He plays a HELLUVA drag queen! Michael K Williams is a pleasure to watch on Hap and Leonard it's a shame the series is over 3 seasons wasn't enough. Hey, I used to be a stripper, okay, so I understand. Rofl! Acting like she aint used 2 none.

"I'm just more interested in a person being on the same level, if not higher, than what I'm on. Good for her!! Everything she said in that Essence interview ? Speaking of Atlanta, Pastor Cal is the lead pastor at Progression church in the peach city. She was young, she was looking for a way to make some money…. !” she wrote on Instagram... “The love Of my life @bkbmg this man gives me goose bumps!!! Being gay in my opinion is a sexual preference so why should you have to announce to the world what u prefer..people fake for so long then want sympathy and understanding when they can't hide any longer or they feel courageous it's time for gay people to just live I'm worn out on their agendas sheesh. “Push It.” LOL. I believe Essence but I’m not sure.In that article he spoke about he drug use, growing up in Brooklyn and other things. what you want me to bring in the way of refreshments?

Before settling down with Williams, Smith married her manager Keith Douglas in 2010 after one year of dating. Oh no we won't bih. (said her and her niece made 'em 0_0 ...chile, wont have me with the hurling leprosy and defugg fever, no Ma'am! But now we have confirmation that the rumors about Tasha may ring true. The “For Better or For Worse” couple join us on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” where they open up completely about their relationship. / Watch, Beyoncé is Down with the Biden/Harris Ticket: ‘Come Thru Texas!’, Trump Announces ‘National Day of Remembrance’ for Americans Killed by Illegal Immigrants, Folks Are Thanking Stacey Abrams Directly for Putting Georgia in Play for Democrats (Video), Black 4th Grader with Autism Sues Nashville School District Over ‘Let’s Make a Slave’ Lesson (Video), Rhode Island Votes to Remove Racist Portion of State’s Official Name (Video), Lord Ha’ Mercy: Paula White Accuses ‘Demonic Covenants’ of Rigging Trump’s Re-Election (Watch), ‘We Are All Going to Congress’: Cori Bush Delivers Powerful Acceptance Speech; Set to Join ‘The Squad’ (Watch), Amanda Meadows & Husband Geoffrey Golden Host New ‘Dirt Cheap’ Podcast / EUR Exclusive / Watch, Yamiche Alcindor and April Ryan Speak with Jemele Hill About Covering Donald Trump and More / LISTEN, RADIOSCOPE RAW Podcast: Our Uncut 1989 Interview with Stephanie Mills / LISTEN, Entrepreneur JoAnn Scaife Launches Intriguing New Weekly Podcast, Black History Matters 365, RADIOSCOPE RAW Podcast: Our Uncut 1989 Interview with Kool Moe Dee. From left to right: When Love Kills Cast Tami Roman, Niatia ‘Lil’ Mama’ Kirkland, Lance Gross, and director Tasha Smith. Lol. I remember thinking ????? When you are young beauty is a given, when older thats amazing.

Hope it works out they look good together. BOOTY ME DOWN! The shelter? However, Tasha recently opened up that she was ready to get hitched again.

Like Harriet told the slaves. Babyyyy Sade was in LOVE and the lyrics to lots of her songs clearly displayed that. His azz was tooo lazy 2 pay for her round trip 2 fla on valuejet for 150.00 n she talking bout his azz tooo death. No fuks given. He and his wife Wendy have a marriage coaching organization that offers marriage and relationship conferences, boot camps, and seminars worldwide. I couldn't imagine making millions and marrying a ninja who can't match or surpass me.

love both of them. i know right I was like thinking...was I ever there during that time cuz bish was gonna file a BIIIG suit on ole Kennestone ROFL! I seldom saw him with men or women except his baby mama/wife. I would go from the comedy club to the strip club, do a quick 3-4 hour set…go back to the strip club. Give them one sheet and one sheet only.

They look so good together!!!!

Lord, please let it be real. !” Tasha & Michael (whom I attended two separate SAG conversation pieces with) both have ALPHA personalities. Come to find out, he didn't even finish high school. I know Aalyiah said dust it off & try again but damn ... She got a 4 year marriage annulled. Minnie Riperton is a favorite of mine as well. For the most part Sandra posts news about celebrities. Tasha is one of the best black actresses in Hollywood.

How you pump someone else's brakes though? What a beautiful couple!!" For me, I needed to support my comedy career, my acting career. I was like "Ok so what do you need from me hun?"

I sure would with my ss# scratched out of course ? ALWAYS! WATCH EUR’s Exclusive Clip from Storefront Church Drama ‘Free in Deed’, WATCH Jason Mitchell (Eazy-E in ‘Straight Outta Compton’) Act A Fool on Delta (Someone Took His First Class Seat), ‘SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical’ Hails the Queen of Disco, Tasha Smith Says Michael K. Williams is ‘The Love of My Life’, Actress Tasha Smith Examines Mental Dysfunction with Directorial Debut, Stars of TV One’s ‘When Love Kills’ Film Domestic Violence PSA (Watch), WATCH as the Stars Gather to Witness the Love That ‘Kills’ (EUR Exclusive), Your email address will not be published. Still crushing on my beautiful dress by @jordansmithng for the opening of @payporte offline store… Y’all need to go shopping. As if somebody took it to him w/an ax. Nothing more or less. He must have been really snooping cause that had to be among many messages in her phone. This will clear up the gay rumors that he's often labeled with.

: Cynthia Bailey Reportedly Out and Offered Reduced #RHOA Role to Make Room for Phaedra Parks, Mike Pence Invites Candace Owens to White House for Talks on Race Relations, Trapped in the Closet?