Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. (We’re not getting a sandbox, no matter how some much players want one.) If you do manage to get through that protection and get G$ to kneel, you’re faced with getting through the 501st allies before G$ stands back up (very few teams can survive multiple topples). Speed or protection arrow with great secondary speed, protection triangle, protection circle, protection cross. Even if this IS what’s on its way, we don’t know when or in what form.

General Kenobi (This zeta can rise higher if you have GK at G13 and a lot of Relics, but you don’t want him taunting too much if he can’t take the beating). While you must have more than the minimum requirements, this guide will help you get it with less than the Recommended specs in the Journey Guide. That is absolutely insane. <<>>Image or list of specific character synergy. 6 days ago - /u/EA_UltraSlide. 3 Turn Cooldown, Force Grip Attack Fives and get him dead asap. Try to control G$ with fear and stuns and kill him. Your email address will not be published. Details of how to use and mod General Skywalker within specific teams can be found on the following pages: <<>> Information on abilities or mechanics that can counter the buffs, debuffs, and mechanics in this units kit. And the reason why it’s almost unbeatable is by design, as the developers wanted to create a raid boss for players to unlock. If you can make your DR faster than your opponent’s G$’s actual speed, proceed to option A. He gets +25% defense, +25% tenacity, and +15% protection for each 501st ally (basically all comps will have 4 501st allies, giving him +100% defense and +60% protection increase which makes it very difficult to get through his protection and it’s essentially impossible to land most debuffs). Each time you hit G$, he counters back (anyone who double attacks takes 2 back, assists and stealthed toons of course don’t suffer counters). So let’s synthesize all of that: in order to even attempt the event that will allow you to unlock General Skywalker at five stars (presumably to have to then still farm the rest through stores, though that’s unconfirmed), you will need to have 18 different characters leveled up to elite levels. ( Log Out /  Community News, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, SWGOH Characters, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, SWGOH - Mods, SWGOH Characters. This team is the most zeta heavy and requires the most legendaries unlocked from other events in the journey guide. Starting tomorrow, October 11th, this event is expected to be one of the toughest events in the history of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Modding is MOST important! But there’s more, because if all his allies are defeated, you can’t critically hit General Skywalker and he’ll be gaining +35% turn meter after every enemy turn. Vinny_Vader_Vedi. Your choices are to barrel through Fives who counters (and hits pretty hard himself), or to kill another clone ally which triggers his sacrifice (from his. With the recent release of relics (a bad idea in and of itself, but that’s for another time), I would be shocked if this event weren’t geared toward needing characters to have decently high relic levels too. ... It’s funny how one of the oldest events was the most enjoyable. Protection primaries on triangle, cross and circle are preferred to help him survive but don’t give up speed. However, with the current General Skywalker bug (retaliating before going into cover), I have been unable to kill Anakin, only twice ever having him 1 red bar left - ultra frustrating.

His mechanics feel so true to the character, and he came with a very important new ability called “Fracture”. The return of the General Skywalker event would be a good way to kick that off. Whenever General Skywalker critically hits an enemy during his turn, increase their cooldowns by 1 (excluding raid bosses), which can't be resisted. Thanks so much to my guildmate Yog who posted this single G13 successful attempt on P4 of the General Skywalker event in the … Press J to jump to the feed. But with that having been said, defeating GS, especially a 7-star version, if no easy task. function changeStats(val){

Get Fear up on the team by using the insanity move on G$. I’m not saying that all events must be easily accessible for early game players (of course not! Speed arrow is a must. I focus on getting as much offense and cd on her as is possible while staying above 120 additional speed. To give you an example of what this can look like done well, I think Grand Admiral Thrawn might just be the most well-designed kit in the game. The event consists of four tiers, one of which involves only event toons you do not need to farm, a Galactic Republic fleet battle, a Galactic Republic Battle, and a Separatists Battle as you relive the events of the Battle of Kamino. If you’re looking to start the game, my advice to you: at this point, why bother? He gets +25% defense, +25% tenacity, and +15% protection for each 501st ally (basically all comps will have 4 501st allies, giving him +100% defense and +60% protection increase which makes it very difficult to get through his protection and it’s essentially impossible to land most debuffs). There was little more said than “we are hard at work” –or something to that effect– but that coupled with the focus on Clone Wars content, General Anakin was a logic guess. While addressing the much desired second coming of Malak to the game, it was announced that the powers that be are already hard at work on the next Malak-style event. He needs to be fast (110 additional speed preferred but we’ve seen less work). But if General Skywalker doesn’t have protection, he’ll be immune to any damage or status effects, have his speed set to zero, and recover 10% protection and turn meter at the end of every turn. Speed set (last 2 mods, again, don’t matter set wise). Here are the minimum requirements needed to even attempt the event, all seven stars: (1) Anakin’s Eta-2 Starfighter (40,000+ Galactic Power (GP)), (2) a Galactic Republic Capital Ship (40,000+ GP), (3-5) three other Galactic Republic ships (40,000+ GP), (6) Ahsoka Tano (17,700+ GP), (7) C-3PO (17,700+ GP), (8) General Kenobi (17,700+ GP), (9) Padme Amidala (17,700+ GP), (10) Shaak Ti (17,700+ GP), (11) Asajj Ventress (17,700+ GP), (12) B1 Battle Droid (17,700+ GP), (13) B2 Super Battle Droid (17,700+ GP), (14) Droideka (17,700+ GP), and (15) IG-100 MagnaGuard (17,700+ GP). The point is, not all internet rumors have legs to stand on. But Fracture also took Thrawn out of things for a period of time, essentially allowing you to strategically eliminate the threat of one enemy for a while, but while reducing Thrawn’s output during that time too.

Basically, the problems can be partly summed up like this: the developers aren’t putting out much new content whatsoever (which makes you wonder where all this money goes), so we’re left with long dry periods without anything new. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Whenever General Skywalker critically hits an enemy during his turn, increase their cooldowns by 1 (excluding raid bosses), which can't be resisted. But then on Wednesday, the kit for General Skywalker was officially announced. December 2019 General Skywalker Unlock Guide. You won’t find many teams that are better than these in the world. Speed arrow with some extra protection or protection arrow with great secondary speed is preferred. Well, as the developers explained, you have to take out all the other 501st allies in order to get to him. We are also assuming that the team you are fighting is one of the best of the best; a fully Relic 7 team with amazing mods and all of the Zetas. //Hide all gear levels Paragraph for each faction this unit has synergy with. : Focus on Speed/Offense. Literally, in their Q&A about this character, the developers likened him to a raid boss and said that’s what they were going for. document.getElementById(i).style.display = 'none'; DO NOT KILL ANYONE ELSE FIRST! Han should stun Rex to stop him from giving the team 60% turn meter and getting out ahead of you (this is why Han is here). : Focus on Speed/Offense. The final 2 mods don’t matter concerning set. Learn more about Revan at However when he uses the event ability it immediately takes his health back down. Event News & Rumors. : Health/Defense sets (defense mods only truly effective if 6 dot). : Health/Defense sets (defense mods are only truly effective if 6 dot). E.G. And oh yeah, if he’s on an all-501st squad, he has +100% defense, +100% max protection, +100% tenacity, +100% counter chance, and +50% critical chance. You won’t find many teams that are better than these in the world. G12 on every one else would be safe. <<>> Any lore you want to add or just include a link to this characters page. We’ll have to find out, but typically, going into an event with the minimum power level will require tons of tries. The Problem: General Skywalker’s protection has to be cut through before you can attack the other 501st troops. Here’s what the developers said in their Q&A about that word “removes”: We’ve used dispel in the past for characters that need to remove debuffs but General Skywalker has the special keyword, Remove. Attack - Can't EvadeIgnore - DefenseCooldown Reduction - SelfCooldown Reset - SelfCooldown Increase - TargetDispel Debuffs - SelfStacking Reduction - Max HealthCounterTurn Meter Gain - Self. This attack can't be evaded and ignores Defense. So the obvious option seems to be to run Darth Nihilus against Skywalker, since annihilate can actually defeat him, but remember: that ability starts on cooldown, and every time Skywalker critically hits an enemy he’s increasing their cooldowns. CG just announced General Skywalker, and while it’s great news that you don’t have to put any work into Kit Fisto, General Skywalker has the most ambitious requirements of any toon ever released, and our guide will help you navigate the preparations leading up to the event! A guildmate mentioned in discord that this event is actually now harder than before when the first and second Clash on Kamino's were held DUE ENTIRELY to the BUG. We begin the SWGoH Squad Arena Guide here at with How to Beat General Skywalker’s 501st Team.Since his (money grab) addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, General Skywalker has slowly worked his way to the top of the game, due in large part to the ridiculous 5-star unlock of GS and the grind to get the Guild Event Tokens to buy his shards.

Once you get him down to no protection, you can’t target him for a while, so you have to go to work on the other 501st allies – all the while Skywalker is regaining protection and will soon re-emerge to taunt, taking your attention away from the other members and repeating the cycle.

Not only is a Ki-Adi-Mundi event in the works, as well as a much-need upgrade to Master Mace Windu, but a General Anakin epic confrontation event is also on the way.