With the complete Texas Food Manager Certification program, you may take the prep course and/or the exam separately or as a package. I love this site and will be spreading the word!

It’s fast and very easy.

Thank you for the convenient, user-friendly online TABC certification course! Home page for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. It was very user-friendly and the process of getting TABC certified was way faster than the others.

If you just passed an on-site or online TABC certification class and don’t see your information in the database though, don’t worry about it and keep checking back.

You may choose not to be transferred to this website.". Copyright ©2020 Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

I wanted to thank you so much for your TABC certification online course. There is no charge to search, view, and print your TABC certification record from the TABC database.

Here’s how you do it: That’s it! Welcome to the TABC Training dot org website. TABC On The Fly is Kroger’s choice for TABC certification! Seller Server School: Order Seller Server Certificate Numbers. Search for and create lists of licenses and permits (pending and final) with administrative violations. Your TABC Certification is valid for two years from the date of issue. Employees who obtain TABC Certification - Texas alcohol seller-server training - are able to prevent sales to minors, recognize signs of intoxication, and effectively intervene to prevent problem situations. Create a list of licenses and permits with an inactive status. You can get your TABC Seller Server Certification in just a few easy steps – complete the online course, pass a short multiple-choice final exam, and get your certificate immediately. Great presentation and website! In fact, you can even use this as proof of certification if you happen to lose your certificate!

An individual’s information found on TABC’s website is considered official proof of certification.

The customer service was incredible!

I will absolutely let my coworkers know about your online TABC certification course! I appreciate your TABC certification online course using real scenarios instead of cheesy skits. Verify the status and other information on license/permit or to check the status of a pending license. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our Public Inquiry System, please send them to, Copyright © 2020, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, All rights reserved.Last Updated: 8/31/2020, How to obtain a list of licenses and/or permits.

Steps 1-3 are required.

Roster How to obtain a list of licenses and/or permits Fill out the desired criteria below. You can search for labels by: TABC certificate number; Permit or license number; Brand name; Type (malt beverage, wine or spirits) Approval date; Trade name; Alcohol by volume content; TTB number This is a great tool for both seller-servers and managers during the hiring process, and the TABC says a printout of this page directly from their website showing you have a current TABC certification is just as good as a certificate.

Literally saving people. Your online TABC certification course was great.

As a Food and Beverage Program Manager for the Army, your online TABC certification class was great in representing the proper guidelines for serving alcohol in the state of TX.

TABC Texas Underage Drinking Hotline In November 1999, the toll free complaint number, 1-888-THE-TABC, received a new name – Texas Underage Drinking Hotline – and became the subject of a : pin. This system may be unavailable on Tuesdays between 6:00pm and 11:00pm (CST) for maintenance. Most employers and all TABC staff will accept a print out of your TABC certification record as proof that you are certified. This system may be unavailable on Tuesdays between 6:00pm and 11:00pm (CST) for maintenance. Now you can earn your Texas food manager certification entirely online anytime.

We will continue to recommend this program. Take your TABC training online from a source you can trust.

The online alcohol seller-server safety TABC certificate program provided by texas.sellerserverclasses.com meets the certification requirements of barstaff, drinks servers, alcohol sellers, vendors and security staff working for employers in cities and counties within Texas. This site is awesome. We are a member in good standing with the BBB.

No more driving to attend an on-site class.

It’s so nice to have a TABC certification site that allows you to do the course much faster, especially for those of us who have been in the industry for a decade. Click “Certificate Inquiry” link on the left side of the screen. Everything is explained in simple English and the voiceover is wonderful. of licenses or permits.' Click the following link to PRINT a copy of your certificate to sell or serve alcohol.

In addition, Step 1 or Step 2 must contain an entry that does not call all records.

Your TABC certification online course was fast and informative.

For detailed disclaimer and policy information, please click on the Disclaimer link found at bottom of the page. TABC On The Fly’s course put the necessary information in terms that an inexperienced server can understand, recall, and relate – without wasting a week to accomplish!

Join the hundreds of thousands of Texas bartenders, cashiers, servers and consumer delivery drivers who have obtained TABC certifications. Thanks! ), (This link opens an excel or pdf Find more information on: TABC Permits, Types of TABC Licenses, & TABC News for Bars & Restaurants. Your online TABC certification course was crazy easy and 10 bucks was cheap! This system may be unavailable on Tuesdays between 6:00pm and 11:00pm (CST) for maintenance.