Get Hoverboard Sensor Replacement Kit . It needs. Without inspecting your hoverboard, I can only make a general suggestion. If you follow the steps listed above you should be able to figure out what you need to do to be able to fix your hoverboard yourself. The weight of the user and their belongings should not exceed the minimum load indicated in your User Manual, otherwise you may fall and be injured and damage the SwagTron. All of a sudden the motor support is gone. Don’t worry, though; there’s some easy troubleshooting that can be done, and most likely you’ll be able to fix the issue yourself. Disconnect and then reconnect any of the connections you see.

Before you start, familiarize yourself with the operating instructions so that you can operate your unit safely and keep it the best condition. That will let you know the next steps that you need to do. but don’t be fooled. IO Hawk Board Can No Longer Be Sold in the US. You may not be allowed to ride it on sidewalks and streets. If you try to calibrate it when it isn’t level, you will make the situation worse. And eMTBs, too, can display error codes to warn you that something is wrong with the system. Your portable scooter should now be working as intended again. As soon as they change the pattern, let go of the power button. Help please. Your SwagTron has a Li-Ion battery inside that over time loses its “juice” and is no longer able to power your hoverboard. Somehow your hoverboard has an imbalance in gyroscopic sensors that it uses to control itself. First you’ll have to unscrew the 18 screws around the edge of the case.

Each manufacturer uses individual solutions for their battery, software, control unit and display, says Volkmar Rollenbeck, Brose Product Manager for eBikes. For all Levo and Kenevo models, Specialized relies on a Brose motor with a dedicated software that can be configured via the Mission Control App.

It’s like the Red Ring of Death wanted to go for a hoverboard ride with you. We provide 11 coupon codes, 2 promotion sales and also numerous in-store deals and shopping tips for coupon. You will have to recalibrate your hoverboard every few weeks as you notice the alignment begins to get out of sync.

This means: Hoverboard Calibration – Step 1 – Place your self-balancing scooter on a level surface. An awesome team of students from our education program made this wiki. Since these scooters seem to be coming from the same manufacturer with OEM design we presumed that the cause was the same as on the M365. If the bike is dead, it is worth checking these before contacting your dealer for further diagnosis”. We wish you a peaceful, trouble-free ride! The standard replacement wheel for any 10″ hoverboard, this should fit most models. PDF User Manual, SWAGTRON T8 Hoverboard - Switch off the bike completely and wait for approximately 10 seconds. If an error code can’t be corrected immediately after it has been displayed, the bike should be taken to a dealer who can read out the exact error code via a Bluetooth connection to the bike. Fits the Swagway X1, Swagtron T1, and T3. – Size: 17 * 5.7cm– Cable length: 26cm– Motor Power 350w, brushless– Electric braking system– Rated voltage 36V– Rated speed 800rpm– Loading weight 240 lb. I’d like to be able to fix this issue w/o losing the ride for a few weeks. To recalibrate your Swagtron, power the device off completely and place it on a level surface. You’ll also find many helpful tips and a guide to the most exciting eMTB trends – all of this is wrapped in a high quality print format. This is especially true when riding downhill, as the SwagTron may reach unsafe speeds. When going through doors, remember you are four inches (10 cm) taller on the SwagTron. To make things a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list with all common error combinations. Taking your feet off the SwagTron while riding may be dangerous. More than 250 pages of extensive buyers advice, tons of eMTB know-how as well as reviews of the 35 most exciting eMTBs and the 7 best motors. Swagtron Coupon Code (30% OFF Working Discount Codes) Description. What are you doing testing your hoverboard while it’s upside-down? Swagtron will send me a replacement, but after I send mine in.

Seven or eight flashes of the LED indicate that the gyroscope inside the hoverboard is defective or damaged, and may need to be replaced. In this case, cleaning the sensor with a cloth will get you out of trouble. A beeping Hoverboard could be alerting you that something is not quite right. The drivetrain is not configured correctly, which can result in the drivetrain and the Bosch drive system not working together correctly. On Giant eMTBs, error codes are indicated by flashing battery indicators on the display.

Four blinks of the led means the wheel opposite the side the battery is on is damaged and needs to be replaced. You’ve got a bad battery, my friend. You can avoid Shimano’s notorious W013 error code by keeping your feet off the pedals when switching on the motor. You will have to make a decision about what battery you want to replace the defective one with. Multiple reminders on the DIY repair articles that read something like:  “Only attempt to repair your own hoverboard if you feel comfortable performing all of the required steps, and have some technical experience. This bug should be fixed tough :/ I would recommend that you contact SwagTron directly. Now that you’ve let go of the power button push it in again and turn off your hoverboard. If you don’t have a charger, you can buy one here. Download PDF User Manual, Swagtron SwagRoller - STREETSAW HOVERBOARD REPLACEMENT BATTEY. In the event of an error, all battery indicators will flash three times. When I step on my hoverboard, it flashes and beeps.

There are more steps involved to troubleshooting more advanced issues. All Rights Reserved, extended protection plan for your self-balancing scooter, COMPLETE HOVERBOARD COMPONENTS REPLACEMENT KIT, HOVERBOARD REPLACEMENT KIT WITH BLUETOOTH. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver.

If it repeatedly blinks six times in a row, the battery needs to be replaced.

Four blinks of the green light when the hoverboard turns on mean that the wheel on the side opposite the battery is damaged. Here is a guide on how to replace the gyroscope. See if the display is properly engaged and check all visible connection points. Specially designed fire-proof aluminum chamber. UL-2272 Certified; Shop on Thanks, from what Ive read its not always these fixes work but I mean if we can help just a few people get back on the road with as little work involved as possible its a win in my book! However, unlike its competitors, Bosch and Shimano, Brose doesn’t offer a complete system consisting of motor and battery, so there is no uniform fault diagnosis. Click here to see our hoverboards“.

Before we go deeper into the error codes of the individual systems, here are a few general tips on how to solve the most common problems on the fly: If these simple steps don’t do the trick, have a look at the error code and check what it means – it really helps! The issue is similar to that which could occur on the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter in its early stage. The continuously flashing indicator indicates the problem. It’s fixable, but there’re too many things that it could be for me to explain it here. This is a good value replacement circuit board kit for a hoverboard. While learning to use a SwagTron, make sure you have a buddy to help you balance until you are proficient with balancing on your own. The SWAGTRON® Hands Free Smart Board contains the latest technology from SWAGTRON®, including all new features that make riding safer and more fun.