The market for cameras just launched, so there aren't many listings yet. the tablet I bought was listed as unaltered. What else would you like to see? I bought a tablet with that. and this guy's files. It was a pain in the ass the as I've sold about a dozen items before then a lot faster. For instance, I bought a "good" condition LG G4 to use as a trade in for the Note 8 and the only ones available were from resellers. I got 15 lines I manage for family, friends and I'm a phone geek. Honestly I'm more worried about buyers coming to swappa to scam on PayPal rather than getting scammed by a seller. There was a problem with shipping, they couldn't find the package. I never bought off of Swappa but I have sold a phone through there. But luckily, that doesn't ever happen though (or at least not yet). after I bought it the seller was late in providing shipping info and did not include the accessories that they were including as well as not being all that responsive to emails. Either way you will go through PayPal to get it resolved. Tried to say my payment wasn't accepted and refused to ship until moderators stepped in.

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Thankfully the sales are protected so there is some risk but it’s better than everything but meeting someone face to face at a store to verify nothing is shady with the account. The MacBook Air is a sleek and slim laptop designed with portability in mind. T-Mobile is the second largest wireless carrier in the U.S. offering affordable plans, the fastest network in America, no contract, and no overages. I won't use Swappa for T-mobile phones because if the phone was financed it can be shut off because of the way T-mobile handles IMEI numbers. Probably no one has that kind of patience for such a hassle. What pitfalls do I need to be aware of and how do I navigate the process? However not 100% safe. Are the resellers forthright in their descriptions of the phone's condition? However, it doesn't prevent them from doing it after the sale. I sent them a video and screenshots showing it was through apple but they only accepted a chat log from the carrier confirming a 0 balance. I have bought three devices, all iPhones. I bought from a reseller so they provided no help so to protect myself filled a claim for a return and full refund through PayPal and they didn’t dispute. Apple now has the iPhone Upgrade Program, which is exactly the same as buying an iPhone + AppleCare+. *I know I could do JOD and all that stuff but thats not an option, my parents are the primary user and I hate to bother them to do all this stuff plus they are out of the country currently so I would just like to buy a phone up front. Sellers who have no feedback history might be more of a gamble. The scams that usually happen occur within a few days/weeks. Buying a used or refurbished MacBook means you save even more. I've never had a problem with the exception of accidentally sending my watch in the box with one of the phones and the buyer not sending it back, but that is entirely my fault. We sure try our best though to keep Swappa the safest place to buy & sell used phones! Swappa uses PayPal for their backend payment system and if you don't get the item or don't receive payment you file a claim through the PayPal resolution center. On Demand. “. or should I aim for a more recent macbook? List and sell a few camera items, and help us spread the word, and we'll send you some Swappa swag! We try our best to keep our users safe and when we let a seemingly clean at the time device through that later shows up blacklisted or financed there's always PayPal's Purchase Protection!

If you buy from a trustworthy seller, you could take a chance. That being said I'm a reputable seller and I love selling stuff on swappa because it's 5 or 10 bucks plus PayPal fees, which is way better than PayPal fee's plus 9% or whatever eBay charges. I sold my phone over swappa last year. I'm a swappa seller exclusively of iPhones at this point. Especially worried about IMEI-related stuff. After 12 months, you have the option of upgrading to the latest iPhone, but you have to start over on monthly payments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I agree, it's probably the safest method to buy a used phone, but there is no way to 100% guarantee you will be safe with any used phone. If you're still open to used laptops, Swappa has chromebooks starting around $100. I've used them a few times in the past. Maybe more moron than unethical if his personal files were still on it. Swappa I would say is a little safer in that you know that the phone that you are getting isn't already blacklisted. transaction was simple and painless. It has given me much information and I appreciate it very much! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The S6 Active was from an individual and the Tmobile S6 came from a reseller on swappa and the description of the device was spot on. However, it is financing @ 0% APR for 24 months. It's very difficult to get a claim for condition for the most part, use sellers with high ratings and that show good photos of actual device.You can get some great deals and you can get rid of unwanted devices. I have purchased 9 phones and 1 MacBook on Swappa. Even if they say the phone is mint, verify from them that a phone is free of scratches or blemishes. they took the play store credit and other manufacturer benefits for registering it though. Everything went smoothly for myself and was quick shipping as well. The reason this happens now is most likely getting monthly bill credits instead of instant rebates so people will make the payments for 2 years that are offset instead of losing them possibly by paying the device off. The great thing about PayPal is that like aforementioned by another user, you can dispute any charges and theyll cooperate with you by opening an investigation. But I'm sure some resellers are better than others. We do have wonderful incentives for (first) time sellers, including lower fees than ebay, more safety than other user-to-user markets, and higher sell prices than the middleman offerings. One was still being paid for and even though the imei looked good when I checked it pre sale when I had it on my account I reviewed the warning that it wasn't paid off and may be cancelled. Sadly we can't assume to know an ESN will become blacklisted or show up financed down the road. I refunded the person their money. I mean they tell you on the site to delete any personal info BEFORE YOU SEND THE ITEM. Why 90 days? If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out to us here or send us an email to As for you question "Is Swappa safe?" I withdrew the listing, but I just wanted to let people know. I have been seeing some 2012 macbook airs for about $500 CAD and less which seems like a good price, Would 2012 macbook be able to handle android studio as its quite resource intensive. Press J to jump to the feed. we appreciate the compliments and more so the understanding that we're also just humans who can't read the future and can't prevent every evil doer from slipping through the cracks.

Appreciate it very much! The MacBook Pro features top-of-the-line performance and has two screen size options 13” and 15”. Swappa requires the seller give the IMEI and they verify that it isn't financed. I had to return it.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Should I just get it from Apple and not have to worry about anything. But honestly, I would just buy it straight from Apple. I sold my 6 plus in october and the buyer has just NOW come asking for a refund because the phone is non functional, with proof being a work order from apple from yesterday asking for … I think Apple has it's own EIP that you may take advantage of as well. Most transactions were very smooth. Always check with T-Mobile CS for outstanding balance when buying used phone.

All three devices cellular connected and unlocked, honestly the best recommendation is to just be careful about your purchase and contact the seller asap should any problems arise. Wow, thank you much for the kind words! How many listings do you have so far? The other was an ATT s6 active and it worked no problem, till i swapped my mom over to T-mobile and gave her my old Iphone 6s. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I couldn't get it unlocked and had to return it. I want to thank all the commenters for very solid, useful answers to my inquiry. when I got the tablet it was rooted with a custom rom installed with personal and work related files still on the unit. I here is a good article about it.

Just to test if they could tell if it had a lease or not, I tried to post it. I have bought a couple of phones off swappa and have had good luck.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I hope my instinct isn't true but I feel T-Mobile works this way on purpose so they can control the sale and resale of phones. Also, be extra vigilent in the comment section to ask about the condition, if it's paid off (should be if they are listing it and the IMEI check comes back good), how they ship, etc. One was an S6 for my dad, and he has no problems with the phone what so ever. I buy/sell a lot on Swappa and have had a bunch of great experiences. IMEI checking (for outstanding balance, stolen status), unique code verification in photos to verify authenticity of photos, Paypal payment processing (with Paypal's Buyer Protection service), manually screening submissions....there's still risk because it's online but there's not much more they can do to make it any safer.

Here's a more general guide on what to look for when buying a used MacBook. Wow, sounds like you had an unethical moron of a seller. Like others mentioned, we wouldn't recommend purchasing on Craigslist for a variety of reasons. btw, I still have this tablet. Ive bought a couple, never had a problem. they sent the accessories later at their expense after I told the admins about it.

Second attempt I bought a phone listed for TMobile and it was carrier locked to another brand. As of a few months ago, they could not tell it was leased.

I unfortunately can't recommended swappa after my experiences. I've bought and sold over 50 deals in last 4ish years. It is safe 99% of the time because Swappa does a thorough job screening all the listings. I have been thinking of getting a used macbook air or pro for programming off of ebay, is there anything I should look out for? I've seen some of them having LCD bleeding problems, should I avoid a mac with this type of problems?