That drive, fueled by his affection to his friends and loved ones, enabled him to overcome the direst situations, notably managing to save his wife Erina when their boat was overcome with zombies and he was fatally hit in the throat. share. 100 years later those fists were used to explode a road roller. Japanese Name During his battle with Doobie, Jonathan was able to eject poison out of his bloodstream via Ripple transfusion.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We truly appreciate your support. [16] His courteous nature as well as his mental fortitude and ability to withstand fear and pain, is the main reason Speedwagon decides to aid him on his journey. Along with the The World, it was stated that DIO's semi-precognitive abilities that seemed to have resulted from a Hermit Purple-like Stand were due to a Stand power that awoke in Jonathan's body. 1 Ch. In his battle against Dio, Jonathan becomes a Ripple user under the tutelage of the master Will Anthonio Zeppeli. Reoccurring articles of clothing include a cravatW, bowtie, thick boots and a vest. SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!

1-5)20 (Ch. Zodiac Sign ... feel free to leave comments,id love to hear any opinions or criticisms you guys might have. Status Game Debut Birthday — Jonathan defeating Bruford "Guess who survived his time in Hell, Dio." He admitted that his reason for fighting Dio wasn't out of duty for saving the world, but to avenge his loved ones that Dio had killed. Joestar Stand (postmortem) [13] Jonathan fights for what he believes in, and once he is committed to something, he won't back down until the deed is done. Jonathan has a mindset where he tries to imagine the consequences his actions would have on other people, even if they appear to be enemies. "SILVER ARM METAL OVERDRIVE!" Some are his original creation, each ending with "Overdrive". . Aries[3] Deceased

During his childhood, Jonathan was proud and mischievous, yet gentle. I like it!

Dragon ROBLOX SCRIPT SHOWCASE: Jotaro - Duration: 2:15. JoJo (lifelong nickname) Profile Cause of Death With his courage and spirit, Jonathan sets a legacy as the first JoJo of the series. ID: 3445240536 Copy.

Date of Death

Episode 1 - Dio the Invader

Japanese Voice Actor [21] He has meticulously studied the Stone Mask, going as far as identifying the spots in the brain it would pierce,[22] but didn't discover its true purpose himself. Eye Color During his training with Zeppeli, he strips down to a stylized tank top with wristbands, and at some point a circlet. [20] However, not having thought of putting in on anyone, Jonathan didn't discover its true purpose himself. 195[3] cm (6 ft 5 in) [17], Yet Jonathan can feel righteous fury at the evilness of his foes, and will conduct justice by vanquishing them. 15 comments. First and foremost, Jonathan strives to become his definition of a "true gentleman" as hecarries his Joestar name with pride, never betraying the code of conduct he has set for himself and will treat any fellow human with respect unless they prove evil.

Still recovering from the loss of his father, Jonathan had to fight a vampirized Dio, and quickly thought about burning down the Joestar Mansion in order to bring Dio down. Jonathan has an arsenal of ancient martial art techniques, most inherited from Will A. Zeppeli and involving Ripple, at his disposal. FinalAppearance Other Information His typical attire tends to reflect his noble background, characterized by stylized tunics over long sleeve shirts. Jonathan 'JoJo' Joestar: My heart resonates... heat enough to burn... My Blood is razor sharp! Hair Color In a fight, Jonathan is adept at thinking of moves on the spot and using the environment to his advantage.

During his life, Jonathan has always had an impulse to save others, beginning with Erina, and ending with his thought of a nearby baby just as he was agonizing from Dio's attack. Kazuyuki OkitsuW (Anime/ASB/EoH)MiscellaneousHideyuki TanakaW (PS2)Kazuya NakaiW (Young; PS2)Jūrōta KosugiW (OVA)Katsuyuki KonishiW (Movie) report. "How my heart resonates! Jonathan also possesses a fierce inner strength and the drive to face and overcome conflict, which Dio calls an "explosive power". The son of George Joestar I, Jonathan is an honest, kind and positive man whose life is fraught with tragedy after meeting his adopted older brother, Dio Brando. Fascinated with the Stone Mask, Jonathan tried to study it and even took on the path of archeology. The son of George Joestar I, Jonathan is an honest, kind and positive man whose life is fraught with tragedy after meeting his adopted older brother, Dio Brando. No comments yet.

We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. [12] However, he did have the kindness and courage to immediately jump to Erina's rescue against two bullies bigger than him despite not knowing her. During his honeymoon and final encounter with Dio, he wears an ornate suit with a long tail over a collared shirt with straps on the shoulders, and a cravat. 6 onwards) Media His mother having died before he could remember her, and his fellow boys ostracizing him because of his status left Jonathan somewhat lonely. A skilled Ripple user such as Jonathan has the ability to walk on water, strengthen objects and increase their potency, increase jumping height, and much more. Alias ジョナサン・ジョースター

I'm pulsing with heat and life! STANDS4 LLC, 2020. ... Sunlight Yellow overdrive. February 7, 1889[4]

In his college life, he played Rugby alongside Dio Brando, and was revered as one of the two stars of Hugh Hudson Academy. Web. Jonathan had lived a rough past as the son of an aristocrat, and was known in his childhood to have been at least a competent boxer. Blood Type

JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. April 4, 1868[3] hide. A[3] Share: View Comments. 5 Nov. 2020. Despite already aspiring to be a "true gentleman",[10] Jonathan lacked manners and mostly behaved like a normal child.

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Jonathan Joestar (ジョナサン・ジョースター, Jonasan Jōsutā) is the protagonist of part 1 and the first JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

In the anime, these sleeves are converted into shoulder pads. Gender Academically, Jonathan graduated from university after having written a celebrated thesis in archaeology.


Rating: 39.

60. After his fight with Tarkus, he wears a close-fitted tank top with capped sleeves for the rest of the journey. Please click the thumb up button if you like the song (rating is updated over time). One of the main conveniences of the Ripple is the ability to heal the body to an extent. Occupation British[3] Brown (Digital Color)Blue (Anime)Black (ASB, EoH) Translation Find a translation for this quote in other languages: Select another language: - Select - 简体中文 (Chinese - Simplified) 繁體中文 (Chinese - Traditional) Español (Spanish) Esperanto (Esperanto) 日本語 (Japanese)

Phantom Blood, is set in Liverpool, England in 1880 and follows the adventures of a young man named Jonathan Joestar, known as JoJo, living on his wealthy father George's estate. He was capable of wielding various weaponry held by the suits of armor in the Joestar Mansion. More Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood quotes », Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood's quote. Anime Debut