: (43:24) Bradley Morell loves Fortnite and Disney World. It is critically important that you do everything you can to take care of yourself. John Davis Causey, from Greenville.

Thank you, Rhett. It’s the reason that we made the decision as we were going into what we believe would potentially be the peak resource allocation time period. Dr. Byers: (16:19) Editorial cartoons and photo essays are not included under the Creative Commons license and therefore do not have the "Republish This Story" button option. Happy birthday, Chad Bryden and Aaron Sanders, who turn 16 today. Those closures can happen safely now, with a comprehensive plan in place, or it can happen when the first outbreak happens, or when the unthinkable happens and we lose a member of a school community. Do you have any more information on the testing in the DOC [inaudible 00:27:24] test results that are still being waited on? Governor Reeves: (38:37) All rights reserved. The governor said in May less than 4,000 were hospitalized with coronavirus with around 600 in ICU. We were over 21,000 test in Mississippi yesterday.

Governor Reeves: (09:15) Give today and NewsMatch will double the impact of your tax-deductible donation. Mississippi is well-known for our trauma care system. Steven Rogers loves baseball, hunting, and fishing. [Ainsley Herron 00:02:28] from Batesville has a birthday today. She had a party, she says, with just her mom, her dad, and her siblings, and they made the best of it. The governor was very clear on when we would have those beds available, which would be prior to when they would be needed and we’ve all been looking toward that date as being our peak time period. That’s the time that you need to start isolating. Governor Reeves: (30:42) Gov. Stay patient; you’ll get there. Governor Reeves: (38:16)

October 19, 2020 at 2:29 PM CDT - Updated October 19 at 4:05 PM, Request a First Alert Weather School Visit, Numbers continue to rise across the state, Kanye West received over 3,000 votes in Mississippi on Election Day, Juveniles face terroristic threat charges for social media posts against McLaurin High, Biloxi men accused of shooting 96-year-old over a dog, say authorities, Lawsuit filed after school bans girl’s ‘Jesus loves me’ mask, Madison County looking at two options for courtroom expansion. And so what I would say to the people of Mississippi is, do not allow the financial challenges that were either preexisting before COVID-19, or that are now a challenge because of the economic disaster that is before us, do not allow that to keep you from going and seeking help and seeking testing at our test sites, which we have moved around the state. Tates Reeves accentuated the positive Tuesday at his statewide news conference. You can do that as well. Kendall Middleton is a kindergarten at Canton Academy, happy birthday, Kendall. Y’all have to race to it, but we’re going to get those back open just as soon as it’s safe for all Mississippians. Governor Reeves: (36:18) Governor Reeves: (02:03)

This station is part of Cox Media Group Television. Those initial beds would be readily available within that timeline and can surge greater if we needed that. Governor Reeves: (24:58) Kiera Smith, eating crawfish and playing basketball is what she loves to do, and I do too. [Jazlyn 00:43:20] Ross from Indianola, happy birthday, Jazlyn. The individuals who are elderly in our population. As we wait for a vaccine, our mission is the same as it ever was: to prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. To lead up to these deaths, so. And Cameron Weaver, Cameron Weaver is the daughter of Commander of Camp McCain, Colonel Richard Weaver, she turned 14 yesterday, happy birthday, Cameron. Governor Reeves: (39:04) Thank you. We have teams that are doing engineering assessments and other items. Dr. Byers: (15:47) And the right outcome longterm for kids is that they are in an environment that is loving and produces and provides an educational opportunity.”. I know that’s hard. Dr. Robin Shattock, one of the scientists behind another vaccine developed by Imperial College London, says it’s possible several vaccines will be needed to stop the pandemic.