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[ Home | In Belgium, this color pattern has existed for hundreds of years and it is known as the Yellow-shouldered Ronquière. The reply back was they were cancelling the order since I was being difficult and that they are called poults not chicks. We are feeding Countryside Organics and have 15 healthy turkeys, that are feathering out nicely, active, and alert. We hope you find our site a valuable resource for turkey color genetics info. Please do your research before contacting us. … Day old to 6 week old off heat CHICKS purebred from $15 FRIZZEL ( every colour avail) GLW SLW WELSUMMER AND BANTAM PEKIN AND FEW OTHER BANTAM HENS POL $30 WELSUMMER SILKIE FRIZEL BANTAM BREEDING TRIO IF GOLD LACE WYANDOTTES $100 PULLETS HAVE JUST STARTED TO LAY breeding trio of white leghorn $80 Adult male turkeys $40 Naked neck ROOSTERS x 2 Goslings 8 weeks old no heat needed $50 each both male and female Adult geese $60 each sold in pairs, FOR SALE LIZARD HEAT AND FEEDER ROCK. One is already about 8 inches tall and about 10 inches from tip of beak to end of tail feathers has he stands. PICK UP IN LONGWARRY Finish your poults on a 16% Turkey Finisher ration. Life's just too short. I ordered 16 poults in late August, for September delivery. Warragul saleyards 8-10am $80 each Please keep in mind they are NOT suited or permitted for a suburban back yard, they need acreage. I will also have with me 12 month old isa brown hens $15 each Kevin has been available to respond to every newbie question. document.write("