Also am I right in thinking that if I use the stock spacer it will be ok but if I use the VS one it will need 2mm taking off? Well done, only two posts and already I am gettin lost.

Anyone know where I can find the part numbers for the VS1400 drive filler and drain plugs?

thanks for replying simbo, my vs 1400 diff,ex usa.

Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue. Yes rattler, if you have the 1400 plate, which you probably do?, because you got the swing arm too, it's like a metal gasket that goes between the joint of the drive and swing arm, the 3 holes need to match those of the 1400 plate/gasket for the 1400 drive to fit the swing arm.

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You don't have to be an expert to put everything together on your own. I got the intruder VL 800 year of manufacture 2013.

Finding and ordering the right parts is simple.

Subject: Re: Suzuki VS 1400 Final Drive Mod Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:16 pm fat intruder wrote: .why is the top speed less though is it because the vs 1400 has a lower top end might have a look at that Suzuki VS1400 aftermarket mods could be just the thing to get your motorcycle ready for the road once more. I have read this many times and feel it is something that I could easily do, I wonder if I am kidding myself.

this is different from everything I have read on this thread, so Im confused.

It's broke my circlip pliers. Technische Daten, Ersatzteile und Zubehör für SUZUKI VS 1400 INTRUDER findest du in der Louis Bike-Datenbank.

I've found somewhere local that will machine it so I'm ringing them tomorrow. That second gear when you pulled away at the beginning just went on forever, Love it.

I may give it a go. High torque at low revs does nothing for max bhp.

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I am sure Simbo and Mr Intruder will get back to you asap, they are the gurus, Hi Ken, If you have the ability to use a socket set a file and a few other basic readily available tools, You'll be fine, Ken all you have to do is follow the instructions, even I can do that & not screw up & as crash says we're all here to help out ok. just a question( my mechanical skills suks so dont joke on me:)) if im buying the drive with the VS 1400 drive shaft included, do i have to mill this shaft also?

So there are 2 ways to do it. :)), For us that are not that mechanical can somebody point out exactly the parts needed for this mod and where do we get em . all I have done is slot out the mounting holes in the driveshaft cover,as per instructions, then cut off 20 mm off the end of the 1400 driveshaft , ground down the shoulder, as per instructions,then mounted diff in. The ones on mine have been a bit rounded.

In tuning for more power - and hence more torque at high revs - you can end up with lower torque at lower revs and thus reduce the tractability - the ridability due to the spread of power throughout the rev band.

The mystery of the Intruder 800 Highway bars. Personally I think you are not going to be able to do this unless you completely redesign the bike so better to buy a VL800 & put the VS1400 diff on that sorry to say.

In fact after set off it may be better.

Any ideas where to get a new stock drive shaft from? I may very well consider this as it would seem both Simbo and Mr Intruder are over whelmed by it and I feel myself that it would indeed be a bonus to one's motorcycle. I can't decide whether to fit it or not.

Since the first three gears haven't changed, the Suzuki's around-town grunt is the same as it ever was—addicting. If you want to meet up and have a go on my bike to see what it's like with the 1400 drive on? Motorcycle Cruiser may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site.

I actually just used suitable Lithium Molly grease that I had in my workshop myself, bought from Halfords if I remember rightly but it was a long time ago. I reckon the VX 800 will be geared differently to our VL's Dave - it's a different type of bike and from what I remember from Andrew's VX it redlined at about 9000 rpm which is higher than you'd want to rev ours to ........ That might explain the difference ?

I've just looked at Robinson's Foundry.

I was concerned about loosing acceleration. Miles of wear and tear may take a toll, but that doesn't mean the right parts can't transform your Suzuki.

A random selection of member bikes.

It could reach a top speed of 106 mph (170 km/h). Hi - Just joined as have just got my M800 back! Shop here for Suzuki VS1400 replacement parts on sale, and you'll be amazed by the results. This eliminates any contemplation of enough air reaching the air filter medium such as drilling holes in the existing air boxes. I know that the drive mod will loose some of the low end but if I fit an air kit and TRE and have it remapped will that take it over what it is currently even after the loss from the drive mod?

Fast worldwide shipping to your door. ... '08 C50T, with 15,000 miles, VA Lowers, Saddleman Touring Bag(Holds an 18 pack) , Kuryakyn Grips, 4" risers, and 1400 DJ drive. VS1400 Drive & Shaft Modification ......................How To Thread. the driveshaft in the 1400 is 450mm long,20 mm longer than the 8oo driveshaft. now i need the mod. it is not an overdrive as the 14% is not there in only 5th gear, it is there from the off.

The VS one needs a lot more work doing to it to make it fit, it's a lot shorter than the 800 one so it would mean cutting and sleeving to lengthen it to suit and then balancing. All right dear - i think it will be a tremendous amount of work - i think that the work is too much... More great info Dave, being new to the cruising scene I was looking at ways to squeeze a little more from my K3. So far I've not really found any negatives to this mod. You may put off fixing your bike because of money concerns.

You won't easily find anything that can top the price tags here. Bet your well chuffed with the difference of the drive over the stock one Sim.

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I have bought from Ronbinsons Foundry the chrome cap to hide the spindle on the diff.

Will this require my Power Commander remapping?

Thanks. Would you like to react to this message?

Definitely Dave! Yeah I've seen the 3/16ths.

Would you like to react to this message? Obviously I would need a new stock drive shaft but it's more the fact that the mounting holes will have been drilled out bigger. If you see one on e bay or amazon or something please poke me...:) tx. I met a guy at a rally a few weeks back that would machine my stock drive for £15.

Just wondered if anyone was considering doing the upgrade of the final drive to the VS1400.

also for the guys that have added power enhancements that increases the bhp & torque, this mod would surely have even more benifit as the bikes are already running at a higher output and the gearing of the standard final drive could even be deemed as under gearing from that percpective as the gearing was set for a lower powered bike! I just go into my local Suzuki dealer with the part numbers, they then bring it up on the micro fiche, I confirm its the bit I want & it arrives 3 days later. At last I have found this thread that I new I had read some time ago, very inspirational. I have a good machine shop near me and shown them a print of the drive shaft changes taken from here and they are happy to do it.

Phil's Motorcycle Mall custom motorcycle accessories for all cruiser motorcycles. If you love it now as you say, then you will want to have sex with it after it has been done. Believe me, you will be annoyed at yourself that you have not fitted it before when you do actually fit it & see for yourself the gains. Don't throw in the towel with your bike just yet. have you thought about cutting the universal joint down by 3/16th (engine end) instead of machining the drive shaft?, Same principle just a bit more labour to remove it, but then you get to use a stock 800 shaft. I know that if the holes are elongated then if need be I can go back to the stock one yeah? Plus, you can find detailed diagrams of your bike to guide you through the installation process from start to finish. Just give us a shout mate, I can give you some idea on what needs doing to install it too. Would you like to react to this message? The customer service team is knowledgeable and helpful. Yes it is better at lower speeds for sure, simply because the gears are longer. Your #1 online source of new genuine original OEM parts for Suzuki VS1400 Motorcycle (31496) at discounted prices from manufacturers' warehouses in Japan, USA, UAE. Hi - Just joined as have just got my M800 back! the driveshaft is 20mm longer than the m50 boulevard driveshaft, not shorter as your pictures show. Cool. Right now I have pipes and power commander and although it's not got its full potential from those mods it's not slow.

At, you'll find millions of parts, components and accessories, ready to revive your bike and help it perform like it did when it rolled off the showroom floor. The VS1400 shaft is no more than a paper weight for this mod, You use the 1400 diff with a modified M50/C50 shaft. :aghh: I ordered Honda Moly 60 from the US for lubricating the splines in the past. A random selection of member bikes.

Not worth doing if you don't drive over 60 or 65mph much but 70mph+ would make it worthwhile.

Mr Intruder wrote: Bet your well chuffed with the difference of the drive over the stock one Sim.

I agree, if only one mod was done to an Intruder it would have to be this one. Buy now! Hopefully it won't be off the road for long. Check out Suzuki VS1400 aftermarket mods at, and experience the thrills of riding your motorcycle again. If I did want to change it back to the original how easy would it be?

Am I reading it wrong ?

A UK Site Dedicated To The Suzuki C800, VL800, VX800, M800, VZ800, VS800, C50, M50 Model Intruder / Boulevard / Marauder, Mentally Deficient lunatic ..... & ..... Site Moderator, Founder ... & ... Senior Administrator, RZR 1000 Drive shaft and carrier bearing removal, T-SB-0046-12 4WD Rear Propeller Shaft (Driveshaft) Clunk/Thunk Noise. I agree with Pete - unless you absolutely adore the bike, it seems like a helluv a lot of work for the gains. Good luck and enjoy. I used my stock spacer milled down by 2mm otherwise the drive sticks out to far from the wheel, I didn't get a 1400 spacer with mine so I don't know the measurements for that one sorry, As for seals, I ended up ordering off Ebay (usa) because after going to my local Suzuki dealer, they never got back to me grr, All original part numbers for the VS1400 end with 00 now if ordering from a suzuki dealer. For the 1400 drive mod will a rear out of a '91 work for my '03 vl800? A UK Site Dedicated To The Suzuki C800, VL800, VX800, M800, VZ800, VS800, C50, M50 Model Intruder / Boulevard / Marauder, Founder ... & ... Senior Administrator, Mentally Deficient lunatic ..... & ..... Site Moderator, RZR 1000 Drive shaft and carrier bearing removal, T-SB-0046-12 4WD Rear Propeller Shaft (Driveshaft) Clunk/Thunk Noise.